Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Linen embroidered with one ply of DMC Mouline Thread/Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Beige Yarn: Wetterhoff Sivilla colour 906 (70% wool 30 % silk) Violet: Regia Hand-Dye Effect colour 6553 Amethyst (70% wool 25% polyamid 5% polyacryl) Dark Violet: Austermann Step Classic colour?? (75% superwash wool 25% polyamid)

Lilleput was born in the fall around the time my twin girls turned 18 years.

On one morning in this last September I woke up and realized that there were no longer children under my care, instead there were two more (three altogether!) independent young women who were about to enter their own lives and callings; women whose lives I very much want to be part of, but women who are taking their first steps facing the privileges and responsibilities as young adults. When one is doing something new and important, one needs to concentrate, and really any kind of distraction from left or right or behind or whispering in the ears is going to be harmful and annoying.
I once had three babies, long time ago, and now years later, while they were bringing me up to be a mother and training me patiently from day to day to perform my duties accordingly, I am beginning to realize that in the meantime they grew up. I am not sure how it happened but they did.
Linen embroidered with one ply of DMC Mouline Thread/Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Beige Yarn: Regia Antik Colours 5753 (75%wool 25%polyamid) Blue Yarn: Regia Silk (55%merino, 20%silk, 25%polyamid) Orange Yarn: Cygnet Wool Rich (75%wool 25%polyamid)

I have been a slow learner, have flunked many times, and even though I have been carefully prepared during the last four to five years for this day, it still became as a surprise. One part of my curriculum "How to stand by but to not interfere in any imaginable or creative way" was extremely difficult. I still have not passed that course.
Linen/Cotton Blend appliqued with cotton quilting fabrids, embroidered with one ply of DMC Mouline Thread/Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Off White Yarn: Austermann Step Classic colour 1000 (75%superwash wool 25%polyamid) Brown Yarn: Austerman Step Colour 12 (75%superwash wool 25%polyamid) Blue Yarn: Black Bunny Fibers Fingering Weight (merino)

Upstairs in our house there is a room that we still call Play Room. It was the place for all the fun (and at times misery depending) when the girls were small. It was a room where toys were all around, sometimes in good order, mostly in a terrible mess. The room belonged to the girls and they were in charge there. I managed to trick them or maybe it was them who managed to trick me into playing house maids sometimes and thus the room got cleaned - this was a rare occasion. None of us were that keen on that play then. I am still not.
Linen/Cotton Blend embroidered with one ply of DMC Mouline Thread/Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing
Off White Yarn: Lorna's Laces Yarns Shepherd Sock colour Chino (80%superwash wool 20% polyamid
Tweed Yarn: Trekking XXL colour 298 (75% superwash wool 25% nylon)
Orange Yarn: Sandnes Garn Lanett colour 4028 (merino)
Violet Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid colour 483 (75% wool 25% polyamid)

I found myself in the Play Room from time to time, looking out of the windows, thinking and remembering, mostly happy thoughts. All the toys are now put away to wait for the next generation but there are few items up there that tell of the days gone by: wooden horse, tiny rocking chair, little table with four child sized chairs and an old crib. The wooden doll house is going to be moved there. I started to knit up there and so the room continues to be a place for all the fun (and at times misery depending). My spinning wheels are up there and my most treasured wools.

The rest of the story you already know; the wild sock yarn stash and the frustration with it.

Lilleput Baby Jacket has many interesting knitting features: I-cords, I-cord edging and short row shaping to name a few but it is mostly simple garter stitch. It is knitted in one piece and only the sleeve seams are left to do when the knitting is completed.

It can be called done when the knitting and sleeve seams have been finished but one can carry on by adding crochet chain stitches and even furthermore if you'd enjoy a little bit of embroidery. The pattern has actual size templates for the fish, cat and dog and instructions for embroidering them.

This is a good project for wild fingering weight yarns. The overactive skeins can be tamed with pairing them with calm solids or almost solids. It uses less than 100g (but more than 50g) of both of the main colours (total 200g) and less than 50g of the accent colour. The accent colour is used for I-cord, front edgings and gussets.

The gauge in garter stitch is 32-33 stitches for 10 cm (4"). I got this gauge with 2,5 mm (US1.5) needles. The I-cords and front edgings are knitted with smaller needles. I used two sizes smaller for them, size 2 mm (US0). The size of the crochet hook I used was 1,5 mm.

Lots of encouragement and technical advice from both Cassie and Susanna went into writing this pattern. Thank you very much for helping me.

And thank you for Sofi, Nappi and Ekku for providing the inspiration. Be patient with me, I am learning and yes, I will continue to do as being told: "Go knit something. Anything."

This pattern is in my Ravelry Pattern Shop. Please find the link to the shop in the sidebar. Or you can buy it by clicking this link

Wool with You,


  1. You, dear Lene, are a constant joy!

    Your grace, your writing, and of course your knitting.

    Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful jacket and equally beautiful sentiment. This might replace the BSJ for me as my go-to baby jacket. Thank you for your work to make this into a pattern!

  3. It is a lovely little pattern. And thank you for your remembrances. I think standing aside must be the hardest part of parenting.

  4. Such a great design! I wish I had someone to knit one of the jackets for :-)

  5. Dawn in NL19:29

    Dear Lene,

    Your English writing 'voice' is so lyrical and your craft is so inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing,

  6. Trista19:31

    Thank you for sharing your pattern with us! I am in awe of your knitting and design skills. You have such a true sense of style and an artistry with your projects. I am going to tuck this pattern away for later. It actually looks like a fun knit!

  7. Lene, this is adorable and how wonderful to see all these variations. Your pattern comes at an opportune time - I have 8 friends that are expecting. Thanks for sharing this, and bits about your life as well.

  8. Lene, Lovely post, had me smiling throughout. and somewhat transported to The Play Room which delighted me no end.
    A million and more thank yous for setting this beautiful little jacket in pattern, I am so excited and am now on my way to your Ravelry!

  9. Lovely post (I actually got a little teary-eyed as I, too, have an all-grown-up daughter) and absolutely adorable little jackets.

  10. Stephanie21:18

    Dear Lene, Thank you for your wonderful writing and design. I have three adult children, actually five including our son and daughter-in-law and next year a grandchild. The joy and learning never ends. Not having knit 'wee things' for many years (or even been interested) my heart and fingers are now knitting them and your Lilleput soon.

  11. You brought tears to my eyes, too...my two little girls are 5 and 8 - going on 20 and 23, any day now.

    The sweaters are so beautiful, and I am going to knit them. Thank you Lene!

  12. So beautiful, the pattern and your works. Your words speak deeply to me as my 18 year old daughter went to University in September and I too am trying very hard to guide when it is needed but not interfere.

  13. So lovely...the sweaters and the words.

    I'll enjoy watching these little sweaters turning up on ravelry project pages!

    Maybe I'll even be courageous enough to try one myself :)

  14. These sweaters are just so lovely. As was your description of motherhood and growing up.

  15. I'm SO happy to have found your fantastic design on ravelry - and this blog.
    I simply had to buy this beautiful pattern of yours. It's really great with the embroidery as well.

    Autumn greetings from Denmark,

  16. This is an excellent, beautiful piece and I am so happy to have found you. This is the exact time and place, for I SO needed to hear your words on mothering. Thank you.

  17. Dear Lene, welcome to the world of the "empty nest"--it's a funny name, since the next is still full of Lego blocks and dolls and dollhouses, books and other precious things! I'm glad you're enjoying that space, keeping it warm and happy for the next generation!

    Your Lilleput baby jacket is just beautiful! I hope to have a reason (the "next generation"!) to make it before too many years go by.

  18. Oh boy! Oh boy! I don't know when I've been more excited about buying a pattern. My niece is going to need one of these. Or three.

  19. What a beautifully designed jacket. Wonderful blog.

  20. Absolutely adorable!

  21. Lovely, indeed. And useful!

    I'm getting the pattern now.

  22. Anonymous19:55

    As soon as I realised that I could buy this pattern I was clicking on the link. From the first time I saw this design I have loved it. Thank you so much for making the pattern available to us all.

    All you knitting projects are so beautiful and elegant. You are very talented.


  23. Anonymous03:22

    I like your new photo montage.

    Congratulations on this new stage of being a mother. I'll be there in5 or 6 years - I bet it's hard to get used to.
    Margie in Maryland.

  24. Anonymous03:39

    That is such a great sweater! I love the little embroidered patches. I liked what you said about your children teaching you how to be a mother. I have two teenagers and a two year old, and I learn something new every day.

  25. Anonymous02:13

    Lene-- As always, it is a pleasure to read your musings and wonderings. Always so eloquently and tenderly put.

    The pattern is lovely (just purchased as I have a dear friend who is expecting her first grandbaby-- a little girl!). Thank you for publishing it.


  26. Dear Lene--I, too, have twin daughters who turned 18 this October and will head off to college in the Fall. (I also have two older daughters.)
    I've been working on getting ready for the inevitable feelings of sadness and loss, but it's very hard to prepare oneself; and I experienced the loss differently with each of my older girls, anyway.
    Take heart-your artwork will help to sustain you (it's amazing!). Sending warm thoughts-Heather

  27. oh wow...
    I have been waiting and waiting since you posted the drawings before... and now... I need a baby to knit this for! (bad reason to have children!) I love love love the blue one at the top. You are scrupulous in your knitting.

  28. Kyra22:14

    Dear Lene, I don't knit (yet) but I love your blog for your beautiful writing and for the wonderful photographs of the nordic country. The playroom and its memories touched my heart. I will remember it.

  29. Anonymous23:42

    beautiful photos in your banner! and a lovely little jacket :-)

  30. Such a lovely post. My girls are now 18 and 16. One has flown the nest and the other sits on the edge of it testing her wings. So bittersweet. If we do things right, we watch them soar away. Happy and sad all at the same moment. I've improved at the standing by part, but still miserable at it.

    I love to visit your website. Your unique design sensibility inspires me.

  31. Anonymous18:03

    Thank you for all the hard work in writing a pattern for the rest of us. What a wonderful opportunity to have a Lene design to make!

  32. Dear Lene,
    every time I open your blog, and find a new post is a happy time. Your knitting is so inspiring, and your words are so lovely.
    Thank you.

  33. Lene, these are gorgeous. Each looks so amazing. I couldn’t even tell which is my favourite. What a clever construction. You know what I love most about knitting baby things from sock yarn – washer no problem, even dryer if it has to be, perfect for a young mom with little time...
    I could even think of knitting something similar for myself…

  34. How beautiful it is! Thank you for making it available :-)

  35. Anonymous05:10

    I have tried to resist buying this pattern but tonight after looking at it again I gave in! It is just too beautiful to not have. Your design is so unique. I only hope I can do your design justice by knitting it as beautifully as you did. Thank you.

  36. this was altogether lovely. thank you. i too have an empty nest (newly) and am on a journey of (re?) discovery...

  37. Really beatiful design! Todella hieno malli!