Sunday, January 15, 2006

On a sidetrack

Rogue is stuck because I just had to try out my new 2plied Merino. I used it all up knitting this little pouch-to-be with two-end-knitting with number 2.5 mm needles. I have mentioned before but will say again that two-end-knitting produces a nice stable background for embroidering. When embroidering on ordinary knitting the stretching background needs special attention and care but with this type of knitting there is a lot less stretch but it also takes longer time to knit with this technique.

Here the pouch is knit and then needle felted with bits of white wool. I was a little afraid of spoiling the whole thing by needle felting it and then getting it all soaped up but if something as little as this gets spoiled it won't shake my knitting world. Once I had it all wet I couldn't wait it to get dry so I did some embroidery on a wet knit...

Hopefully it will resemble this... The pouch will have a lining and maybe a zipper. If you are interested in embroidering this book is something I would recommend highly. It is a Swedish book, it has good photos and pictures inside. It is written by Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson (ISBN 91-27-35358-3). I consider this as one of my most treasured books... But we had an Election Day today, we were voting for a new President. It is getting close to eight at night and the results should be out soon, so I'll go and get settled in front of the telly to know who will be our next President for the coming six years...

Later on the same night...

The election update. We had several candidates. And we have had a Lady President who has been extremely popular and has done her job very well. So I guess that I took it for granted that she would get more than 50 % of the votes, that is also what gallups mostly said earlier. But she got about 46.5 % of the votes, so we will have another election Sunday two weeks from today and there will be two of the most popular candidates opposed to each other. So another two weeks of lots of TV panels... Very interesting. Now the debates will get better and conversation is always welcome... I should get my Rogue done while listening...


  1. Unfortunately the book is out of print. I have been trying to get a copy for quite a while but so far have not had any success.

    I kept thinking about buying it but kept putting it off because it is a big, heavy book (you know my luggage situation). Now it looks as if I waited too long...

  2. So, what happened? I do not know very much about your country but I thought you had a lady President?
    I am going in Tallinn this week, for business, so I will not be so far from you, except if you are up there in north? Where are you exactly in Finland (it is such a hudge country)? It's my firts visit so far, so east, so north in Europe. I hoooope we will have some time to visit arts and crafts museum or stores... but I doubt it! A shame.

  3. I had just read this morning about Conan O'Brian and your president looking alike. How funny! Thanks for keeping us posted, I'm curious about how the election turns out due to Conan's influence.

  4. Marie N.01:37

    Hi! You have so many interesting projects going on. You have made me curious to look and see if my mom had any embriodery books in her house. I get to see my dad each Wednesday now as he teaches Latin to a group of children, one of which belongs to me. When we go I will search the bookshelves. In her last years mom did a lot of beautiful counted cross stitch. I admire them so much.

    It is interesting to read about the political situations too. Keep us posted :-)

    Today I watched some ice skating -- the top placed skaters are to be placed on the US olympic team. Is there an athlete you plan to watch in the winter olympics?

  5. It's marvelous that you have had a (well-liked!) female President. I despair of that ever happening in my own country.

    Finland may be cold, but it sounds like a pretty good place to me!

  6. Are you going to participate in Stephanie's knitting olympics?