Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big lace


What a battle! Luckily the beast is finished and blocking on the bed. I am talking about Ogee Lace Skirt that I knitted with Just Bamboo (made in Turkey for Sirdar Spinning Ltd, England) with 7 mm needles.
First I made a swatch, tried all the three needle sizes 6 and 7 and 8 mm. It was very hard to know what size to pick because they all felt weirdly big, huge even, and I did not know what I was aiming for, so I sort of made a compromise and took the size in between. I blocked the swatch and it came out very drapey but maybe a bit limp also, like a rag even. Not knowing what to expect really, I trusted the pattern and set myself to knit the skirt, not for me but for my daughter. The size was a bit difficult as well. The pattern on a model seems a bit small, so I made a bit bigger size but if I had been careful I should have actually made a pattern and then should have tried it on and made the judgements on that. But it being a relatively small knit, I thought that that was too much trouble and just cast on and we’ll see what the outcome is when the beast is blocked and tried on. (I am not going to rip no matter what the outcome is, if it does not fit N, she’ll have to find someone it fits and give it away.)

There are still some ends to weave in too and I guess they have to be tacked down with sewing thread. This was not the first time I was knitting with Bamboo tape but last time around I did use a much smaller needle size and then the knitting went smoothly. One of the nice things with working with tape yarn is the fact that it does not split.
All in all, I am happy I stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone and knit something I have not done before, lace with huge needles and a wrap-around skirt. I really should do this more often, pick something out of my usual range, be it a pattern or unfamiliar yarn. It broadens the mind and feeds the creative spirit, even if it is a battle from the beginning to the end, you are bound to think different things along the way. It has raised my interest towards different yarns and made me wonder how could I make them myself.
The Lace Ribbon scarf is blocked but also needs some finishing. The weather is luckily too warm – it has been beautiful - to get nice pictures of a scarf so I have yet not been in a hurry to finish it. When the weather turns cool and overcast then the scarf pictures will be more appropriate. And as for the skirt, I am hoping N will be home next weekend and will hopefully pose a few pictures, would be nicer to take them an a recipient than on a dress form. So you will just have to wait a bit!

What’s next you might ask… I am making a swatch at the moment. This time (I say this every time) I plan to do it right. Before blogging when there seemed to be so much time for knitting and time for good preparations (no internet or ravelry to steal knitting time) and before this huge selection of easily attainable yarns came to the market, I was forced to swatch carefully, because hardly ever I found the yarn that would match the pattern. If there were button holes or any other small details that I was concerned I included them in the swatch as well. I am trying to establish that work order again. This new pattern I am thinking has buttonholes and I am going to see what will be the best way to do them. But I don't have the yarn yet (only some left overs for sampling) and I am waiting for the yarn to arrive. If I get unpatient, I do have a plan B, so no worries.

It is a lovely Sunday here. I am going to take the spinning wheel outside and enjoy the summer breeze.

I hope you are able to add some fibery goodness to your Sunday!


PS. Hi Jeanie! Good soaking was necessary to let the yarn bloom and to get rid of the factory residues, this yarn was off the cone and had not been washed. And good blocking is necessary to stretch out the lace pattern.


  1. The lace skirt looks very pretty.

  2. Oh Lene, how different our perceptions are! When I say HUGE needles, I mean anything over a size 11. When you say huge, you say 6 or 7, which to me is bordering on small!
    Your knitting, as always, is beautiful.

  3. Oh good heavens! You are talking in mm, and I am comparing American sizes, we are not so different after all. A 7mm IS a size 10.5, thank goodness I reread your post. Now I am going to go spin, and stop jumping to conclusions.....

  4. Ahhh, I had seen where you'd queued the Ogee Lace Skirt and had one of those 'hmmmm?' moments but then I wondered if it would be for one of your daughters.
    Those ARE big needles, but I must say, the pattern came out lovely!
    As for the Lace Ribbon scarf, so very pretty, you can see the softness.
    Best wishes on your new swatch and design :^)

  5. Hi lene! I am always smiling to see you knitting the projects I picked as my favorites. Have a blissful spinning day outside today.

  6. I love that lace pattern for the skirt. Really pretty! Like the color, too. Have printed off the scarf pattern. It's so pretty in white.

  7. Anonymous04:41


    we have to WAIT to see the skirt tried on???

    (resigns herself)

    I really like the scarf. I am DEFINITELY going to make it in Koigu.
    Margie in Maryland

  8. I love that lace pattern for the Ogee Lace Skirt! I'm sure yours will be lovely. The scarf is looking gorgeous, too.

    - Julie

  9. Those teasing photos of the scarf look nice! Well, I hope she loves the skirt and that it fits! The big lace is giving me an idea -- I need new curtains in my kitchen. I wonder if I could use extra large needles to make some lace panels to dress the window.

  10. the lace is so very pretty - just gorgeous and the colours are lovely and subtle

  11. Such a beautiful skirt and scarf. I hope you enjoyed the spinning outdoors. It's my favorite place to knit. Someday the spinning... I appreciate what I learn when I'm working with a new project. Love the pics and looking forward to your next project. Kim