Thursday, January 05, 2006

Do better

This morning when I looked out of the kitchen window I saw fresh reindeer (in Finnish reindeer is called poro) tracks. So took my camera and started following them...
Somebody else had been there earlier... I don't mean the snow mobile tracks, but these...

Here the beggar had jumped off the road into the woods and there was too much snow (snow we call lumi) for my short legs so I couldn't follow him there.While walking back home I took this picture, see the poor trees under the heavy burden of snow.

I realized that I had not taken Hálfskák down to the lake yet... So here the last pictures of her.

The white part of the shawl was blocked and after completely dry, I steamed the frill because it did not look nice after blocking. Now it is really lovely.

Here Rogue... still entertaining still interesting...

The instructions on Rogue are well written and well thought through yet it leaves a lot for your own judgement...

With number 4 mm needles the stitches are big and even I can see them quite well without glasses on from distance. Which means special attention should be taken when picking stitches or seaming. My Mom says that if you are using heavy yarn, you should pick stitches or seam with split yarn. Did I do it. No! But I will next time. I hate to admit but she was right again!

So more attention to seaming, picking stitches and for short rows!!!! This project makes me yearn for more knitting knowledge. Every now and then I sort of reach a point or a status in my mind that I feel this "don't know what to do next because I have tried mostly everything and I would really want to learn something new" and here I see, I know not enough and I like this feeling.

I have thought about posting frequency... I'm not sure if there should be a post every day, every other day, every third day, every fourth day, once a week... Somehow I think I should have a schedule.

PS. After looking at these bluish pictures for at least two months now, do you feel that you are getting overdose of blue? I can assure you by the time we reach June the blue will diminish... and there will be less snow also...


  1. Oh no, i love blue

  2. The shawl is lovely! Such a simple little thing, and yet so elegant. I really like it.

    I'm very impressed that you have come so far with Rogue so quickly. You're a fast knitter!

  3. Ah, two new Finnish words! I think it's time to start on my Finnish vocabulary book today.

  4. Anonymous21:57

    No Lene no, blue is never boring - blue rules. It is so simple.

  5. What a beautiful shawl!
    I do not complain about the blue. You are lucky to be able to see the nature's changes so deeply.

  6. Marie N.23:14

    I love the blue tones, but I love the sunshine too. I kow you miss it so much. I think about the knitting lamp and how helpful it must be.

    As for blue toned yarns for clothing and such -- they are almost as good as green tones :-) My son gets his love of green from me.

    Marie N.

  7. I really like the blue too! The winter blue spectrum is my favorite color! I love how each season brings its own ray of colors.

    I picture of the shawl by the lake is very elegant and beautiful.

    Thank you for giving us new Finnish words, I keep a notebook by the computer to write them down in.

    Now I am going to go pray for more lumi for our area. The winter colors here as of late are brown, gray with more brownish gray in the forcast.

  8. It is a beautiful shawl and I like the edging very much. I love those blue pictures too...

  9. Renée from Wisconsin02:15

    The "blue" pictures make me feel like we are sharing your short days. And the gorgeous shawl out by the "blue" toned lake just make me love your blog best of all. Daily, every other, weekly? Blog whenever you feel like it or have something to say. We love to listen!

  10. Anonymous02:27

    Your pictures, your knitted pets and your shawls are terrific.
    I have never left a comment but I have been enjoying reading your posts since a few weeks. I like to read what happens in your daily life for yours is so different from my own life. I live in a big town in western Europe and there is no snow. If you like the blue tons, I just want to tell you : let's go on and just be yourself.

  11. I think the bluey tinged photos look beautiful, I can almosy feel the cold! The shawl is so pretty and floaty, lovely work.

  12. The shawl is awe-inspiring and the close up picture of Rogue is luscious.

    As far as posting frequency, start out with something regular that you think you can keep up with (2 or 3x a week would be my hope for how often to hear from you, at the least) and then if you find yourself having more to say, you can always increase it. It might work out better than setting an unrealistic goal of posting more often.

  13. erin05:47

    Such a lovely, exquisite shawl. I like the way you have trimmed it with a frilly edge in a different colour. Beautiful.