Sunday, December 11, 2011

December - Day 11

The sun rose at 1051am and set at 1331pm. The length of the day was 2 hours and 40 minutes. No sun today, but the curtain of clouds was not very thick even though there was some quiet snow fall (this fairy tale type). Very good for a good, long walk.

Afterwards I baked cookies. One cannot go wrong with lots of butter, sugar and prune preserve.

Some candle light, Christmas carols, knitting and hot tea. Perfect Sunday.

Tomorrow I have to drive to town to do some shopping. I think I am well prepared after day like this.

As you know, I have two great dogs and one good cat, but now almost daily pictures of kittens are shown to me. I get a feeling that I am being talked to into adopting a new kitty. I am sure my dogs would be just fine with a new cat, the little one would be very happy to have a new playmate, but I am a bit concerned how the old cat (16 next summer) would react to the little one. He loved Ruusu from the day 1, so why would it be any different with a new little one. Should I even be thinking of this?

Wool till tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous19:26

    what a beautiful day you had! I love prune filling in cookies, and will now need to bake a batch of these today. I am not sure whether to thank you or not!
    Older cats can be unpredictable around a little one. I think if you introduce the two slowly you may not have any troubles. We have been thinking about adopting a new kitten also, but have a twenty year-old cat who might be a little put out with a lively junior. I'm not sure I have enough energy for a lively junior either!
    Have a lovely day shopping tomorrow. I hope the roads are good for you to drive.

  2. Lene, You are such an amazement to me, I love reading your blog. I live in the middle of the US, and we get snow, lots of it sometimes. But never as much as you, or for as long! I know I could deal with your summers, where the sun shines for over 20 hours a day, but the winters would turn me into a madman.
    Kittens are wonderful, I have three cats, two were adults when I got them and one kitten. He fought with my older cat, I thought they were killing each other. Eventually everything settles down. All three of my cats get along with MY big dog! If you need an excuse, say it is your Christmas present!

  3. Anonymous23:26

    Say "yes" to the kitten! All of my cats came into the house as kittens and they are all get along fine. The trick (I think) is to introduce them slowly. Each kitten stayed in the small bathroom for a week or so, and the other cats and dog got a chance to get acquainted with each other's scents first before they met face to face. I also let them sort out who is "top dog" amongst themselves and do not interfere. During the winter there is a lot of cat-cat and dog-cat cuddling in my household :-)

    On another note, 10 more days till the days start to get longer!!

  4. Anonymous03:01

    I can hardly wait to see your new kitten!

  5. Anonymous03:59

    I am a new reader, from Richmond, Virginia,USA. I am fascinated by your winter, your baking, your crafts and customs. Thank you for posting daily.

  6. How about 2 kittens at once? They can work off their energy with each other without bothering your senior citizen. When I worked at an animal shelter, we often suggested this to people in your situation. Best to get a male and female rather than two females. Am loving your December posts! Thank you so much for sharing your winter with us.

  7. I have heard that it can work if they are different genders and the kitten is very young.
    Such fun to have a kitten at Christmas.

    Loving your posts, real treat.

  8. Anonymous14:11

    When we brought a new kitten home our older cat did not do well at all. He stopped eating, was always hiding out and had a nervous bowel condition. Kittens our very tempting but I think they are too much for an older "set in his way" cat. We eventually gave the kitten away after our older cat spent the night at the vet. I think many animals can mix well together if they all start out young, but I don't think it is fair for an older animal to have to adjust to a new lifestyle. Good luck.

  9. Our older cat did not tolerate a new kitten. After a year of cat fighting at night and the kitten hiding under the couch during the day, we found a nice older couple who took and loved the kitten. Life became pleasant for all involved after that.

  10. I am just catching up on your posts, Lene - hope it is not too late to share my thoughts on new kittens in an older-cat home!
    I have learned through the years that the key to happiness is adding TWO kittens, perhaps siblings, at the same time. They play together, sleep together, then play together more. The older cat is not endlessly pestered by a single high-energy kitten looking for fun...and a kitten MUST look for fun, it is their mission in life!
    Even two kittens will of course try to play with an older cat, and some older cats will engage with a kitten. But if two rough-housing kittens are too much, and get swatted away by the older cat, their feelings are only hurt for a moment...because then they remember they have each other!
    Once I realized this - and it took years - I have always invited two kittens at a time to join the household. It is magic! :)