Friday, January 29, 2016

Sock Update

Thank you for your comments on the Happy Trellis scarf.   
I have the scarf super-glued to the top of my brain so strongly that it practically blocks off any other knitting/crochet projects and I have not been able to settle onto anything. This transition period from an old good project to a new good one can take a toll on one's person. It is hard on the knitter/crocheter to keep casting on and ripping off; it seems to be an aimless activity not leading anywhere, but I know for sure, all this tossing of yarn is going to end up somewhere and fingers crossed, if I am lucky I am going to find something as good as my happy scarf. I have turned over my house petty st(c)ash for several times and have made one trip to the garage where my real assets are, but so far no luck. Therefore, I don't have anything new to show to you today, but I did finish my January socks and also put the final stitches on Squircles.

 (Ruusu thinks that one picture would have been enough...!)
I love Squircles. They were very interesting to knit and I love the way the striping looks. Once again, the yarn was Regia Pairfect with 2mm needles.
This other pair though (January personal sock yarn club 2016)... not happy with it. This pattern does not have the stretchability that socks need to have and even though I had more stitches on the needles than I usually have, putting these on is a struggle. Once they are on, they are nice and tight but I don't think dressing up should be so much work. On most days, I am not in a hurry to go anywhere and actually would have all the time to pull up these, but knowing me, I have a feeling that these are going to stay nice and neat for a very long time, that is if I don't all of a sudden happen to fall in love with this color, which might happen, spring coming and all!

I have cast on for three different mittens and one sock, started two scarves with crochet, contemplated on a sweater, but no sparks there, all of these were quickly wound back into yarn balls. I think I will begin my February socks tonight, might draw something, will give my knitting brain some rest and will stop tormenting it for a couple of days. Hope I can return next week with something new.
Hope you have a good weekend, enjoy your wool and ongoing projects; it might seem boring to work on the old project and it might seem like a good idea to be finally done, but as tempting as it might seem, settling onto a new lovely piece of knitting/crochet is not that simple. Really, it is not that simple at all.

Wool with you, xx

PS. Forgot to tell you... my pompom makers are the ones by Clover.


  1. Thank you for expressing that "end of an old good project to a new good one" feeling so well! I feel the same way, and have tried to explain it to some non-knitters, but I think they suspect I may just be a crazy person. I'm finally content with a new project of alpaca fingerless mitts, and I wish you a good weekend and that you soon find happiness with a good new project.

  2. This is totally true! You expressed this better than I could. I have struggled so when I finish a good project when I get a groove on. The next project is never as nice, no matter how exciting it seemed in the queue. I often dream of new projects but by the time I get to them, well, the shine has worn off and I miss the old one!

  3. sandra03:55

    Gorgeous socks & beautiful dogs! Would it cheer you to know that you have inspired me to crochet block stitch cowls? Here they are, if you are interested. :)

  4. i have the same problem with books to read...after a good read ends even though i have many to choose from i can't seem to find the one i need to read at that very moment (sometimes)... lovely work and i would love to try making the same toe decreases on my next pair...i am off to see if you have linked a pattern. xo

  5. Priscilla in London14:16

    Dear Lene,
    It's true that finishing a successful project makes it more difficult to start the next one. There seems to be a period of appreciation and reflection when the work is finished, and this is an integral part of the whole process of working creatively. Just as the project didn't 'begin' when you picked up the hook and wool - it started much earlier, in your mind. So, when you've made the last stitch, the project hasn't actually ended yet.
    And if you're looking for inspiration for crochet projects, you might google Sophie Digard.
    It's really lovely that you're blogging so frequently. It's wonderful to have a glimpse of your work, and your world.

  6. I love that you are posting more - you were missed! And, as always, your socks and your words are delightful.

  7. Anonymous02:11

    I am close to a space, too, where a project wants a beginning but I, the knitter, skitter between color and texture and an incessant urge to DO SOMETHING! Thanking you for sharing your finished beauties, your dogs and your unravelings. I loved the responder who stated that all of this is a part of creativity.

  8. Anonymous20:36

    I wonder if Ruusu is thinking that one picture is enough OR if he's really thinking that MORE pictures should include him? I wouldn't be surprised if it is the later!
    Enjoy all your lovely snow and cold. And the wool.
    Best, Suzy

  9. I really love your socks. I have just finished two but looking at yours I may be tempted to do another pair.