Sunday, January 26, 2020


Glorious, bright, brisk day up here. 
The sky is colored by soft pastels, there is lots of clean, white snow, and today is a perfect winter day… except that it is little bit too cold. The thermometer bluntly read -31°C (-24F) little while ago. I am not sure if this is a fact, but somehow it feels like you have booster glasses on, the world just seems so sharp and clear. I was looking at Ruusu’s face when I popped out this morning with her and thought that I have not seen her so clearly for a long time.

Ruusu is a veteran, she knows that one has to be quick, take care of the business and then return shortly inside, but the little one… Piisku wastes her time doing all sorts of nonsense, like eating snow and then when she has to go, it looks cumbersome, because she tries to handle her business with holding one or two paws in the air and that just makes things impossible, and then it takes even more time. Often, we must return inside for a while and then try again… 

Piki has truly good wool socks and long johns on, but even he enjoys sleeping on the couch. 

Mr Cat sits on a dresser that is in front of the window and looks outside. His basket is on that dresser, it is up there, so that the dogs won’t bother him, while he naps, but last night, I am sure, he felt the draft and came and curled into a tight roll right next to me.

The fires are lit, I have hot tea next to me, I keep gazing out of the window, it is quiet, calm and a good day to write the blog. When the New Year was gone, Christmas put away, everyone gone and I was left alone in the house (except for the fur-coated ones), I dropped into hibernation. I truly did. Nothing has got done, I walk daily, cook little, simple meals to myself, feed the dogs, read little bit, take naps, but that is about it. I have been turning pages in my calendar, one after another, with not many markings… I really have not been busy, nor sick, just hibernating.

I have not been making many knitting or crochet or other crafting plans. I hope as the years goes on; I will think of something to make. I seem to have socks on the needles all the time and have so far knitted four pairs. The crochet blanket that I started before Christmas has gotten quite big. One little bunny was born. But it still feels like I have done very little. Maybe because there is no hurry, no hurry at all and because I have not felt the thrill and excitement of a new project.

The socks have not provided any excitement… I knit them because I need them.

I am crocheting the blanket to use some of the old yarns I have and the most excitement I get from it, is when I realize that again, another little ball of yarn is gone and the yarn level in the box slowly sinks. Those small balls I have seem to have more meters that I thought was possible.

But I did get little excitement of this little bunny person.
First, I made her and but a bow into her ear.

Of course, she needed clothes and so got them, several items.

I am very proud of her hat; it has short rows in the back and it really fits well.

In the spirit of hibernating, she had to have a sleeping bag.

And in preparation of Easter, I made her a little basket to hide in.

Thank you for reading again and waiting for me to get out of this slumber… now that I have recovered, you can expect me to be back sooner.

Hope all is well with you and your year has a good start!

Wool with you,


  1. No wonder you felt like hibernating when it is so cold outside. Are both of the dogs sleeping inside? My Norwegian buhund loves snow, but -30 would probably be too Cold for her. Sadly we have No snow in Denmark so far.

  2. Sometimes I would like to have a little basket to hide in, Lene!
    I think what you call hibernating is what I think of as a line from a Van Morrison song, "then I go inside for a while." It feels necessary to just be still, but it does worry me a bit when I feel that nothing is getting done. Still, maybe it's like the time a seed spends in Winter, protecting it's energy until Spring. Which, of course, is very much like hibernating, so I've come full circle in this comment:)

  3. That bunny is adorable! I wish I could hibernate, but I plan to as soon as I retire. lol

  4. Anonymous14:33

    So happy to see you back blogging...thank you!

  5. oh, she is so lovely, and those little pretty accessories <3
    all the best for you, a lot of sun!

  6. Oh my gosh! What a cute, cute, cute bunny (love her little white tail). We are not nearly as cold as you and don't even have snow on the ground, yet the urge to hibernate has been showing itself frequently. Short days and grey skies will do that. Nice to hear from you again!!

  7. I think with all the work you did before and during Christmas you deserve to hibernate!!! Have a good rest!!

  8. You paint such vivid word pictures! I love the description of your hibernation - so peaceful and quiet, keeping the cold at bay with hot drinks and fires and staying indoors. The little white bunny with her cheerful woollen outfits is just a delight to behold, and the thought of poor Piisku all distracted in the snow made me smile. Thank you.

  9. Our temps are not as cold as your but when ours drop to single digits F., I feel the urge to hibernate. Your little bunny and her warm woolies are darling. Take good care, stay warm and safe. It's good to hear from you again.

  10. Good to see a new post. I keep got me spoiled with your Advent posting. I'd hibernate too with those temperatures. Wool socks, mittens & sweaters are certainly necessary. Your creative continues to amaze me. What talent!

  11. Anonymous23:19

    So cute, your bunny! Thank you for sharing, Lene! And about your hibernating: I have the same feeling of not wanting to do a lot these days (and thinking that actually I should ...) Warm greetings, Liesbeth

  12. You make the best pom-pom bunny tails ever!

  13. Love your well deserved hibernation and the return to your crafting life. I too was excited to see your new baby bunny! Love the tail, what a fit for those shorts and the hat. Love and Blessings to you Lene.

  14. Lene,
    I hope you post again soon and let us know how you are coping with coronavirus in Finland.

  15. Lene, Hope you are well, thinking of you and sending positive energy. I am willing to wait a long time to hear from you again, no hurry. I am patient, it is always worth the wait. Blessings, Terrie.

  16. What a delightful project! Congratulations!