Thursday, October 27, 2005


There are two roads in front of me;

the first one, a very narrow one, looks quite diffucult and rocky while the other one is wide and pure easygoing down hill. Which one should I choose?

Should I start doing swatches and calculations and proceed with my sensible plan to knit something to wear underneath the blue cardigan... just focuse on this yarn which was bought together with the blue alpaca so that these two would make an unseparable pair? The one would not be complete without the other.

The other road seems so tempting --- it is paved with the silky wools and beautiful lace patterns. I want to go there!

But then

when the final call comes and I arrive at the gate I'm asked what were you doing while all the rest were using their skills so wisely

shall I confess that I was lusting away knitting lacy shawls and scarfs one after an another ...

I have to choose.


  1. This would be easy for me because I love Jaeger's Aqua!

  2. You could always start both, and work on whichever one inspires you at any given moment. (Unless you feel it's important to stick to one project at a time. Some people are like that. I'm not one of them.)

  3. Minäkin olen eksynyt pitsihuivien maailmaan... Ihanan siniset langat, minä valitsisin molemmat tiet.

  4. If it were me, I'd do a bit of both ... I tend to get antsy working on only one project at a time. Unless I'm on a deadline. Then I somehow develop laser-like focus on the job at hand.

    Love the mittens and gloves you have pictured and described below. They remind me of things my grandmother made -- she was a wonderful knitter, too.

  5. Renée from Wisconsin03:35

    Start the blue, and after you've knit 2 inches, start the lace. Use the lace as a reward for diligently being sensible. Chinese proverb: if you have but two pennies, spend one on bread for your body, and the other on hyacinths for your soul. Warm your body with the blue, feed your soul with the lace.

  6. Anonymous21:43

    That is such an appropriate proverb. I'm going to use that too. I always have way too many knitting projects going at once, and that proverb can be my excuse :)