Friday, January 13, 2006

Wear unmatched socks today

Red sky in the morning, sailor take a warning!The picture is blurred but this is how the sky was this morning. It is Friday the 13th and being married to a sailor this concerns me too and even though not at high seas I am going to take this warning seriously. So I'll take down my sails and make fast everything.

I used to feel sorry for the people who believed in the bad vibrations of Friday the 13th, but not any more. Not since I came home three years ago on Friday the 13th and found my house flooded (a pipe broke) and the same night dropped my cellular into the dog's water bowl.

All you sock knitters, are you aware of all the magic and beliefs connected to socks? I don't know if these apply universally but at least I try to pay attention to the following...

If one hits one's foot and and gets a cut in a foot and in a sock, nobody is allowed to mend the sock before the foot is healed otherwise...
If one has to fight invisible dangers, one should wear a pair of unmatched socks (that is why my other sock is red and the other one is blue today Friday the 13th).
Small children should never wear matched socks (I'm sure either a knitter invented this out of boredom of knitting two socks alike or it was a good excuse if the other sock of the pair was missing... I tried this but my girls didn't buy it...)
If one gets lost one should turn socks and other wear inside out and one will find the way.
If someone doesn't learn to knit good and fitting socks, this someone is never going to get married. I have told this to my girls too and they haven't bought this one either.
If one wants to get a good night's sleep one should not hang socks on the head side of the bed.

So next time you cast on socks, do it with respect, because you are not handling just a harmless piece of clothing... The list doesn't mention anything about socks that lie around years as ufos, but am sure it is nothing good... at least, hide or cover them today.
Here the Merino singles, all 2 plied and beautiful, photographed on resting on her idol the Koigu. There is 112 m and 16 grams of her. I hope that one day she will be a tiny little purse with a small embroidery on her. The orange skein is 61 m 20 grams of 3plied Merino and the yellow skein on the right in from last spring without any details. If you look carefully you can actually see that it is 2plied. This wool is Australian Merino and bought from It was very well carded and I have some more coming this way...
I'm not sure if I should have had more respect already yesterday, it being the eve of Friday the 13th because there is a mistake there in the cabling. And since I cleverly cast on for both the same time the same mistake is on both of them. But have decided to ignore it.

In spite of everything, have a good weekend!


  1. Marie N.15:02

    Hmmm, I need to consider your warnings very carefully. I bought myself a new toy -- and I'm such a novice I don't even know what to call it -- bamboo knitting needles size 4 connected by a nylon cable. Is it called a circular needle? And I bought some nice pale brown wool to begin playing around with -- with the fond daydream that I could turn it into a pair of socks. so you see, your warning is very tiemly. It is lucky for me that I'm already happily married!

    For this day, Friday the 13th, I do not need to worry. I'm still working on my blanket. And in line before I play with socks I need to play around with making a sweater for my daughter's doll. I bought an inexpensive pink acrylic for this doll clothing experiment. It is soft and pretty and it looks like it will handle the stress of being knited and unraveled many times.

    At home it is my daughter's job to match and fold the socks after laundry day each week. She cannot wait until her younger brother is old enough to take over this chore. I will share with her the sock lore you gave us today.

  2. (I love the raspberry handspun.)

    I really think there is nothing special about Friday the 13th that you don't give it yourself. The pipe? Coincidence. If it broke Thursday, you would have beat your chest just as hard. That being said, I think OTHER people think it is bad luck and their behavior may reflect that. So I am careful in places where there are other people and try to hyperthink it (as in driving).

  3. What a grat collection of warnings! You didn't mention the one about knitting socks for a man to whom you are not married - he'll walk away from you in them.

  4. Renée from Wisconsin23:12

    Your morning sky picture is absolutely fabulous! I'm so happy the sun is coming back to shine upon all your happy and interesting thoughts.

  5. You know I am thinking that warning about leaving socks on the bed head and not getting much sleep was written by someone with very smelly feet :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful morning sky picture !
    I will have to remember all those superstitions about socks...

  7. Hi Lene!
    I Loved all those sock superstitions and old wives tales.
    Maybe they are true, maybe not. But today was Friday the 13th and a full moon!
    So with those odds I played it safe anyway and wore my unmatched socks and didn't walk under any ladders today.
    I was married to a sailor too! I used to know a lot of weather warnings and superstitions but have forgotten them over the years. Thanks for helping me remember some of them, that was a fun!
    What other knitting ones do you know?
    Your merino looks so yummy and super soft.
    P.S. I am glad the sun has decided to start shinning a little more on your side of the world now.

  8. Fascinating sock lore... I just found your blog and I've enjoyed reading through your entries and seeing your photos. Your Hyrna Herborgar II is gorgeous!-- I'm planning on making one of these myself.

  9. What is the significance of red skies in north? You know about this famous painting that has been robbed (IO think in Copenhaguen?)