Monday, April 08, 2013

Happy knitting

Cold but sunny - that is what the weather has been. Today I read from the papers that spring is three weeks late... I was beginning to think like that but then it always feels like it when you start to look for the glorious spring days. 

Last week was a difficult one, not difficult as life-wise, but difficult knitting-wise, quilting-wise, drawing-wise... just about everything I tried turned to ash. From old experience I know this happens at times, sometimes it has to do with the fact that I am tired, sometimes it is because my brain is occupied and I cannot force it to work on the stuff I choose and it takes some time to realize what the subconscious is saying. Did that come out odd? But yes, I was trying this and that, drew for 5 minutes, decided that I did not want to do that, picked up knitting but after three minutes, it became stale ...

I set my mind to make myself a new sweater, went through the design process (like Shirley Paden teaches in her great book "Knitwear design workshop") setting myself the parameters and for a while it felt good, but it felt good for just a very little while. I emptied one merino yarn yarn box on my desk and admired all the lovely and soft wools and then was taken by a surprise because I knew exactly what I needed to knit: something tiny and sweet and started making swatches for a new little baby thing. This feels so right. I have tried several things and have worked my way through the elements and I sort of know what I want to do.  I am in a happy knitting place again. Let's hope this lasts.

Last summer I spent quite a lot of time on Craftsy - and one of the classes I took was the bead knitting workshop by BetsyHershberg. I have not made one single beaded bead yet, but have tried embroidering beads several times - learning is slow and painstaking, and I would love to skip this step, but since I have these beautiful embroidered beads on my mind, I am slowly making progress and learning the skill. I have tried embroidering on both the knitted and crocheted beads and am not yet convinced what is the best way to go.
I am sure you all know Knitspot Anne and her beautiful work. She has a class on Craftsy where she teaches buttonbands and buttonholes.  I took her class and I learned a few valuable things. It amazes me that I have knitted over 40 years and there is still so much to learn. I love Craftsy, I knit up here most of the time alone, but with these online classes I am able to reach out to the world and gain valuable information.  Plus I am thankful for all of you.
I hope I can show you some progress on the wee cardigan soon.
Wool with you,


  1. I really like your bottom hem on the first picture! Intriguing!

    I, also, craft alone. I will have to check out Craftsy -- when I run out of things to do around here! Who knows when that will be!

  2. I love your work, Lene, so original. I craft alone also but the internet has made so much difference.
    Will check out Craftsy.
    I am excited about the baby sweater; your patterns are beautiful.

  3. Seriously those beads are absolutely fantastic. Amazing.

  4. Those beads are a work of art. I try to think of the times when nothing works as a resting, fallow time, part of the creative process. Your work is so beautiful. Hope Spring is on the way to you.


  5. Anonymous07:12

    I hope you put those spring posy globes in the windows hung from pretty ribbon so they can catch the sun. Lovely work!

  6. Your embroidery work is so pretty! I think I like it on the knitted bead the best but they are all very nice. Makes me think of Spring which sure is taking it's jolly old time getting here isn't it?! Soon though....I think it's right around the corner. ;)

  7. Whatever you make, it is always a sight for sore eyes...

  8. Your beads are beautiful! And thank you for the buttonbands and buttonholes tip! I have been thinking about taking that class! Happy Spring!

  9. What a gem of a breakfast surprise today, to look at the last two posts and see deer and embroidered knitted/crocheted beads. Thanks for all the photos and news.

  10. Jody18:53

    It's such a treat to have another post so soon on the heels of the reindeer! I follow you - I actually had almost given up on the Ada, but then happiness! You published it.
    I think that you experience something that most creative souls encounter - especially when you work in solitude, like so many of us. But you always come to the other side with something extraordinary and you continually enchant and inspire! You are truly an artist.

  11. I can't wait to see your new little sweater finished. I love the colours and details.

  12. Wait...those are knitted beads? Like, that you string on a necklace? Oh my goodness...I can't even imagine! How lovely!!

  13. Your woolen ball is amazing. Its very impressive design.