Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, when there is very little to write about...

I had a busy but productive day today in the town. Feels good to be home, put the feet up and warm up some glögg. There has been zero knitting today and probably it will stay that way until tomorrow. I have some household chores to take care of tonight and this blogging.

Our day length at the moment is less than three hours. The sun rises at 1043 and sets already 1334. Actually I don’t remember when was the last time I saw the sun. And lately it has been raining or snowing and the sky has been so overcast that I have not seen the moon nor the stars either. But we are not that far from the turning point when the day starts to get longer again.

This is the time that attracts tourists and when I visit the town I enjoy hearing different languages being spoken and the little town is full of life instead of being quiet and empty. When I passed the Arctic Circle today, I saw reindeers all dressed up nicely with sleighs. What a delightful sight! I did not have the camera with me and I was driving and it would have been impossible to stop right there. But here is a web cam picture from the place I pass when I drive to town.

There was a question in the comments, if the Heubach doll heads are being sold...

I’m not sure if you can purchase the heads and feet and hands for these – Singing Susanna and June Coquette - dolls. When I made my dolls I took lessons from a wonderful girl who lived in town and we made everything by ourselves. She had moulds for several different dolls and taught us how to paint the faces and how to sew the bodies. I wish she still lived here! I’m not sure I’m done with this doll making yet and might one day return to it. Have thought seriously about buying a kiln and moulds but it is not that simple and I would need to study it a lot more before being able to do it all by myself. But the doll world is very fascinating as is the doll house world too. I’m not an expert but have seen works of a few masters in the field and the dolls and the clothing can just take your breath away.

... and how I wear my shawls.

Our house is very warm and I usually wear just long-sleeved t-shirts at home while doing something and when I sit down to watch tv or knit or read or write, then I reach out for a shawl, because it is so easy to throw away when extra warmth is not needed.

I said that I would not knit tonight but I just might for a little while at least. So I better get to the laundry to be able to knit afterwards.


  1. Thank you for sharing the link to Santa's house on the Artic Circle. How sweet is that! It is amazing to me to be in Michigan looking at the Artic Circle. I'm looking forward to watching your beautiful sketch come to life. Enjoying your blog as always. :)

  2. I am jealous of your snow... Here in Göteborg, it's dark and rainy. Dark and snow is much nicer.
    Love your advent calendar! Where did you find it?

  3. Thank you for the webcam - I have bookmarked it!
    My DIL sculpts faces and hands for the santas and elves she makes. I am not sure of the material she uses, but she bakes them in her regular oven!
    I saw a wonderful way to wear a long triangular shawl - wrap it round your shoulders, across the chest and then tuck the ends into your waistband. It frees the hands!
    Would you believe that Oklahoma State is currently being hit by an ice storm? Last week they hit almost 26 C and now ice!
    Has your weather changed much in say the past 20 years?

  4. It never occurred to me that you might have made the dolls' heads, hands and feet as well. How wonderful to be able to do that. It really is a pity that that girl moved away from your area.

  5. Thank you for the link to Santa's house at the Artic Circle, Em & I loved seeing it, we will be watching again.

  6. Luisa15:58

    Looks like it's cold over there... your dolls look lovely.