Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April visitors

When I woke up today, made my first cup of coffee, looked out of the kitchen window, this is what I saw...
Later on I realized that there were two.
And I was not the only one who was enchanted by this sight. (It is impossible to keep that window clean.)
As you can see, we have plenty of snow, therefore it is totally appropriate to say,

Wool with you,


  1. lizzi11:57

    How special. Thank yu

  2. What a gorgeous sight! How blessed you were to see those gorgeous creatures,

  3. Anonymous16:33

    WOW- I would like to see reindeer that but I only have regular deer and they don't stay long once they hear my dogs. We also have lots of snow - should start melting in a month :)
    stay warm!

  4. Anonymous16:50

    Thank you for sharing pictures - they make me smile.

  5. jody16:55

    so very beautiful! They look thin so I am guessing its been an awfully long season. What a treat, thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow! That's awesome! They're so cute! I have to admit that I didn't really know what they were and had to read through the comments to find out. I didn't realize reindeer could be spotted. They look skinny. I bet they'll be so happy for spring and lots of fresh grasses and other food to eat. How fun! Thanks for sharing these great photos of your visitors. :-)

  7. Funny! On the island it is deer which captivates our Corgi and cat, in our cabin in the mountains, it is elks, bears and so on! Wolves are heard but rarely seen!
    There is a distinct smear at the pets level on the windows here too!

  8. Anonymous00:40

    I am such a city girl that I thought they were some sort of cow until I read the comments. Reindeer in the yard is much better than cows in the yard ;-)

    The reindeer are lovely and seem so happy there in snow. Pretty pictures, thanks you!

  9. Marvelous! For a moment I thought they were cows lol!

  10. Anonymous04:27

    so cute - hopefully they can eat more soon so those ribs are covered up!

  11. Anonymous07:57

    :) The sight of reindeer in your front yard made my day. They recognize a home of love, joy, warmth and security.

  12. They're beautiful!!! I had no idea they were actually pretty animals.

  13. AWESOME! We have the snow but not the reindeer. To many wolves here. We don't even have many white tale deer left because of them.

  14. Mary15:26

    They are magnificent reindeer! What a blessing to be able to see such creatures. Here the deer will soon be munching on my roses and nibbling the branches of our small fruit trees.

  15. I've never seen reindeer up so close before - just amazing. Spring is coming soon.

  16. Anonymous18:04

    Oh, that velvety snout! How lucky are you? Enjoy your visitors.
    p.s. the windows at my house are also full of nose prints :-)

  17. Gee, I thought they were moose. Reindeer aren't in my neck of the woods, so they never entered my head. What a sight, though!

  18. Awwwww! Well, while I hope your spring comes soon (we are not far ahead of you, just beginning to be able to say it is spring, and itching for real warmth) I am so glad you shared this with us first!