Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

I love the Winter Olympics even though our cross country ski team has caused a lot of disgrace and shame with doping scandals in the past years. I'm trying to put the misery behind and hope that they have learnt their lesson... And there are plenty of others who are clean athletes. So I'll be glued to the telly for the most of the month of February.

Yarn Harlot is arranging Knitting Olympics. Being from this northern small country (the country in itself is not that small compared to many others in Europe but there are only little more than 5 million of us Finns up here) I could not stay off the event. What should I knit so that it would comply with "Citius Altius Fortius"? I have been thinking of this hard since I saw the post about the games and have come to this conclusion:

I'm going to knit a sports fan waving a little Finnish flag. At this point I'm not sure what creature it will be but it has to be part of the rest of the knit creatures. Gender is not decided either. My girls have given me suggestions but nothing is definite yet.

Now you wonder what will be the challenge here since I have knit them before. Time to begin with. Then it has to be a new creature, not something I have done before. I will make plans for he/she and then I'll give you the animal and list of the things he/she should have and then I have to follow my plan and complete every single item during those 16 days... the moment I'm thinking of he/she having a Finnish sweater, a hat or at least ear muffs and mittens... and the flag... but I'm only at the what if stage here...

Rogue is almost finished, only the sleeves have to be sewn. Because of the Olympics and the brain work I have to do something that won't be too demanding at this point and this something is what I have wanted to knit since I knit Pivocoli. Grumperina's pattern was perfect so I'll do her Jaywalkers next.

The yarn is Regia Jacquard Color. I just could not touch the Koigu, I have to admire it a bit longer before I can cast on with it. I was tempted to use the pale green Lanett which I have never before used for socks but then I have seen many beautiful Jaywalkers with variegated yarns in many blogs so all the votes went for the above mentioned.

The little embroidered pouch is done to be used eg for jewellery or for something else small and treasured.

It is -25 C outside today so I did not dare to take my camera outside to take a picture of the sky. It is very easy to break things when the temperature drops... So instead I give you pictures of the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen from last summer - with these pictures I also reassure myself that summer is on her way!

Here the Wednesday Finnish lesson

PS. From where I live Tallin in Estland is about 1000 km to the south.

PS. I know Conan O'Brian is *voting* for our Mrs President... There is going to be a big TV debate tonight - one of the many to come. Actually both of the candidates are wise and respected and have good arguments so the game is not over yet.


  1. Snap! I am doing the olympics too - although I am a little nervous that I have bitten off too much than I can chew. Hey can you add Finnish pronunciation too so we can sound out the words? Mange tak!

  2. Hey I just joined the Knitting Olympics too!

    I really like your knitted sheep bag. Very cute!

    The picture of the rainbow on the lake is breathtaking. I still like winter but that picture makes me long for summer now.

    Giggle, giggle, I am so happy to write blue dog sweater in my Finnish notebook! I think I may be knitting one for the winter Olympics!

  3. Marie N.14:43

    What a beautiful rainbow! The sky is so big, you can see the colors forever. It is majestic.

    The little treasure bag is delightful. I have so many "How do you..." questions about the projects you show. But I am not ready to learn those things yet. When I have the experience of experimenting with a doll sweater I will understand more.

    I'll be watching for your athletes on the olympics! We have only network (free) television (not cable or satelite subscription) so we can only watch the events available to us -- the ones that manage to sell the most advertising.

    During summer olympics Amelia and I were disappointed she did not get to see any Tae Kwon Do. April 1st she will participate in her first tournament.

    Marie N.

  4. You must get very tired of a very long and much darker winter.

    The sheep on the bag is wonderful. I like that.

  5. Ihana olympiakisa idea! Sinun neulotut eläimet ovat tosi hienon näköisiä. Ja lammaspussi on ihastuttava.

  6. I just love the little sheep bag! I assume this is your own pattern? Any chance you would share?

    The critters you make are your own pattern too? Really, you should sell them as a pdf download or something, they are just too cute!

  7. I am so pleased and excited that we will get to witness the birth of one of your Creatures! I've been wondering how you do it. It's obvious that a great deal of planning and thought and attention to detail goes into each one.

  8. Kas kas, joku muukin suomalainen osallistuu neuleolympialaisiin. :) Itse ilmoittauduin suunnilleen toisena. ;) Uhkasin neuloa itselleni kirjoneulepuseron jämälangoista... Se kun samalla sopii lankahamsterikisan ideaan. :D

  9. A Finnish fan in a Korsnäs sweater? Or maybe a Juha sweater?

    Are most of the current animals female?

  10. I love your little treasure bag!! I'm going to just process along and not stress over the Olympics.

  11. thanks for the finnish lessons! and I have some rainbow pictures too. They are not as good as yours, but I like them.


  12. denise18:06

    The sheep bag is adorable!! Beautiful rainbow pic.

  13. 1000 kilometers! I was just looking at my map, trying to guess where you could be! Are you close to the see? Baltic countries and Finnland are soooo far from France, that we hardly have any contact with them, and few history in common? Few french people travel over there - well, they should. My stay in Tallinn was very nice and interesting, although for business: so I did not get much time to understand the country, it was simply basic tourism. Once I'll try to bring my family in the north! Bye bye! (I had -20° for my first time)

  14. I do love the idea of the fan waving the Finnish flag for the Knitting Olympics challenge. Good luck ! I'll be in the crowd cheering you on...

  15. You're going to love your Jaywalkers. I'm wearing mine right now!

    Thanks for the Finnish lessons. This'll be fun, as will seeing your Olympic creature take shape.

  16. Beautiful rainbow. I have a few beautiful shots of rainbows from this past summer I should post too.

    I'm always a fan of the Finns in the Olympics. I love the cross-country and ski-jumping events.

    Can I add the vote for pronunciations during language lessons?

  17. Anonymous06:26

    Love the Finnish lesson! My family is originally from Finland :)

  18. Anonymous13:19

    Dear Lene,
    I absolutely love your blog. Your knitting and photography is beautiful. The photos of your shawls in the snow are stunning--so etheral. And I love your little creatures. I envy your life--living on a beautiful lake with majestic creatures such as reindeer and moose. Please write more.