Friday, October 18, 2013

Old sock love

Thank you, thank you. I have been overwhelmed by your kind comments. It is your response that makes me want to come back. Warm hug to you all.
Few days ago we woke up to the first snow - all of us surprised
of "Winter, already?", and
some rejoicing more than others. (Quick snapshots with a phone)

While I was looking at the serene beauty of the forest, I thought that this winter I am going to love every little bit of it. Winter is not just endless shoveling of snow, battling with difficult conditions on the roads, hauling loads of wood inside the house, but also lovely, mysterious, twilight moments when everything is rich blue, the flaming light of the fire that gathers everyone around, the beauty of frost on trees, the nibble of the fresh air on your nose when you are out and about and the need for wool. The ice has been building up on the lake and it is bittersweet to see her blanketed by ice, but without farewell there would not be happy reunion, so all in all, that is good too. There are lots of birds coming for seeds but I have not seen the sparrowhawk since. I have been thinking of her because although she looked fine, she was maybe too tame, and I do hope she is healthy.

The little woolen birds are still in need of elf caps, but I did make a start on a new one. Maybe I can find a way to include some Christmas spirit into him. I was listening to the radio the other day and there was interesting bit of birds and Christmas and how they tie together.

This past week I got back a huge pile of socks in need of repair. While my daughter has been home I have been busy mending loved old socks. She is a dancer and uses some of her wool socks to keep warm during breaks and she pulls them over ballet shoes, sometimes in layers, so the socks have to endure a lot. I think that the most beautiful pair of socks I have ever done are these
Wallflower socks.
After hard use they were in a very bad condition: holes here and there and toes in rags.
I mended the holes and knit new toes for them.
That did not take a very long time, actually a lot less that what would have been needed to knit another pair from scratch, so there will be a lot more mending in my future.
Since socks are fairly easy to repair, there is more sense in knitting them - all good.
This is the new pair. (Some shaping in the back of the leg.)

And the first of the second pair. 
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wool with you,


  1. Your socks are fabulous, made with so much fun. A daughter that is a dancer, you must be so very proud.

  2. Your blog posts are becoming very bad for my petite Ravelry queue/favorites list. What gorgeous socks! And the delight in an upcoming winter ... it's my favorite season. Time to stock up on knitting projects, tea, and good books!

  3. I just now woke up to our first snow as well. It really surprised me-I was not expecting snow till November. But you are right about winter-there will be beautiful moments.
    wish I knew more about mending socks. My great grandmother used to darn socks a lot, but never passed on the knowledge to me.

  4. 'Just spent last Sunday darning socks - such satisfaction watching the pile with holes shrink as the mended pile grows!

  5. Anonymous16:17

    I would be sad if you blogged no more. Besides the knitting, which is wondrous, I love the commentary and beautiful photos about the weather and seasons, the dogs and cats, and the occasional news of your daughters.

  6. Lovely, lovely socks! I have a small pile of handknit socks waiting for mending, so now I am encouraged. Something for a rainy (or snowy) day :)

  7. Pat Silver16:44

    Such a beautiful collection of socks! And you are right, the Wallflower socks are special.


  8. Anonymous18:34

    really nice socks !!!!!
    Je voudrais avoir le temps de faire les mêmes

  9. Anonymous20:07

    Thanks for reminding me it's sock season. It's still 80degrees here in Los Angeles, but hopefully soon it will be wool sock weather.

    Love your socks.

  10. I am always inspired by your posts --and am so glad they are here and not on Ravelry. Thank you.

  11. Hester from Atlanta21:58

    Your forest grouping of the little birds and mushrooms is truly outstanding. You have a great artistic eye combined with a bit of whimsy. I am so glad you area blogging again.

    Sometimes I too forget there is a wonderful world out there of folks with artistic natures.


  12. Beautiful, beautiful socks, old and new.

    I'm sure that working to appreciate every last thing that can be appreciated is good for us...........

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful things in your part of the world with us.

  13. Anonymous01:26

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful blue and white socks! And I feel the same way about winter :-)

  14. The socks are so lovely! :)

  15. Your daughter has a very thoughtful Mum (and is that her toes pointing on the rocks??)
    Keep warm Friend and enjoy the wintery nights...

  16. your knitted sock photos are some of my favorite things, Lene!
    I really love winter so much and am so glad it is just around the corner. my dogs and i are really happy to have the fresh cold air to walk in again.

  17. I am glad you are posting again. Your writing and art makes me feel so peaceful. The socks are indeed works of art. Write when you have time and if it makes you happy. October with autumn color in the midwest is my favorite month but I love the beauty and peace of winter too. Be well.

  18. Your a few days ahead of us with the snow. Ours is suppose to arrive this weekend but the lake hasn't frozen yet. I'm actually looking forward to winter this year too. I'm ready for warm fires, knitting, spinning and feeding the birds once the bears hibernate. Your Wallflower socks are a work of art! I love them!

  19. Kimi14:45

    Beautiful socks! You do an amazing job of mending them too. What fun pictures of your cat and dogs! I will be like the joyful one when snow arrives for us. ;)

  20. Anonymous20:02

    Wonderful socks, Lene, and glorious photographs of them. I wonder if those are your daughter's feet? They look like a dancers', and the way they are posed helps show off your beautiful work. I am SO glad you are back writing the blog again. I look forward to new entries the way a child looks forward to a present! I hope that perhaps you will share all the beauty of winter with us as the weeks move along and the cold comes to stay for a while...

  21. Ganz bezaubernde Socken! Großes Kompliment
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße

  22. You inspire me to have a better attitude about winter, thank you.

  23. It is a very good thing that you've decided to continue. For several years, your blog has been a place of respite for me, and I suspect for most of your readers. You have a sweet and quiet soul, Ms. Lene, and it shines through your words and through your works.

  24. Such a beautiful work again!-And -what I like most in your posts is that you always transmit subtle, fine thoughts and ideas...
    Wool with you, too!

  25. Karen J17:03

    Absolutely gorgeous socks. I am so glad you are still posting - I would really hearing from you. You are such an inspiration!

  26. I'm happy you haven't gone away! I love to see glimpses of the landscape, your pets, your knitting of course, and the wildlife--it's all so different from my home that I feel like I've been on a vacation when I read your posts. You make winter seem like a wondrous thing, which of course it can be but we forget that!

  27. Delightful socks! :) I enjoyed looking at the scenery behind too!

  28. I don't think anyone has ever knit a pair of socks more beautiful than those! But even with that lovely stranded wool for cushion, standing on curled over toes on a rock looks completely excruciating.

  29. Maureen02:49

    I live in New England and absolutely love the winter! Several of our friends go to Florida for warm weather and sunshine during the colder months but I wouldn't miss the beauty of winter for anything! Your writing is like reading poetry - you're so very talented in so many areas!

    I have a heel that is worn on a very beloved pair of socks - none as exquisite as yours but they were my first pair. I'm going to attempt to replace the heel - thanks for your inspiration! Please keep writing - I would miss you immensely!

  30. Lene, I've been so glad to have you back on the other side of the screen. I didn't say so at first because I am one of those people who read the blogs of others but fail to tend their own. Your post on socks is so wonderful that I cannot stay silent. The socks are gorgeous. Your comments about winter are lovely and poetic. You are an inspiration to me, even though it doesn't show in my own blog.

  31. Anonymous01:27

    Beautiful socks! Glad you know how to keep them repaired for even more wear.
    I don't feel ready for winter. Luckily Toronto may not see much snow before January.
    Thanks for the post. Your readers really appreciate them. I love the new header with the mushrooms.

  32. Anonymous03:16

    Awesome socks. So pleased to read your blog post! Love the cat and dog pics. We expect a cold winter here too.

  33. Anonymous21:24

    I am captivated by the pictures of the hawk. Do you mind if I use them to paint? Do you happen to know what type of hawk it is? I would love to hear from you hmred at comcast dot net

  34. I came across this post recently, by chance. Until that very moment, I never had the faintest inclination to knit socks but when I saw your pictures I thought I must knit a pair at once for my daughter who loves socks and will have her birthday on Saturday. I especially love your wallflower socks but I chose an easy pair to begin with and tonight I have finished them so I thought I would tell you and thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your beautiful blog. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects :)