Thursday, November 14, 2019

Christmas plans

Winter came early this year. Usually November is gray, icy and slippery, but not this year (it is not yet over, there is plenty of time for gray, icy and slippery yet!). All is white, the trees are snow coated and everything is perfect and beautiful. It has been cold too, until now… today the climate changed, the temperature is around zero, it is misty and wet. I hope this is temporary and it will get back to wintery digits. But, look at these pictures… isn’t that just wonderful.
Summer forest, in the evening, when shadows become long and the light is soft, can be quite enchanting, but so is this. Summer is the time for all the fairies, where winter is the season for all the gnomes. The twilight time, when everything turns blue, is magical.
Yesterday, while returning home along this small road, the trees were burdened with heavy snow and their branches were hanging low, and it really did feel like they were reaching out with their hands. If it had been dark already, it could have been quite scary…

I was in town today and there amongst the busyness of the people and cars rushing this way and that, the world seems to be on the move but here in the country, where there is only the stillness of the forest, wintertime seems eternal. As if I have all the time in the world to mind my business.

This is strange but I don’t have anything to show to you… I have not done much crafting… I have been cleaning and tidying instead. I know, some of you really don’t need to hear about it but let me just say, that everything had turned icky during the past months and I have been extremely l a z y  and it is about time to bring this house into a state that all your houses are in already. I don’t want you to feel bad or the pressure to clean (I know Christmas time is busy as it is, without all the extra work) and just say to yourself that she cleans so seldom, it is a good thing, she is doing it at least now…

I am not sure if I have told you this, maybe I have already, but we celebrate Christmas every two years… or every other year is very modest. I wonder if this sounds bad to you… This was my idea, I know mothers are not supposed to get tired during Christmas time, but this mother does. I love my family and love to spend time with my girls but preparing meals, getting the house into Christmas condition and keeping everything running for a few days, is a lot of work and so I asked everyone how they would feel about the every second year. Everyone was happy with the idea and this gives them room to plan different Christmases as well. They don’t always have to come up here but can do something else instead and they can build their own celebrations and traditions as well.

Also, we are all adults and there are no grandchildren to think about, so this arrangement works well for all of us, again, this might change if there would be little ones to take into consideration.
This year though will be a family Christmas again. I am very much looking forward to it, making meal plans, baking plans and this being the reason for all the cleaning I have been doing. I know, nobody expects me to clean, but it sets me into Christmas mood. I have been listening to audiobooks, polishing furniture, cleaning kitchen cabinets, washing dishes from the top shelves, arranging drawers, tossing out little odd objects that have been pushed out of sight, ironing tablecloths, making lists of things to buy for Christmas. and I have enjoyed every second of it so far. All the extra work has left me very tired in the evenings, too tired to do much else than to stretch out on the coach with the dogs and the cat. I hope I get most of the cleaning done in November so that right before Christmas, it will be quick wipe of the surfaces. In December I plan to cook and bake and enjoy the best of the season.

My hope is to get everything done a few days before Christmas and before everyone arrives. I hope there will be time for me to just sit and anticipate for the good family times and to enjoy the quiet house and to rest for a bit.

This is my plan. I hope I can make it happen.
Wool with you,

Monday, November 04, 2019

Woolpes Woolpes

Today is the first very cold day up here… when I woke up in the morning, it was -25ºC and it did feel quite brisk. And since we last talked, we have got lots of new snow. Snow always does wonders to the scenery, and one does not get tired of looking at it and admiring the peace and quiet that come with it. It does not only do wonders to the scenery; it also makes one hanker for wool. Wool socks on the very first thing in the morning, and then I reach for a shawl or a cardigan, before venturing downstairs to make the very first cup of coffee. I love the cold, dark winter mornings with a steaming hot coffee and milk (soymilk in my case).

My trip to Helsinki was lovely, I love travelling by train, my mind needs the slow pace of the train to keep up with the body. I spent quality time with my girl, walked around the city, did some shopping, and then there was the book fair. It was very crowded, nonetheless, I enjoyed every second. And brought home few treasures. The books have taken my attention this past week and I sort of fell out of the crafting routine. For a few days afterwards, I did not knit or crochet but now I am finding my needles and hooks again. I did not even bring my knitting along with me on the trip, I know, sometimes I just need a break.

In October I went to a Craft Fair in Oulu and bought some yarn with every intention to knit a fox. Since I have had those yarns on my desk and have waited for inspiration; it is the face that is always the hardest part. I have sketched the face a few times, and not until this past week I got it. I think this is it now…
Look at the beautiful fur coat she has, it is Röyhetyinen (72% Kid Mohair and 28% silk) in colorway Pähkinä and Tuulen Tytär (Superwash Merinowool) in colorway Rusko, both yarns by Louhittaren Luola. In the old times fox was one of the most hunted animals in Finland because of the beautiful fur and she would really be in danger if let roam alone in the forest.
As gorgeous as the fur may be, it is too cold to be outside without pants and a good, heavy coat.

(I had to bribe her with a lollipop to get her to model for me.)
I did finish my crochet sweater and it is very much like the ones I did before. I have used the one with the doilies in the back quite a lot and I expect to wear the new striped one much too. I enjoy the sturdy feel of them, and the shape is so easy to wear. I have some lovely silk and wool blend that I might start hooking tonight, but I have alternatives too. The silk and wool blend is luxurious and would make a lovely festive Christmas sweater, but I am not sure if that is the one, I need to do now. Starflake Snowflake is in the basket waiting for some serious knitting of 600 stitches long rows and I don’t have the fortitude for it now. It will get done, there is not that much left compared to what has already been done, but it needs to wait for a bit.
It is such a long time I had socks on my needles that I really should try to knit a new pair… but no determination for them either.
It is either a new knitted fox or a new crochet sweater tonight. But before anything else, I am going to prepare myself a hot, tasty glögg. Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, xx.

Wool with you,