Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good wool fumes

I guess I said something about knitting another pair of mittens last time. I tried, several times, but the hand spun, that I used for the Belle Ciel mittens would not leave me alone. I kept thinking the yarn over and over and I could not concentrate on the new mittens, so I put that plan aside and bought a “Little Nothing” pattern. My needles have been singing ever since and I cast off just a moments ago. The scarf needs a good blocking and I will show it to you next time. It did end up being a big “Little Nothing” but I enjoyed the pattern and the lace so much – it has been a while I knit lace last time – that I just could not decide where to stop and kept going.

I better not talk about the next thing on the needles because it just seems that when I talk loudly and with high hopes, something goes very wrong. I’ll give you a glimpse of this something that is little more than just a dream - a small swatch. I am really concentrating on the homework and will try to sort out every little detail before the first stitch but still, I am very nervous, nervous but quite excited. Please, keep your fingers crossed!

The new drumcarder is not yet here but it is a Louet for finer wool. I did take your advice and ordered couple of books by Deb Menz which I am hoping to receive shortly. My wheel is empty at the moment. I have some singles waiting to be plied but right now I don’t want to take up on any new spinning project - not before I get the new books and the new toy. I want to be able to jump ahead right away with them.

I love fall. I think it is this changing of seasons that is giving me so much good energy. And the wool fumes.

Definitely the wool fumes.

They linger here like a fog blanket on a chilly morning.

Spread wool fumes, spread wide and far.



  1. Lene,

    There is something about that picture (must be the wool fumes) that is entrancing. Intoxicating. I just love it. (Seriously, I want to print and frame it.)

    It is so entrancing, I even delurked to tell you this. (Aside: is it delurking when you very very rarely leave comments on a blog you follow religiously?)

    Love the blog. Great yarn.

  2. Don't you just love Anne's designs? I think she's fantastic. Once I have my kids' winter ensembles all set for this year, the next item on my list is her Irtfa'a.

    The scarf is very pretty - I can't wait to see it blocked.

  3. I'm also a big fan of Anne's designs, can't wait to see your Little Nothing all blocked out.
    There's something very magical about that photo... with all those wool fumes ;^)

  4. I love the colourway you chose for your scarf! Can't wait to see it blocked.

    - Julie

  5. Anonymous00:13

    Oh - I bet that the scarf is magic with that yarn - somehow , I got the impression that the yarn was close to worsted weight. But , I see that the scarf calls for 3.25 mm needles......
    Margie in Maryland

  6. The landscape you're surrounded by and the beautiful photographs you share of that landscape are breathtaking!

  7. Ah, any day with a good whiff of wool fumes is a good day!

  8. I also find the last picture fascinating. Very evocative and atmospheric! Well done

  9. I feel my best in fall, too. It's an energizing season for some of us.

    I'm very excited to see your "big nothing" blocked... there's no reason why they should have to stay "little" if you have enough yarn to make them big. :-)