Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thank you to all of you for the wonderful support you have been giving me. Your feedback is really appreciated since I live up here amongst wild (plenty of reindeer, few beautiful and timid deer, a bear has been seen walking through the yard in haste, wolf tracks just a few meters from the house, few foxes) and tame (a cat, three dogs) animals and human contact is at times rare. I can sometimes go for days without really meeting anyone.

I am never lonely as there is always so much going on and I am living up here after my own choosing (every now and then I need to remind myself of that fact). The downside of my lifestyle is that crossing over to the civilization becomes a task and that I easily can act like my neighbors when a human is sighted; you either run or hide... I realize this is not good. But then when I turn off TV, radio and computer the world goes away and I can be free to roam in my own thoughts (occasionally I do arrive at dead end) and creative endeavors and this is good.
I knit and I rip, I try and I try again, I knit and I rip (it does sound like cul de sac, does it not?) and just can't get it right. Repeat that for seven days in a row or ten days in a row. What makes it so difficult is the fact, that if there is the right answer, it is inside the head and I just can't find the way to fish it out from there and at the same time the thought that the pond is finally empty is hovering all around.
Okey, I know I am referring to a little cardigan here and nothing grand but then a little cardigan can take huge proportions in a little brain. Anyway, it is easy to talk about this today because, I think I have got it right now! And today I really don't understand why it was so hard yesterday or the day before. It is all so obvious now.
Before I throw myself into another pitfall, I will take a little walk to see if I can find new deer tracks if not the real creatures.

All is fine - wool be with you!



  1. Even from just the little peeks, I can tell that this cardigan will be every bit as adorable as Lilleput.

    After a complicated day yesterday, I was telling my husband sometimes I would like to shut off the world and just make it go away for a while. I think I could be quite happy for months and months, puttering around the house, working on my projects, not seeing another soul.

  2. oh my, how beautiful! That is a gorgeous woolly fabric. I love your pincushion too.

  3. I think I understand why it was so hard the day before. It's because you hadn't yet made the mistakes that would teach you what is obvious.

    The struggle and the ripping is part of the process.

  4. Lene, just from the glimpses I cannot wait to see this new thing. And Lilleput, I think, will be the first piece of baby clothing I will make.

    I don't think your pond will ever be empty. Thank goodness, as I love seeing the beautiful fish it produces!

  5. I enjoy your blog so much. Keep spotting the wildlife.

  6. I read your blog for quite a while now and for me it is amazing that you can actually live in an area where you have wolfs and bears and such in you backyard.. Ok, I sometimes came to see a deer in the woods when I lived with my parents but I guess that is not comparable.
    I love the pics of your house and the surrounding, it seems so.. quiet, peaceful. Perfect for sitting at the fire in the evening and knitting away the hours :)

  7. :^) that particular pond will never be empty.
    The colours in the cardigan are so very pretty, sunny and earthy at the same time, cheering and happy.
    Really lovely little needle cushion.
    I'm a hermit by nature so your life sounds quite peachy to me :^)

  8. Beth in Maryland20:55

    Lene - your writing and artistry truly bring a dimension to my life that would otherwise be lacking. I can't wait to see this lovely new sweater.

  9. you are the reason that I threaten to pack up the SUV, the dog, and head north! I love the images that you spin - and your work is exceptional.

  10. The cardigan looks like it is going to be just lovely, well, like everything you do.

  11. If you ever choose a different life, may I have yours? Until then, I'll have to content myself with as many camping excursions into the wild woods of British Columbia, knitting in the campfire light. Alas, no sauna or teepee...

  12. Suzy in Idaho01:28

    I think we are all full of so many ideas that need time and quiet to work their way through to reality. It is more of a problem with finding that quiet than of ever running empty of ideas for me. You are always a source of inspiration with your words and pictures. Thanks!

  13. Dear Lene! Your little cardi reminds me of a beautiful Calico cat. I look forward to finding out what yarn you used. I enjoy reading about you and your world since you get to enjoy the winter before I do. I am so excited about revisiting my ski trail in the woods...I count the days for I type, the rain is coming down. Happy clicking! A. xx

  14. Lene,
    Thank you for giving us a little window into your unusual world. It makes mine a little bigger and full of more possibilities. Please keep on at whatever interval you are comfortable with.
    When I paint, I give myself permission to paint the ugly ones as well as the ones I am happy with. It is the only way to move past the safe zone. And you are doing some beautiful projects!

  15. Anonymous02:29

    I love your Lilleput design. I want to make it.
    But would you please consider selling your pattern for 'Fall Colours in Pictures' from your October 19th, 2008 update too?
    I keep going back and checking out the colours and design. I just love it!!
    Esther in Ottawa

  16. Anonymous03:24

    This looks like a little cardigan I'll want to make, after Lilleput, so I hope you're thinking of sharing the pattern!
    - dana

  17. Dear Lene,
    your work is beautiful. You know, I envy you for the fact that you are so far away from civilization. I would like to live in a place where there are no humans, just the nature. But here in Transylvania this is quite impossible.
    A few days ago I wrote about bears as well, but to see them we must go in the mountains, which are not so far away. Last Saturday we saw 3 of them, it was so majestic...

  18. The yarn you're using has the yummiest colors in it! Incidentally, I think wild outdoor critters make for good company!

  19. Beautiful--I can't wait to see it done, and hopefully purchase the pattern. :)

  20. Anonymous22:14


  21. Anonymous02:45

    Definitely think about writing up and selling more of your work! (no pressure though.) It is just beautiful and it sounds like a lot of thought goes into the details.

    I must say that your work reminds me an awful lot of EZ. I mean that as a compliment and do not wish to take away from your originality and creativity.

    And living in the wilds on a lake with critters all around does not sound bad at all. Besides, cats and dogs are the best company. I do not envy you the long, long winter nights, even though I love winter, but I would gladly take your summer days :-)

  22. Anonymous05:55

    HI Lene -
    Love the sweater - I'd really like to see more pictures (or "pix" as my teen calls them).


  23. This is just gorgeous...very inspiring.

  24. Hello Lene,
    I completely feel the same. I would l o v e to have my neighbours far away and to have some days, where I meet not a single person...I would love to live so close to nature as you do. In our society, most peolpe think they "miss" something, if they don't meet each other and talk to each other all the time. But that's completely wrong- at least for me.
    Congratulations on your blog - it's fantastic - and so is your whole knitted (and stitched) work.
    Kind regards from
    Claudia, Germany

  25. Wow I love that pattern and the colors. Sorry you have been having a hard time with it. I have been having a similar issue with one of my projects but I just keep making stupid mistakes

  26. We are sent mistakes so we will use our resourcefulness to learn how to do it right.

  27. Anonymous12:01

    Dear Lene,
    I like your knitting very much. Thank you for sharing with us!