Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So I had to take the plan C.

Plan A was to cast on for the Asymmetric Cardigan from Knit so Fine –book (ISBN 978-1-59668-052-4). The yarn I planned for it has not yet arrived and while waiting I have started to doubt the yarn choice. A swatch was made with Grignasco’s Tango (3,5 mm needles).
The texture of the fabric is very difficult to see in this colour but maybe the light colour I ordered will produce a different look. I just have to wait. I am not good in waiting.

Plan B was to (quickly!) knit (for my daughter) a Kim Hargreaves design called Saffron (on the left) from old Rowan book no 25. The cardigan is knit with cotton in the book and another swatch was started with Sirdar 4 ply Pure Cotton (3 mm needles). Being summer and warm (ha ha! – anyway definitely not a toboggan weather right now) I thought I could use up some of the cotton stash, but my heart seems to beat for wool only at the moment. Plan B will most likely be disregarded – the swatch is very nice though, so I am not all that sure.
(There is a beautiful colourwork cardigan in the same magazine called Orchid from Kim Hargreaves - in the picture on the right. I would really like to make it someday. It is small and lovely and light, not big and boxy and bulky.)

I was not aware that I had a plan C. I was spinning last night and from the corner of my eye I saw a plastic bag that had a kit,
Plissé, from Hanne Falkenberg sleeping in it.

I am not sure when I made the opening stitch, quite a while ago anyway; was it this spring or was it already last summer or even last spring. I have knit this very slowly, putting a row or two to it in between other knits. The design is very interesting, there is something happening there all the time; I can’t blame the design why the love is not there. I think it is the colour. I did play too safe and ended up picking a dull colour. Good thing is that it is blue, but there could have been some magic or sparkle to it. Hopefully the cardigan will be a usable one when done.

Just be warned, I am not thrilled with this project at the moment, by the next time it might have been put back to the plastic bag to continue its sleep. Right now it functions as a way to keep my hands satisfied, but my heart, it is wandering and seeking for a true love.

Hope you find yours,


Tina's coat colour is nothing but dull.

And Kukka is a firm believer in variegated yarns.


  1. Hope you find your love soon. The two pet photos are so cute! What breed is Kukka. She looks small. I know about Tina, she is beautiful! I have 3 pups and love them so very much, they make me happy!

  2. Thank you for the photos of Tina and Kukka, they always delight me.

    Those two cardis are sweet and I like them both very much... that yarn on the stowed away cardigan looks very pretty from here, a bit on the dark side but I see different hues in it, very pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness, those dogs are so sweet I could eat them up. I love the color of Plisse, but then again, steely blue is one of my favorites. You could always overdye it with something to liven up the color. (Overdyeing is my solution for everything.)

  4. Thanks for the photos of Tina and Kukka.

  5. Hi Lene,
    That Tina is a real foxy girl!

    Happy love hunting.

  6. Lesley02:53

    Kukka looks like a Swedish Valhund - is the breed related?

  7. Pamela in Vt15:41

    'Dull'? Poor Tina! I think her coat could be called 'heathered'. If her color was a yarn colorway it would probably be called 'heathered caramel latte' or some such... :)