Tuesday, February 02, 2016


The length of the day is longer already. I checked to see how long it is up here and it is more than six hours, the sun rises at 0916 and sets at 1545 (0345pm). Then I looked at the old almanac to see what is said about February and I came across the little bit of information of today, February 2. It is the day of the candle (in Finnish), Candlemas in Christian calendars (since the Middle Ages). Further reading revealed that the old knowledge, if I set aside the religious content, states that this very day ends the mid winter in Finland and marks the beginning of the spring. This was the date when most of the mid winter chores had to be done (like the fleece should have been washed and flax cleaned).
Oh well, to say that this marks the beginning of the spring sounds little bit daring above the Arctic Circle (when we at its best have two full months of snow and cold ahead of us) but I think it is safe to say that we are at the threshold of the spring winter. We got taste of that couple of days back when the wind picked up and started to build snowdrifts (kinos in Finnish). Definitely a sign of spring winter! To forecast the summer weather has always been an important topic and if February 2 is cold, the summer will be good; then on the other hand, if the temperature is mild, the summer will be warm... Plenty of snow means good crops. I didn't realize this day had all this significance.
Walking gets harder and harder for a few coming weeks, as the snow gets packed onto all walkways and you are always walking on snow more or less, which is like walking on a beach in the sand, more work than walking on a hard surface. I cannot wait for the time when I can finally kick off my winter boots and use something lighter for my walks. The snow has piled so high on trees that some of the branches have snapped. Next week it is supposed to get warm (anyway over zero for a bit) so there is hope for some relief for the poor trees.
I decided to set aside my search for a new design. It will come when the time is right... but I am not having idle hands. I am making another scarf with the same crochet trellis pattern, with small improvements and hoping that while I am keeping my hands busy, my mind will have time and peace to wander around and maybe pick up something new. I already started this last week right after the green/grey one was finished but sure enough I did not pick the right yarn from the start and had to rip back and begin again with different yarn. I think I am good now. I am using Finnwool again, not handspun, but similar and now in light browns. For a while I thought about real colors, with February the color palette is shifting towards the spring, but for some reason I could not picture this change yet. Maybe it is still too early for brighter colors or... maybe I just need little bit of sunshine first. But overall, I am good now.
This is what Priscilla had to say about the transition from the old project to a new one and I really love that comment, it is so true, thank you.
"Dear Lene,
It's true that finishing a successful project makes it more difficult to start the next one. There seems to be a period of appreciation and reflection when the work is finished, and this is an integral part of the whole process of working creatively. Just as the project didn't 'begin' when you picked up the hook and wool - it started much earlier, in your mind. So, when you've made the last stitch, the project hasn't actually ended yet.
And if you're looking for inspiration for crochet projects, you might google Sophie Digard. "

Sophie Digard (this link takes you to Pinterest)! Her work is stunning! Even if you don't usually look at crochet, you should check this out. Amazing, truly amazing.

It is getting late, I have been two steps behind me for the whole day; you know the feeling when the clock seems to run its own course and you don't have a clue where the time is slipping. No matter how hard you rush, you cannot quite get there. Good night's sleep is probably bringing my boat to even keel as it is getting late.

I hope you have a good week, wool with you,


  1. A lovely post. Your new scarf is gorgeous.

  2. I really like the calmness of the wool colors. Will make a lovely scarf.

  3. Beautiful work and very interesting post.

  4. Priscilla in London16:44

    Thank you, Lene. What a nice surprise!

  5. Your new scarf looks lovely. And, thanks for the Pinterest link - what wonderful colors and designs. I can't look too long or I may stop knitting and suddenly take up crochet - lol. Thanks for the info on Candlemas...I've learned something new. Our 24" of snow is melting fast with warmer temperatures.

  6. Finishing a good project is just like finishing a good book. You have to stop, and sigh, and let the ending quite sink in to your mind. You can't just let it go and go on to the next. It's more important than that!

  7. You're teaching us Finn words again. :) I loved reading about your day of the candle as well as the changes you're experiencing with the snow.

  8. Anonymous07:19

    You're teaching us Finn words again! :)
    I love these posts showing us glimpses into your culture. Reading about your day of the candle makes me keenly aware that we've lost so much basic, intrinsic part of our cultural continuity on the rhythms of the seasons and life.
    It's also interesting to learn how the snow changes as winter moves into Spring.