Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy trellis in the midst of snow

Snow now started falling heavily earlier today, about an hour before we went out for our daily stroll.
It kept piling and piling and what started out to be a little easy walk, ended up being hard workout. Pushing through the snow (Ruusu reminds me of a train when she goes dashing through, where Tina more or less jumps lightly like a deer, me... more like Ruusu) was laborious and sitting here afterwards with a refreshing cup of coffee and writing to you, feels good.

Thank you for your kind comments about the cuffs and thank you for all of you who have intentions to knit a pair for yourself.

I don't have a special secret in making pompoms ;-) . I wrap the yarn very tightly, as much as I can fit around the maker and then some more. And maybe a little more yet, being careful not to break the maker. I cut as advised in the instruction booklet accompanied with the maker and then I trim. I trim generously; with a pair of extremely sharp scissors, I keep turning the pompom to make it even on all sides. I waste a lot of yarn in this process but this is the reason why they appear so tight. The yarn is crushed tightly around the center and it gets looser towards the outer edges and if you trim generously, you are going to trim away those looser edges.
I was going to give you an update on the sock knitting today but since I finished the crocheted scarf during the weekend, I want to show you that instead. I took the scarf out of blocking Saturday night, it did soften some but not much, but now it is big enough to be used over the coat. I was happy with the way it was, but somehow it felt like the project was finished abruptly, like it came to a sudden halt and I was not yet done.
I folded it over a cabinet door in the bedroom and hoped that during the night, an idea would hit me and in the morning I would know what it needed. Sunday morning came, but the night had not cleared my thoughts and I felt like I was in the exact same spot like the previous night. The scarf was done, and yet it was not done.
You all know I love knitting. Crochet is more new to me and every single project seems to be an experiment, I never know what to expect in the end, but I am beginning to love it as much as knitting. Knitting in my mind is sophisticated and polished where crochet has more of a homemade feel. This might seem like this to me only, because I am more skilled in knitting and my outcome is better in knitting than in crochet. My stitches seem to keep their tension in knitting, while in crochet, all of a sudden, I might wake up and realize that my work started out skinny but is gaining width or the other way around. I don't let that bother me too much; I have been knitting for decades, and crocheting on and off for few years only. Some of this homemade feel in crochet might have its roots in the memories of the 1960's and 1970's crochet items. You might remember/know what I am talking about. I love that homemade feel; I love the rustic appearance. Anyway, this is how my thoughts went on Sunday; rustic and homemade.
I opened my recycled button jar and without too much thought, crocheted two rows of buttons to the scarf.
Sunday night when I went to bed, I was in doubt. You know the feeling when you finish something in the evening and wake up the next morning, look at your work with fresh eyes, and ask yourself; seriously, what was I thinking?
I am not sure.

I love the buttons, and then I don't love them. Anyway they are staying, for future reference if nothing else.

I used my handspun singles of Finnwool and Istex Einband for the scarf, little more of grey handspun than green einband. The hook was 2,5mm Clover Amour (which I enjoy). The scarf measures about 40cm in width and 200cm in length. All the buttons are from my button jar, collected and inherited over the years from various places. 

I could not let go off the trellis yet, so... I have started another one.

Stay warm, wool with you, xx


  1. Majka17:47

    Oh my goodness! The buttons, in my opinion, were a perfect addition. I glanced at the pictures and when I saw the first with the row of buttons it suddenly made the scarf come alive for me! It looks warm and full of love and mischief which may sound strange, but their it is, it's personality!

  2. Anonymous18:17

    Enjoy your posts.

  3. Anonymous18:18

    The buttons are lines of interest and like you have put your unique signature on your work. They represent a quirkiness that you seem to have; they are daring, beautiful in their lineup, a spot of something that is bright. And they are right. I love them!

  4. I don't very often comment, but felt an urgent desire to do so to tell you I love the buttons. They're fab!

  5. I really like the buttons and how they echo the circular patterns of the crochet. The colors add some nice focus too.
    Also thank you for publishing your cuff pattern I love them.

  6. I love the buttons - your work is always inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  7. The buttons were a splendid idea -- love them. Your snow pictures are gorgeous!!

  8. I'm a big button lover (and collector of old ones)! So I love your idea of adding them - think they just add that punch!

    Linda in VA

  9. When I saw the buttons, my immediate thought was....perfect!
    So glad you are posting again. I don't usually comment but yours is 1 of the first blogs I look at each day.

  10. gorgeous work! i am so enjoying your blog adventures. xo

  11. For what it is worth, I love the buttons too! I like the look of multi-colors. What an artistic touch to your crocheted scarf/stole.

  12. Anonymous17:40

    Lene, I love the buttons! They add a slightly odd sort of boho flair which contrasts with the beautiful regularity of the crochet stitches. And because they are round, they compliment the crochet pattern so nicely. Perhaps you have answered this question elsewhere, but as I am so taken by your pompoms, I am wondering which pompom tool you use. I have seen several different ones but am unsure which is best. Enjoy your beautiful white blanket of snow! Gretchen

  13. Anonymous18:25

    Lene...the snow looks just perfect to stay inside, cozy and warm, with some knitting on your lap. The buttons are adorable ! :0) mari

  14. Anonymous23:25

    I agree with the others about the buttons. I noticed them in the first scarf picture and thought...YES! Nothing fancy, but interesting and a difference in texture/pattern. You have such great and unique ideas. Helen

  15. Oh, it"s beautiful! I really like the buttons crocheted on, rather than stitched on - it's perfect! I am so enjoying having you back to blogging. It's like getting a lovely letter from a friend. I feel a bit guilty and selfish though, as I am not returning any letters to you (so to speak). So I will just thank you instead for sharing bits of your life with us.

  16. I love those buttons ! The best part is the way that you chose to attach them to the scarf.

  17. The crocheted buttons are a brilliant little detail! I'll have to remember that for a future project!

  18. "Knitting in my mind is sophisticated and polished where crochet has more of a homemade feel."

    I agree with this statement and I did back when I only crochete before I learned to knit. I think this may be part of why I finally learned to knit. I was never satisfied with the way crocheted clothing looked, so I never made it. I still prefer to crochet some items, like blankets, toys, or accessories, but I will really only ever knit a sweater these days. I feel like whenever I say this to other crafters, they look at me like I've said something strange, or try to "correct" my opinion, so its so refreshing to hear someone shares the aesthetic! I love your shawl! That stitch pattern is truly lovely!

  19. Looking forward to follow your blog and post on the grund you like knitting and wool and make beautiful stuff. Also that you live in Finland (?)
    I have parentes from Finland but reading finnish is a bit of a stretch for me.