Monday, October 31, 2005


Every fall a madness called the moose hunting season hits the country and this village.

During this period which commences in late September and stretches up till December women are experiencing pleasant weekends and spending this precious time in various chores. Some knit.

Men gather together very early Saturday and Sunday mornings and come home late in the evenings so exhausted they don't have any interest in the home life. Some newly weds complain but we elderly women with more than 5 years in this holy matrimony greet this season with high hopes and great expectations. The countdown starts right after the Midsummer...

During these months there might turn up some inconveniences when you have to put your knitting down or stop the spinning wheel. It is when the tired hunter comes home with 50 kg's of raw moose meat which you have to sort out, label and freeze. But really, if you count your blessings this is only a minor drawback.

Then there comes the big weekend. The whole village comes together for a celebration. Hunters put on their best white shirts, prepare us non-hunters a tasty, country meal of moose meat and serve it in the local school. Usually it is Saturday afternoon.

Later on there is a dance which is held in the same school's gym. The gym has a beautiful, shiny floor. Nobody is allowed in there with shoes that might scratch the perfect surface.

What do you think we do then?

We call the party "Wool Sock Dance" - put on our slippery woollen socks and waltz and tango along with them.

There coudn't be a better way to end up the season.

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  1. Do you often see moose where you live? Do they walk through your yard like deer, or do they prefer to keep their distance? What an amazing sight that must be. I hope you will take a picture for us if you see one.