Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a very quick note

to let you know that I am fine, thank you!

We have had some house issues: the boiler broke - uninstalling the old one, installing the new one plus cleaning has taken all my time... so I haven't done much else.

I'll post here a few pictures and hope to be back soon.

First, Grandma M finished Amanda's Bog Jacket and it looks very lovely on her.

Then I visited a craft fair briefly last week end and found beautiful quilting book by Yoko Saito there and bought it. I had to try a little appliqué picture from the book to see if I could go so small...

and made this little case for my cell phone that has been on the list since Christmas.

While I am still waiting for the colours to burst out in my surroundings I have been looking through my quilting fabrics and loving every little piece of colour found there. Here are two little bags I made many years ago... one little patch is less than an inch, hand pieced but otherwise machine work.

This is all for now, I am going to take a little trip next and then hope to be back in my normal life! Until then, happy spring!

PS. This last picture is for you Cassie!


  1. You know, I've been wanting to make a pomegranate quilt for years and years. And now you're going to beat me to it? ;-)

  2. quinn16:27

    Those bags are lovely!

  3. quinn16:38

    The tiny bog sweater also! Charming.

    Did you create the little angora bunny as well?

    Thank you for reminding me of the sweet value of dreaming.

  4. Maureen16:55

    A post from Lene makes any day better! The good news is that your boiler didn't break in January. Love the backpack especially.

  5. That bog jacket is wonderful, and reminds me that I need to get working on the plan for my own!

  6. Amanda looks very toasty on top but rather cool beneath. :-) I like the colorful edging and buttons and her bunny is very cuddly and cute.

  7. carla17:59

    That blue bag is to die for!

  8. Yes, very glad you didn't have the boiler issues a month or two ago!
    Grandma M did a lovely knit of Amanda's Bog Jacket, those are fabulous little buttons.
    Looks like you 'go small' exceedingly well :^)
    The quilted bags are beauties, I always hand stitched the pieces.. also the quilting... I don't do much of that anymore, but I do have one to finish the quilting stitches on, should do that... it really is the 'process' for me when it comes to quilting.
    Safe journey, make good time :^D

  9. Anonymous05:44

    Hi Lene
    I'm glad you're OK. LOVE that bog jacket........
    If you have time when you come back, can you tell us when spring flowers emerge when you're north of the arctic circle.
    Margie in Maryland

  10. Oh my goodness, the tiny stitches and miniscule buttons! Wonderful work. The bags are exquisite, too. Sigh. I do love the inspiration I get when I see a new post from you...

  11. Michele18:12

    Glad to see your post. Your pictures, along with the bog sweater, are beautiful.

  12. Amanda's bog jacket is cunning, now she needs a sturdy skirt to keep her legs warm. She's also looking very longingly at the knapsack wishing she had one.

    Hope you have a pleasant trip.

  13. the bags are great, especiallly the small back pack one. i am glad to hear you are all right, i was wondering there for a while. we are putting in a new furnance this fun fun

  14. Very charming bog jacket! I also think your bags are beautiful. I love the shape of the blue one. I met a girl with a quilted bag that shape when I was a teenager and I still wish I had one! haha. Funny it should turn up here. Good luck with getting back to normal:)

  15. The tiny buttons are utterly charming.

  16. You are so talented . . . I wish I had your color sense. Perhaps you could post a color tutorial?