Sunday, October 30, 2005

Warm your body with the blue, feed your soul with the lace

Renee gave me the advice in the title with this Chinese proverb:

if you have but two pennies, spend one on bread for your body, and the other on hyacinths for your soul. . .

which I'm going to remind myself of when I come to crossroads. Thank you!

It is peace and harmony in the knitting front now. I wouldn't use the words peace and harmony when thinking of the other aspects of my life. Yesterday, 10 km from home, my old, loyal, trustworthy longtime War Horse ( = car ) broke down and it looks like the engine is beyond repair... I can see the yarn money waving good byes...

I started first the blue Jaeger Aqua and knitted 100 grams of it and then cast on for a scarf from handspun yarn. Here the rules: Every time another 50 g of Jaeger Aqua is gone I get to knit a little bit of the scarf as a reward. A little bit? How much is it? Let's say about 5 cm (2 inches).

Jaeger Aqua is going to be Pivocoli from the Magknits August 2005 issue. The pattern is simple and the knitting is coming along so easily ... I was afraid of the Aqua being too stiff but it is fine. I can picture me making an another one.

For the scarf the wool is from Rovings (Polwarth, colorway: The Blues!). I'm learning to get control of the wool, get rid of the lumps or place them where I prefer. This yarn is not going to be plied.

Here the few rows for the scarf. The pattern will be from an Estonian book called "Pitsilised Koekirjat" which I bought few years ago from an old book store in Tallinn. (I love the different shades of blue in this picture.)

The Rovaniemi knit-along mittens are finished. Also the inside.

This is how the lake was today early in the morning. It was raining yesterday and the temperature is above zero so there is lots of water on the ice.

We didn't get out our skates yet.


  1. Your traditional Finnish mittens are gorgeous! I am also in the mitten knitalong, though my first two pairs were very simple. Even the third pair, on the needles now, is pretty simple, a fleur-de-lis pattern in 4 colors.

  2. These mittens are amazing ! And I love your aqua sweater. This is my first time visiting your blog and it won't be the last !

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! I really enjoy your nature photography.

    I've never seen anything quite like your mittens. I think it would be very exciting if you would write a little more about the technique. (There was a fascinating photo the other day of all the little balls of wool on a long needle. It reminded me of intarsia bobbins, but neater and better organized.)

  4. Ah, the mittens. Fabulous. Are you doing anything except knitting? I am amazed at your productivity.

  5. Anonymous20:28

    I have been planning on knitting Picovoli too, I love how yours looks already! And those mittens are amazing! Your blog is right after mine on the fiber arts blog list. So to read it all I have to do is click the next blog button.

  6. Your mittens are so beautiful!!!!! And that photograph of the sunset is spectacular.