Monday, December 12, 2011

December - Day 12

The sun rose at 1054am and set at 1329pm. The length of the day was 2 hours and 35 minutes. When I woke up this morning the temperature was -20°C (-4F). It felt very cold, although this is quite normal during our winter months. Since the temp has been quite mild up till now, this felt sharp and sudden. Today all the wool clothing really made sense and one layer was not enough.

Thank you for your thoughts on the new kitten.

We have not decided on the new kitten yet and I have been very concerned of the old cat. He enjoys Ruusu's company and they sleep next to each other, but maybe two youngsters would be too much for him. I am sure that Ruusu has given him reasons to stay perky and I sort of want to keep the situation as it is. Ruusu was wild at times, but she also had some health problems while she was very small and Mr Cat adopted her probably because of that. He sensed that she would benefit from extra care and he was there always washing and keeping company. 

When Ruusu got older and healthier and wilder, he had his tender ways to calm her down, so they really have a nice relationship. These long winters are hard for the old man, it gets too cold for him to stay outside and thus most of his days are spend sleeping in his basket or on the sofa, and he ages during the winter. Last year I was a bit worried of him at times, but when the spring came and the snow melted away, he got his energy back and enjoyed the summer like he was still a young man. 

So far no knitting today, but there are still few hours left of today. So I will go and knit for a bit. As there really is no better time for wool than this.

Wool till tomorrow,


  1. They are so sweet together; loving friends. Cats are so susceptible to the cold but rarely suffer from heart disease as they relax so completely. A couple of kittens would keep his interest up, though.

  2. Anonymous00:17

    Such lovely photos! My cats also groom my dog who just lays back and enjoys the attention. She just loves the cat love :-)

    Any decision you make regarding the kitten will be the right one for your family.

  3. Trista00:35

    Simply adorable!

  4. Our 15-yr old cat has the luxury of a heating pad on low during the winter. The others try to share but he is very picky about his nap mates. Mr Cat has one big heating pad with Ruusu.

  5. Anonymous01:26

    We'd love to know your recipes for the star/plum cookies and the prune/plum cookies. Less than 3 hours of daylight! Wow! Only ten more days and the sun will start coming back! Cheers!

  6. I am enjoying your December log, watching the days grow shorter; thanks for sharing.

    Love the pics of your dog and cat. I understand your hesitation, your wanting to not rock the boat. Such hard decisions.... If only you could see into the future, to know which path would be best.

  7. The purrfect post for all us animal lovers! i can't decide whether the short days sound cosy or oppressive or both! I'm looking at a Christmas tree that is beautiful in the dark, so maybe short days would be okay. Jo