Saturday, December 05, 2015

Little tree

Just a small crocheted one, not the real thing yet.
The idea is not mine, I saw trees like this on Pinterest some time ago and had to make my own.
Here are two different tree links.
If you are enjoying crochet and crocodile stitch, check this, such a clever use of the stitch,
Wool with you, 
hope you can carve time to do something with yarn... or maybe with flour. I might try some cookie baking today, once we have had our daily stroll.


  1. Adorable tree! I think I'll bake some spritz today. My recipe was given to me by a lovely Swedish lady many years ago.

  2. Anonymous19:48

    So cute! I might try this

  3. sandra20:05

    I love your tree! They are all cute, but yours is very north woodsy looking to me. So beautiful :)

  4. so pretty! thank you for the links...:D

  5. I love this! And your wish at the end. You too :-).