Sunday, January 08, 2006

I have my wool to keep me happy

This is Polwart Wool/Tussah Silk (20%) in colorway Sky Show from The Rovings.Around Christmas time I ordered high speed flyer and fat core bobbins for my Louet, they came Thursday and I had to try this new equipment immediately and it doesn't stop to amaze me how easy the spinning feels now. Maybe I'm imagining but my yarn quality improved at once. The treadling feels lighter also. Here my new singles...
I'm going to do some singles for a scarf, then 2ply z-spun to get yarn for twined knit mittens (maybe?) and 3ply for a hat. It will be interesting to see the shades of the finished yarns. This is the plan but it might change and is most likely to do so - swatching will tell what this new yarn is suitable for.

These were purchased Thursday. Regia and Lanett are both for socks, but for Catania I don't have definite plans... it is all cotton.

There isn't much change in Rogue. The spinning has taken all my knitting time... And I have been looking for lace stitch patterns through books and magazines, I would like to swatch my new singles. It will be great to pick up light yarn and small needles again although Rogue is still very much appreciated. I'm not a least bit tired of it but am little bit scared of the sleeves. Maybe I will have both on the needles the same time, then I might be able to avoid the delay between the first being cast off and the second being cast on.

Yesterday the light outside before noon was sort of yellowish. It is very promising. Although I haven't seen the sun for weeks, she is there somewhere and the tone made me sure that we are slowly crawling back to light again...

PS. I saw a movie called "Mostly Martha" last night. I recommend it.


  1. Karin21:31

    Loved this movie too!

  2. Beautiful singles! Very impressive

  3. Wow, your roving and the single is very beautiful !

  4. I love the color and the shine on the singles.

  5. Marie N.20:02

    You have been a good influence on me :) I asked Amelia if her doll could help me with something. I would like to try to knit her doll a sweater and I will need Honey to be very patient with me and try it on by pieces a little at a time. Honey is small enough that I will not waste a lot of time to find out whether or not I can do this. If it goes well... we shall see what happens next.

    Before I begin with Honey's sweater I will be finishing my blanket. eight and ½ strips are finished and three and ½ to go. I hope to be done by the end of January.


  6. Marie N.20:03

    I forgot to mention that I'll need to look up that movie.

  7. The new equipment must have made things so much easier. The roving and singles are beautiful. I love the shine that some silk gives to a mostly wool roving.

  8. Southern Norway Fairytale10:39

    Hyvää tammikuu!
    I followed your example on Sunday. Followed the tracks in the snow from outside my kitchenwindow into the forest. After two minutes the white behind of a roedeer vanished between trees and cliffs (no poro here, moose, yes). Within ten minutes I had seen two sleepingplaces and four roedeers, or the same roedeer four times. Chasing that easy, makes no fun. Instead I went home, sat beside the fireplace reading your blog, knitting a red sweater (Rauma finull) for the comming week end's "sweeping out Christmas carneval" in Setesdal. (Where poros can be seen.) This sweeping out is a custom from the Middle Ages. First they dress up to be irrecognizable (what about a woollen beard, Susanna!), carring brooms they walk from house to house looking for anything eatable connected to Christmas, then there is a big dressed up party. I want to dress up as Olivia, Pop Eye's wife, hence the red sweater. Do you end Christmas by sweeping it out on the twentieth day?

  9. janeen17:07

    Your spinning is beautiful, Leni! So fine...

    I've been meaning to ask ~ did you wear any of your knitted garments during Christmas? I'm thinking particularly of your Tweed Cardigan which is so lovely.

    Enjoy your wool and the brightening sky!


  10. As everyone else said, beautiful singles! Have you used the Lanett yarn before? I'm currently knitting the Cascading Leaves socks (Yahoo group) and I am so in love with this sock yarn! It is fast becoming one of my favorites.