Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Little lace and some stockings

Some people hate stockinette but I love it with a passion. My new sweater has very little stockinette and thus does not keep me happy. See, there is a lot of purling going on. I have thought about turning the inside out to get to knit instead of purl but it feels a bit awkward to be having the right side in the inside and that being the case I have been occupied elsewhere…

The other day I was going through the few crochet patterns I have and that reminded me that there is a place for crocheting and it actually is quite nice. But being me I had to try crocheting with these.
And Amanda got a little lace edging to her underpants. (I know the lace is not perfect but with practice it will get better. I am going to crochet some more definitely.)
Little girls were promised new socks earlier and even though I had a temptation to give them as Christmas presents I know that the girls do not appreciate wool socks as such, so they'll have them as soon as they are done. I finished Amanda’s white merino stockings (need to sew in the ends yet) and knitted another pair with Appleton crewel wool. Both times used 1,5 mm needles and was thinking that I need to buy smaller ones.
The sight of the striped stockings taking a bath was too good to pass without taking a picture.
I still have not solved the purling issue with the Winter Forest, so I guess I need to find my happiness elsewhere. And besides, everybody is knitting socks at the moment.


  1. You could "knit on the inside" by knitting on the side farther from you (so that the rest of the knitting is between you and the needles you are knitting with). That way the purl side would be outside but you would still get to knit.
    (This can also be used when knitting stranded socks, the work can be turned inside out to help keep the floats long without needing to purl.)

  2. Such tiny socks!~ Did you by chance read the article in IK Winter (if I remember correctly) on the gal that knits miniatures? I admire them, but have no desire to knit such wee things!
    I am so enjoying your Advent calendar. All I could see here were the type with chocolates - nice but not for me!

  3. Those socks are too cute!! :) And the sweater looks great too. I happen to love purling, so that kind of project would be perfect for me!

  4. I can't wait to see the sweater finished, it looks so elegant already!

    I love the little stockings, they're too cute!

  5. Winter Forest has me so intrigued. Cute little stockings!

  6. Lene,

    Love those little stockings and your edging, A few years ago my mother in law took the yards and yard of tatting that her mother had done and she made simple cloth dolls and trimmed the dresses and the pantaloons with it. She gave one to each daughter, and son and I got one too. I always thought weaving cloth for some clothes would be quite fun and seeing your knitted garments is making me think about that once again.


  7. Those socks are so cute!!

  8. Your baby girls are beautiful and pose quite nicely for their pictures. I love you advent calendar, the pictures and colors are so soft and homey. Now I am begiining to think my old dolly needs some new clothes too!

  9. Nicki15:12

    Lene, I'm so enjoying your advent calendar, writing, and pictures. Thank-you for this gift.

  10. Aaah, minäkin saan nukkekuumeen! Sukat ovat iiihanat!

  11. Oh, I love your tiny crocheting! I found some very fine crochet hooks like the one you are using, in one of the op shops here. I'm yet to use them, but you may have inspired me to start!