Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New old love


I used to be a passionate quilter. My love never completely died while knitting, but there were times when I was very much in doubt if I would ever quilt again. Every now and then I looked at my fabric stash and sighed heavily.

I am not quite sure what happened, but I found my old love... you know the kind that keeps you smiling through the night and the kind that makes you almost forget everything else. To be completely honest here, you can blame Cassie for this. :) She filled my mail box with photos of exquisite appliquéd quilts and the rest is history.

I am not going to remove this blog because I know eventually some light and airy lace shawl will come around the corner and my needles will be clicking happily again but until then hop over to Fine Stitches and you can meet me there! But I am not alone, Fine Stitches is home for both Cassie's and mine quilting endeavours.

Cassie knows quilts and I call her a master quilter. I know a lot less but I am willing and eager to learn and I will be there to share my new old love and Tina will be there and my bird and drawings.

I know wool can be very persuasive but I had totally forgotten the lure of the cotton.




  1. Lene, I'll be over in just a moment, just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog intact :^)

  2. Thanks for sharing all your knitting and your life. I've already subscribed to your new quilting blog and am hoping you don't get me too enthused and starting a new hobby!

  3. I am so glad you will keep this blog open, even if you don't post often any more. I love the look at the world of the North and all the beautiful knitting.

  4. Lisa20:31

    Hi Lene, I've enjoyed your knitting blog from the north quite a bit over the past year. Your skill and design sense are excellent and very refined but I must admit I'm excited to read the new site as well. I do not quilt but have always had an interest in the art and marvel at the color and patterns throughout the ages so I'm happy to follow the progess of your endeavors. Oh, and thanks for keeping the knitting site open.

  5. I haven't gone over to check the new site yet. (Of course I will.) I just thought I'd mention that most of the knit-blogs I read hardly ever talk about knitting any more. I hope you can show up here with your pictures and your stories and your dolls and dog sometimes, if you don't want to put them over there.

  6. Lene, as far as I'm concerned, your blog is your blog and you write about whatever you want. Mine certainly isn't limited to knitting, far from it!

    But did you HAVE to remind me of the lure of quilting? I too have cupboards crammed with fabric and lately I have been feeling that strange longing to piece little shapes together and quilt designs... I think they come in phases, each of these passions.

  7. Jeannie03:18

    Thanks for all the great knitting and I very much look forward to all the great quilting I will see there. The great thing about crafty women is that they have many many interests!!

  8. Looking forward to viewing some of your quilting creations in the future.


  9. Oh, spread those beautiful wings of yours...we will follow in your path. It will be lovely as all of your words and creations are.

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  11. I'll certainly be reading your new blog. But--I have to say it--I am very sad to see this one stop! I have so enjoyed your knitting pics and posts.

  12. Anonymous00:32

    16 May 2008
    Should we still look here for entries?
    I don't know about anyone else, but I miss Lene.