Sunday, December 04, 2011

December - Day 4

The sun rose at 1027am and set at 1351pm. The length of the day was 3 hours and 24 minutes. No sun today.

Back to knitting for a bit.

While I have been writing the pattern for the Kaamos mittens, I have also tried to knit a new mitten that would  be about snow, maybe new snow or heavy snowfall, maybe even snow storm. I have had some kind of idea in my head, but even though the idea feels very good and looks good when I close my eyes and picture it, the image sort of gets blurred and does not look good at all when I grab a pair of needles. And I am trapped. All I can think of are these snow fall, "lumipyry" mittens, but really nothing works out. 

 yet another beginning to be frogged
I am beginning to wonder if I should cast away the idea, or let it be in the back of my mind until it pops out again, or if I should just keep at it until I am happy with it. I have this strange feeling that it might turn into something if I just let it be for a while, but then I am so eager to get to it that I would not like to wait... I know that I should give my mind a rest and do something else, but every time I am aware of my thoughts, they are back at the mitten. 

flock of reindeer, far away 
While I was walking with the dogs today, all I did I was looking at the tracks of the birds and the squirrels, the hares and the reindeer. The delicate little paw tracks that Mr Cat had left on his short visit outside. Kept thinking if and how I could take the images to the mittens and so far, nothing.

Sometimes the mind is so cluttered that there really is no room for an idea to develop and I am beginning to wonder if that is the case here. I have - like everyone else at this time - this long to-do list that is very difficult to ignore and it is taking up way too much space. Maybe I should clean my desk and at the same time clean my head, arrange everything in neat little order visually and mentally and then I could see the design. If there is any. Maybe this is just a wild goose chase.

Cup of tea and Christmas pastry to help. 

Traditional Christmas pastry, leafy butter-dough (lots of butter, wheat flour and cold water) and plum jam in the middle. (I always go the easy route with these, buy readymade dough and readymade jam.)

If there is not going to be any snow on my mittens, there is plenty on the ground, and that is very good.

Wool until tomorrow,


  1. I'm really enjoying these daily updates - especially about when the sun rises and sets. It's so interesting to get a glimpse into how it must be to live where you do on a daily basis.

  2. I'm also enjoying the daily updates on how many hours of sun you had in a day. :)

  3. Anonymous23:14

    I, too, love the daily updates. I empathize with your struggle with an idea; sometimes it is better to let it simmer like your lovely glogg (sorry, it's in English :)
    Cleaning one's desk does really help, it frees up your mind and tidys the chaos in your head.
    I look forward to what your dreams bring to us.

  4. Ditto on the daily length of day posts. I put the video of the aurora borealis on my FB page and everyone is enthralled. We want to come experience it for ourselves, do you have B and Bs there?
    As for your idea, let it simmer, maybe do some free associations sketching or writing and then revisit when you feel ready.... I have been reorganizing my desk too, at least I feel productive.

  5. I like that mitten beginning very, very much. I will look forward to watching what it leads to.

    And I, too, like the sunrise/sunset updates. Where I live, in the US in southeastern Pennsylvania (about 100 miles [161 km] south of New York) the sun will rise tomorrow at 7:07 and it will set at 16:36. That gives us 9 hours and 29 minutes of daylight, and we call that a short day!

  6. Kari W.23:53

    I too really enjoy your daily updates.
    They are like opening the little doors on an Advent calendar. Thank you for the little bit of peace and loveliness you bring to the day.

  7. plum jam and filo dough eh? gonna hafta try that

  8. Ellen in Conn01:23

    tameson, maybe it is puff pastry? I think my supermarket has it in the freezer. I can get German plum jam at the Navy commissary. Mm, good idea. Lene, have you made pulla lately? I remember that someone (you?) said it "smells like commitment" and would scare away flighty men. Your grey-white mitten looks hard-to-see. Does it want some blue?

    Thank you for everything you give.
    Ellen in Conn.

  9. Sondra in Seattle07:49

    Lene, thank you for the lovely December blog. Like my chocolate advent calendar, your daily posts are special treats that I look forward to each day. Through your words and pictures, I feel I could walk with you and your dogs down the snowy lane.

  10. You probably see the aurora frequently where you are. Definitely on my bucket list.
    First in line to buy your new mitten pattern.
    Your posts are a winter treat.

  11. a day without fiber is a day without sunshine... at least you are getting your fiber allocation!!!

    As the days get shorted i turn on more and brighter lights indoors...

    keep your sunny side up...

  12. Lapanen näyttää ihanalta - anna mennä vaan! Mitä lankaa sie käytät? Kysyn tätä siksi, että miekin neulon lapasia ohuista langoista ja oon aina kiinnostunut lankavaihtoehdoista.