Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bamboo-Cotton Top

This top went together like a dream. I had the yarn in the stash which is always a bonus. I went to look at my yarns after the mittens were done and when I saw this yarn Blend Bamboo (70% bamboo 30% cotton colour 4038) by Hjertegarn I knew right away what to make out of it. I had five little balls and used only four but could not really make the top any longer. I started of with the good old pattern Picovoli by Grumperina. Since my needle size was on the small size (3.25mm) I cast on 140 stitches for the neck and did few rows of ribbing and divided the stitches into front and back and sleeves and placed markers accordingly. And then just increased every second row until the shoulders were wide enough. I have done this pattern before and the proportions were fine then so I could compare the measurements to that. I cast on the stitches for the underarms with provisional cast on to make it easy to pick up the stitches for the ribbing in the armholes later on. After increasing for the armholes I did not follow the pattern any more. Since I have knit this before I wanted to have some variety and did not do the decreases where the pattern advises but moved them to the sides and continued until I thought I had enough. I tried the top a few times on the dress form to keep it safe and to know where to change to ribbing. From the waist down I added few stitches in the sides. In the end purled three rows to have a nice edging and then cast off. This was not a challenge but easy to do and I am sure this will end up being very usable. The yarn, bamboo blend, was way nicer than I anticipated. Usually I don’t care for this “hard” stuff (without any stretch like wool has) but this felt good to knit. It splits easily, very, and so every now and then I had to see and check the stitches. It is very soft and it has a beautiful sheen. All in all I am happy with this.

I keep returning to my wheel and my little handspun stash. Today I cast on with Shetland handspun for another pair of mittens. This time there has been frogging and knitting and a couple of restarts but I have an idea and I don’t feel like giving up, at least not now, not before I have used up all my options. I hope I have something to show you next time, but don’t count on it.

And don’t give up on your wool either!


PS. The drum carder is on its way up here. Thank you for the good tips and oh yes, little dye studio would be great!

(And in the winter, we have just couple of day light hours in the midst of it.)


  1. Yay, a drum carder! Which one did you get? Say, did you know that Deb Menz has more carders than wheels because she spends more time carding than spinning? I'm not there yet.

    I love your top - it makes me want to try bamboo.

  2. It is perfection! Wear it well.

  3. Anonymous04:42

    Nice sweater!
    Margie in Maryland

  4. Lene:
    What a beautiful top down sweater!
    So glad that we have not lost you to the world of knitting altogether.
    (Selfishly - I love the peace of reading what you write here.)

    Karen (friend of Susanna)

  5. It's just beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful sweater. I look forward to a time when I have experience to modify a pattern and have it turn out to be wearable. :)What pattern do you use for your mittens? Kim

  7. The top is beautiful! I have bamboo on my list of things I'd like to try using some day.

  8. oh your sweater is gorgeous! and pink , oh how i love pink! and might i add a lovely blog as well!

  9. So elegant and simple! I love it.

    - Julie

  10. Aah, that sweater is Sweeet! So Beautiful.
    Hee, the drum carder is on it's way, love it!

  11. Absolutely perfect. I love that purled edge.

  12. wonderful! the perfect top! you say it's simple, but i'm really not sure that I could do that!
    I admire so!