Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank You

I never believed so many of you are still there on the other side of the screen. Somehow I had begun to think that with all the blogs, facebook pages, twitters, instagrams, the world is so crowded with all kinds of input that no one would ever notice my absence or would miss me. I have been touched while reading your comments. I truly needed to read each one of them, we all need encouragement sometimes and this could not have come better time. Thank you so much to you all.
The beginning of the week was very grey. Heavy clouds and no wind at all. There are still few leaves on trees here and there, but the world is definitely quieting down. Almost like the nature is holding her breath and waiting. I am sure she has been contemplating on just what to do next and all of a sudden decided to bathe us once again in beautiful sun light. I love this soft autumn sun. October is the month when the first snow usually falls. If that should happen next week, I would think that it was all of a sudden, but really it would not be, it is just that our summer was so very long this year.
We usually feed birds through the winter months and this week we had a visitor that I have not seen there before. I did not see him (?) eating anything, but he was keeping close eye on the little birds. There were plenty of great tits and they were not bothered by his presence at all, they kept eating away and he kept looking. He did not make any aggressive moves in any way and sat there for quite a while, until Tina noticed him and barked and he flew away. I have not seen him since. He was quite small.
both pictures through the window
The socks are finished. A new one has been cast on. Only half of the first cuff is done, but it will be more or less similar to the first pair. Maybe I will make the cuff part longer this time...
I have been thinking of Christmas a lot already. I would love to do some Christmas crafting but don't know yet what it should be. I did finish one felted bird and took the lot outside for pictures. I was wondering if I should knit red elf hats for them and if that would set me in the right mood. I think I just might do that, but for that to happen, I will need to go yarn shopping.
Stash shopping that is. About two years ago I packed all my yarn into large plastic pins and took them to the garage (to the unheated part of it). I love to keep them there, in winter they freeze and that takes care of the insects and having them there I tend to forget what I have. I carefully sorted the yarns out according to their weights. Sadly some of them have been tossed around and gotten into the wrong pins, so I need to arrange them again next summer but it really feels like shopping when I walk up there. The garage is not close to the house but it is in the other side of the yard and I need to take a shopping bag when I go over there. Usually I return something when I go shopping but all in all, this arrangement works really well for me. All my wool is there too. Once in a while large amounts migrate back to the house and then I will sort them inside the house into separate bags so that when I go to visit the stash, it will be easy to return them to their original pins. 

I think I will pop over there before it becomes dark. 
Thank you for reading, I have enjoyed connecting with you again, and wool with you,


  1. I love the whimsical things that you make with wool, they are so creative! Here's wishing a week of sunshine for you,
    Hello from Idaho,

  2. your pictures are so beautiful-thank you for sharing them.

  3. I was feeling the same way about Christmas crafting. I have a lot of projects to do but I think I would like some new ornaments for the tree. We collect handcrafted over the years from the kids and others but it would be nice to add a few to the collection this year. Can't wait to see pics of your snow.

  4. Stash shopping is a great idea! (I'm glad I'm not the only person whose stash is large enough to lose track of what's there.)

  5. Anonymous18:50

    Lovely to see your felted birds, and the real one. I've just end started thinking about my Christmas knitting. Requests for socks from the hubby, a new Christmas tea cozy for 1st dec! from him and jumpers from the girls. I fancy making a Christmas knitted garland for the large mirror in the dining room. I love checking out your blog, you are an inspiration and I love seeing pictures from your beautiful part of the world. anita

  6. Your extremely artistic knitting is a source of inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  7. No, no, no - we are all still here and are thrilled to see anything from you! You have a beautiful blog that stands high about all the other distractions online :-).

  8. Anonymous19:15

    I love to read whatever you post. I'm a practical knitter and your work is so far removed from what I can make - I love seeing what you do and reading what you have to say. Thank you for whatever time and energy you can devote to the blog!

  9. Oh I am so happy to see you back!! And just so you know - for me personally - a blog like yours featuring quality and beauty in crafting trumps all other social media!

    We are all so inundated with "input" these days that is certainly true. But i always will find time to read and appreciate anything you share in this space.

    Love love love the mushrooms. And wishing you a t least a few more golden days before winter sets in.

    Oh - and the visit from the owl - I always consider those great gifts.

  10. Dear Lene
    It's really lovely to hear from you again and to get a glimpse of your very special world in the North. Here in London we also had a remarkable summer, which is just turning to autumn now. It was wonderful to have so many bright sunny days. It made everyone so happy!
    I still remember the Christmas that you blogged an old Advent calendar every day; I've gone back in the archive to look at it again. Still lovely.
    Please don't imagine that your blog is 'lost' in the volume of blogs and websites. Your voice is unique and your readers hear you and value your beautiful and original work.
    Wool back to you,
    Priscilla in London

  11. Dear Lene,

    I'm one of those people who reads blogs but rarely comments. Your posts, though less frequent than some are always delightful. I think your bird was a Sparrowhawk, since you said it was small. Maybe a Goshawk though. Odd that the other birds weren't concerned since both prey on small birds.

    Mary in the US

  12. Lois20:31

    I, too love to read your blog and here what's going on in the far North. Your felted critters are adorable. I'm always delighted to see them and read about your next venture. Your knitting is so beautiful.

  13. Hi there! I've been lurking here for some time and loving your blog. Love those woodland critters. :)

  14. I love reading your descriptions of the changing seasons and the land and trees around where you live. And your wool creations are always lovely. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  15. Beth in Maryland22:30

    I also think your bird is a sparrowhawk (and based on other pictures, probably female). A goshawk would be much bigger and its eye would be almost red. The other critters in your post are much more difficult to identify!

  16. Ha, was lookling for my comment in the last (new) post but didn't find it .... I know what happened : I went lookking back and then totally forgot to say I loved all your socks ánd was glad you were back ! (so, nów I did !!)
    Are your funny birds wet felted, knitted or needle felted ??? (I'm not sure with the pictures ....) Love them, that's the most important ;-)

  17. Anonymous23:42

    love the mushrooms !!
    Is Christmas that close ???????

  18. That hawk is so beautiful, and looks so wise. Glad you are back, I know I said it before but you were missed. I am making little cup cozies and filling cups with hot chocolate or tea for presents for friends. A quick project just to say I am thinking about them.

  19. Anonymous02:50

    Thank you for posting again. Your world is magical. You transport me beyond the humdrum. Thank you. And thank your for sharing that you feel that socks should be so quick, and then - they are not! I agree. Why am I surprised each time? And why do others make them seem easy as potato chips and not at all boring?

  20. Was so happy to see you posting again. I have been following your blog for quite a long time and always find it inspirational!

  21. Sandra03:24

    I check your blog every single day, just in case you posted! It is my favourite. And thank you for introducing me to twined knitting. I love it :)

  22. Like someone else posted, I am a practical knitter. But I love your delightful, whimsical creations, your wonderful socks, and your beautiful needlework embellishments. Your blog is so refreshing - any post you make is a pleasure.

  23. Anonymous04:25

    I visit your blog daily and await your comments always. Your knitting is wonderful and your words get sent all over the world to friends whenever you add wisdom or interesting facts and I will never forget that the sun is in her nest at winter solstice. You and the sun give me solace then, when I am out walking dogs in the cold of New York City.

  24. Anonymous05:03

    I visit your blog almost daily and look forward to your perspective on creating as well as giving me a glimpse on what it's like in your part of the world. You and your words would be so sorely missed if you stopped 'talking' to all of us who regularly come by to see you, so to speak.


  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Jeannie06:24

    love these birds!! they are so fun and funny, like they should start speaking at any moment!

  27. CreeksideKnitter06:27

    Your blog is a treasured gift. My thanks, back to you from Washington state.

  28. We love watching and feeding the birds too but we have to wait till the bears hibernate after that first snow which usually falls right around Halloween. We seem to have similar weather patterns you and I. I love your little felted mushrooms and birds and I think red elf hats would be just the ticket! :-)

  29. Lene, I love your blog. I gave up on mine years ago - it was never as interesting or nice as yours - but I still LOVE reading blogs of others, it's a daily routine.

    Are these needle felted mushrooms and birds or knitted/felted? I don't know how to do needle felting but I love your stuff!

  30. wool with you, too!

  31. I love your blog, and am happy you have decided to continue. As well as being inspired by your creativity in all things wild and wooly, I enjoy the photos you share of your beautiful country. Thank you Lene for sharing a bit of your life with us.

  32. Connie17:08

    Please keep posting. I check your site everyday. I think the posts are like an iceberg- only 10% of your actual readers are commenting

  33. I'm so glad you decided to keep sharing your artistry with us! This blog is the first one I check every time I log on - it is a truly inspirational, serene haven in the midst of all the blabbery and buzz. I feel I learn something every time I'm here.

  34. I've started to think about the holidays, too, and not just Christmas. For a while now, I feel that time is getting away from me and I don't get to enjoy as much crafting or baking as I'd like. So, for each holiday that's come recently, I pick a themed craft or baking project to do. These don't take long to finish, are fun to do, and make the lasting memory that I'm looking for. Most of the ideas I find on the internet (especially creative blogs like yours), but some come from me.

  35. dear lene, so glad you are still sharing your blog. ive not missed reading once for several years. i do understand your feelings about saying goodbye because my blog has been silence since life has changed so much for me in five years. but thank you so much for writing about your wool and your beautiful nature. i really find this place a true source of inspiration and charm and i cherish my visits here. everything you do is magic to me. xox

  36. Anonymous00:43

    Hi, Lene,

    I read you and the Yarn Harlot. That's all I have time for. She is regular, almost every day, so I get to read a knit-blog frequently. You are priceless, so I click every day, and once in awhile I am lucky and you have a new post. Maybe I should go back and read your old ones, one every day!? That will be lovely! Starting today. Thank you for everything. Are you baking pulla soon?

    Ellen in Connecticut

  37. I check your blog every day to see if there is a new post - and am so happy when there is a new one. I love your photos of your work (which is so charming) and of your world. I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting! Thank you! Your work is important!

  38. Anonymous04:46

    Thanks for continuing your posts!
    Your photos and words are always of interest.
    Amazing bird photos today.
    Please keep up the blog if you want to do so. We will read it.

  39. Anonymous05:30

    You are a wonderfully talented artist, with wool, words and camera. The pictures simply sing with the beauty of the autumn days above the arctic circle. I love your felted beings!

  40. Anonymous05:43

    I'm glad you're back. I have been faithfully checking and hoping that you would return.

    I'm knitting a frivolous pair of violet , white and yellow socks..... A simple garter rib for the cuffs

  41. You have been missed. Thank you for coming back. Especially for treating us to some sweet little woolies. :)

  42. fishfarms18:26

    Beautiful little woolies! So glad you are back, Lene. Missed you and your lovely words.

  43. Dolores19:58

    Although I rarely comment on your blog, I visit it to see what you, as a true artist, have to offer. Everything you create has such an undeniable high quality that it's all a joy to see. Please stay in touch with us! I'm always looking at knitting blogs and am searching Ravelry almost each day, and your work ranks up there with the very best.

    From a true DancesWithWool fan,

  44. How could you think we could forget you?- A blog like yours and work like yours isn't seen today at every corner...
    A really good idea to store wool in the garage. I will think about it, too.
    have a wonderful autumn.

  45. Anonymous12:13

    you are so talented and so lovely to read I dont blog but do enjoy reading your blog only afew I keep reading but would really miss it if you stopped i am not knitting nearly enough but still trying to keep up but no hope of matching what you create and that si why I love your blog thankyou for writing and posting

  46. Anonymous15:58

    Beautiful! I love your small creatures and plants/fungi. And I really like your blog and the photos of your beautiful countryside.

  47. Anonymous18:55

    I am so pleased to see you back. I regularly checked your blog during your time away and was so happy to see that you are posting again. Your blog is amazing...a reflection of you, I think.

  48. Anonymous21:39

    Another devoted reader, coming out of the woodwork. I love your writing, whenever and however it comes - no expectations, no demands. I love seeing the light up north, I love hearing about your process, seeing your unique creations. Each little post, a gift. Thank you!

    --J. in Seattle

  49. I can only echo several of the previous commenters: I check every day for a new post; your words & work are an inspiration to this practical knitter and you've been missed. My stomach turned when you said you thought about stopping. It's always good to hear from you.

  50. Anonymous10:25

    Dear Lene,

    I sent you a message on Ravelry. Check your inbox; it's about one of your designs. Wishing you the best.

  51. Mindie10:55

    Have missed you. It is good to know that you are ok and that you are thinking about wool! Your felting is fantastic, I love the whimsical look you give it all. Now only if I thought mine would come out like that I may give it a go!
    Best wishes to you.

  52. Anonymous17:51

    Hi Lene, Your is the only blog I have been reading for the last 3 years. Your writing, your creations and your pictures always are very calming to the mind and very inspiring. Thank you so much!

  53. I, too, do not comment as often as I read your blog... but I always enjoy it! I am so happy to see a new post from you and look forward to the wonderful things you create... and to hear stories of a far away place so different from where I live. You are a doorway, a glimpse into a place of winter sparkle and summer glow, tiny felted woodland creatures and majesticly antlered real life creatures. Thank you for sharing! It is appreciated!

  54. I am loving those mushrooms an awful lot!

  55. Anonymous02:19

    dear Lene,
    please, please do not stop blogging !!!
    as a rule i do not comment on blogs, maybe i need to change my ways. i really LOVE your blog! your knitting is fantastic, the descriptions of your life "up north" are so interesting.
    your felted creatures/mushrooms are awesome!
    thank you for your writing and knitting!
    with best wishes,
    helga (from canada)

  56. Anonymous06:04

    Your work is original, your writing is thoughtful, your photos are beautiful and yours is the only blog I read. And you do not use the word "swoon" :-) Thanks for that!!

  57. Anonymous16:04

    I couldn't bear it if you stopped blogging! Perish the thought, Lene. You bring something so unique, so special, to the work of hand knits and illustration and felting ....your absense would be felt deeply.
    I have ordered my Christmas knitting from Purl Soho - their lined hat in white with hot pink lining. Time to spice up the knitting!

  58. Kimi02:27

    Lene...yours is still one of my favorite blogs. I appreciate your photography, the details and quality of your work. Amazing. My heritage if Finnish so I enjoy reading about where you live and your traditions. :)

  59. I am waving from down here in Switzerland - I would be sorry to miss your blog and the beautiful things you craft! I have been checking regularly, even when you didn't blog :) So nice to hear from you again...

  60. tess02:54

    What joy on this cold, damp evening to find you have returned to blogging! It was wonderful to find your window on the arctic has opened. I don't know whether your thoughts or your wool creations are more beautiful but luckily we don't have to choose & get to enjoy both. :-)
    Your small hawk is, as others have pointed out, a juvenile European Sparrowhawk. His close relatives in N. America start out with yellow eyes that turn orange or even deep red as the bird gets older - maybe that's true of these birds, too? They are fast, agile fliers and can easily catch tits, but birds seem to know when hawks have eaten recently and don't pay attention when they aren't threatened by a hungry bird. However, when a hawk find a bird feeder, often it decides it is his new favorite restaurant, so he may be back ...

  61. Your blog is different and I love looking at it. Your little creatures in whatever medium you choose thrill me. I love the whimsy of them. Sure hope you keep sharing what you are doing. Your birds would be missed a lot!

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