Monday, December 05, 2011

December - Day 5

The sun rose at 1030am and set at 1348pm. The length of the day was 3 hours and 17 minutes. No sun today, some new snow, temperature near zero, good weather for the walk. We did not see anything interesting today, some reindeer tracks, but not the actual beasts. 

About the mitten design from yesterday, the snow mitten; the yarn was Finnwool and you are right, it does need a stronger contrast color, but there is something missing in there. I am not sure what, but somehow the design is shallow... I am not sure if it is only in my mind and if the stronger contrast color would give it a deeper meaning, but shallow is the only word that describes it well. I have tried to trick myself away from the snow mitten and have cast on for a Christmas-themed mitten, that too is going to be frogged. This is my usual process, it is more or less like this always and it is such a good feeling, when all this comes together. Very often I end up knitting something totally different and this is some kind warming up or un-cluttering the mind.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day. It has often been the Gingerbread Baking Day in our house. It is just me and my man in the house tomorrow plus the furry friends, and I doubt that we will be baking just the two of us. 

These pictures are from the previous years. Gingerbread cookies (piparkakut) are again a must in Finnish Christmas baking.

I am so glad you are enjoying these posts, even though at times it feels like I am repeating myself.

Wool until tomorrow,


  1. hi to you from the middle part of Europe.. today was the first day that the Swiss mountains were covered with snow..
    I wish you and your husband a pleasant day tomorrow... ciao ciao Christa

  2. Anonymous19:57

    I enjoy your posts very much, Lene. So interesting to hear about your life, it seems very sweet. I am in the middle of America and we are having our December snow. It is lovely at this time of the year, but wears on one about early March. Bravo for your Independence day. May you have a lovely, short day tomorrow!

  3. I have been reading your blog for many years now. Your posts are always interesting.

    Your knitting is beautiful and I love seeing the processes you go through with a new project. But I also love the posts that don't have knitting in them. Your life is so different to mine and it is very enlightening to see how other people live with their customs and lifestyles. My husband and I have been very interested in your December posts about how much daylight you have. Every evening he asks me how much daylight you have had today.

    Andrea in Yorkshire, England.

  4. I appreciate Canada's comparatively milder winders thanks to your posts. This week last year my city got 3.5 feet of snow. Right now, it is raining and yesterday it rained all day.

    There is just nothing you can do about the weather.

    Also, I love your gingerbread. I only did that one year and I loved our pine Christmas tree hung with gingerbread children.

    Your mittens are art and they speak your soul. Listen carefully and you'll know what to do.

  5. I love reading your blog as the light wanes each year... you seem to come alive during this time! :)

  6. What a lovely series of posts! I am thoroughly enjoying them.

    I am Canadian, living in Canada, but my husband is Finnish and he is always asking for piparkakut at Christmas. I asked his mother for the recipe, and she said, "Oh, it is so simple. A little flour, a little sugar, some eggs and butter, and spices." Fifteen years of marriage have passed, and I am still trying to make the perfect piparkakut! Yours do look wonderful... I think I will make some skis for our gingerbread house this year, too. Thank you for these posts!

  7. Meillä myös itsenäisyyspäivä on usein ollut pipareiden leivontapäivä! Nämä sinun päivitykset ovatkin minun tämän vuoden joulukalenteri. Joka päivä on luettava.

  8. Carol in MD.01:54

    Since it can be some time between your posts, I didn't realize you were giving us a type of Advent countdown to Christmas - how wonderful! I've read all the days I missed, and will be visiting each day to experience this time with you. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Anonymous06:02

    I am amazed that you are losing 7 minutes of daylight each day! My son lived in Anchorage one winter, but I think they always have at least four hours of daylight.

    Your cat is adorable! Great photo.

  10. Have a nice day - ginger bread baking or not!

    I found your blog a little while ago, and I enjoy it too.

  11. Reading your blog has always left me with such a cozy feeling, and these posts are no exception. I love living vicariously through your posts. I was complaining about the sun setting here at five thirty in the evening, but this puts it into perspective! - Clarissa

  12. We had snow yesterday, too :) Not really much, but it is snow nevertheless.

  13. We are going to get a dusting today here in Chicago.
    There must be a short time when the sun does nt rise at all. Walking in low temperature is wonderful as long as the wind holds off.
    Cant wait for the mitten pattern !

  14. Yes it's difficult to bake just for two ! Sometimes, I try, but i'm always happy when I can do it for a lot of people : next saturday I planned a "christmas cookies" day with my niece, great-niiece and sister-in law : a lot of fun !

  15. I always enjoy your posts and the glimpse into your life. Thank you for the pictures of your works in progress...shallow or not, they often inspire me.

  16. Anonymous19:07

    Hi Lene!
    Can I thrown in my two cents' worth on the snowy mittens?
    While a stronger colour would be more visually appealing, I think it would take away from the idea of "landscape under the falling snow". When the snow falls quietly and the light is soft, edges and distinctions are blurred, and that is the feeling I got from the mittens you showed yesterday.
    I look forward to seeing the finished product!