Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm in Heaven!

I'm in Merino heaven to be more specific!

The mailman brought these Koigu skeins to my mailbox yesterday - a present!! - and since then no vacuum cleaner, no potato peeling, no juice stains on kitchen floor, no bread crumbs on the sofa, nothing has knocked me off my cloud, my Merino cloud! My life is never the same again...Can't wait to cast on socks! Is that really what you do with Koigu??! But yarn this beautiful and this soft... is it possible to walk with Koigu socks on or do you instantly have a capability of walking in the air...
I held on to these skeins the whole day yesterday and admired them grinning stupidly. And then remembered... I have some Merino wool that I tried to spin in the early stages of my spinning career, that is 8 months ago, and just could not spin it then. So when everyone went to bed last night I closed very quietly my studio door and gave it another try... And it became a very very very very late night but I could spin it... If I say, I'm happy, it is an understatement. So hear again: I'm in Merino Heaven!

Rogue looks quite good from up here. I had to block it already to see how the yarn works with my cables, and there is nothing wrong with the yarn. It blocked out beautifully, and the stitches look even. But am afraid, it has to wait for the sleeves before I have spun some more.

I have 2plied the Polwart/Silk singles... because I want to make a scarf using this pattern ... (the pattern here is done with another yarn...)

I will try to post on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (possibly Saturdays). And Wednesdays there will be some Finnish...PS. Southern Norway Fairytale! The custom about "sweeping out Christmas" has died in Finland... yes, makes me feel sad too. But people in southwestern parts of Finland used to have dress-up parades through the villages collecting what was left from Christmas beer and then they used to gather to a big house to drink it all up. This happened on Jan 13th which is Nuutti's (Knud's) day in the almanac. Mostly people in today's Finland put Christmas decorations away and eat up what is left over from Christmas on Jan 6th.

PS. I did use the Tweed Cardigan over the holidays. And it is nice although the huge collar first felt awkward.


  1. Your Rogue is looking wonderful! Koigu, yes, it is heaven. I've only knit a scarf (Branching Out from Knitty) but have some more skeins I plan to use for socks.

  2. I am very excited to learn some Finnish vocabulary, especially if it will always be accompanied by such adorable visual aids as in today's lesson. :-)

    I like the lacy diamonds in your scarf! That's going to be lovely when it's finished.

  3. I've knit some socks out of Koigu (from their fun socks book) only word to the wise is that the bottom will felt a little bit as you wear them if your feet sweat a bit.
    That could just be a me thing though.
    Other than that their completely soft, awesome, and incredibly comfortable.

  4. Janeen18:05

    If you decide to make socks with your Koigu they will be quite luxurious.
    Or perhaps you could make a pair of gloves instead? With gloves, might it be nice seeing the yarn up close and touching it with your hands?
    Whatever you do with the Koigu it is a very lovely yarn - congratualtions!!
    Thank you for the lesson in Finnish language!

  5. Marie N.19:42

    Keep the Finnish vocabuary coming -- I have some young linguists here who can benefit too :-)

    It sounds like the experience you have gained in spinning these last few months, and the addition of you new equipment have made all the difference.

    I have yet to try knitting a sock, but it is in my future somewhere.

    I'd like to learn more about felting. When visiting a local alpaca farm I made small handfull of felt from the clippings. I have a friend who made a beautiful knit and felted tote bag that looked handy to have around.

    Marie N.

  6. Carol in Texas23:33

    I've knitted several pairs of socks with Koigu, using 2 mm (US 0) needles and they not only feel wonderful but wear well. Koigu is also nice for beaded wrist warmers.
    The Finnish is fun - I'm looking forward to more lessons.
    Carol in Texas

  7. Anonymous00:43

    can't help you, i'm not a sock knitter but the colours are just wonderfull and i personnally wouldn't hide them in my shoes. congratulations for Rogue and thanks for the finnish lesson.

  8. Yeah Finnish Lesson!
    Ooooh Koigu, now that is Heaven!
    You will love how they feel on your feet!

  9. Southern Norway Fairytale11:26

    From where can I, living in another outpost of the world, get hold of a skein of Koigu?

  10. Anonymous16:29

    Koigu might come to Norway; Southern Norway fairy tale should watch her mailbox!