Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Felted Bookmarks

I was wrapping Christmas presents earlier today and here is my present to you… I know you are not supposed to give presents beforehand but since this actually needs some action on your part, I will give it to you now. You might be already too busy with everything to be doing these little things but when you have the time and energy… and there is always next Christmas…

You will need some fleece, felting needle, cookie cutter, some yarn, wooden balls (I don’t know the right word for them, but you’ll get the picture when you see them), embroidery yarn and sharp needle with big enough eye to thread the yarn… hope I’m not forgetting anything… oh, yes, a soft surface for the felting.

If you are familiar with felting, skip all the words.

Best wool for felting is one that is not over processed, not too clean, and natural colours always felt easier. If you are a spinner, I’m sure you have plenty for this purpose and you probably have some that you do not enjoy spinning. Try it to this project.

Take the soft surface and lay the cookie cutter on top of it and then start layering wool inside the cutter while felting it with the needle. I layer almost as much as the cookie cutter is able to hold.

Then remove the cookie cutter, lift the heart from the surface and continue needle felting it from the sides too. I needle felt mine quite tightly because then they will hold the shape better when you wet felt the piece. Be careful with the needle, it is very sharp.
These two pictures above are needle felted hearts and ready to be wet felted.

When you are done needle felting, you need to do the proper felting with soap and water. Start with soap and very little water, almost only wet your finger tips and start massaging the surface softly. First be gentle but when you have felted the surface, you want to felt the inside and then press harder. Add soap and water and keep felting until you feel the piece getting firm and quite hard, it is not done before. This process cannot be rushed, it takes time but you’ll get there with patience. Then rinse well and set to dry.

When the piece is dry, add embroidery if you want to, twist some yarn into a cord and thread the cord through the wooden ball and then attach it to the felted piece. And you have made a bookmark. When you give a book to someone but feel that it needs a more personal touch, make a bookmark to go along.

And then if you want to get really creative, you can make a bookmark to support the story…Hope you enjoy this!

PS. Ellen, do share the recipe if someone is interested. The gingerbread cookies do not have any anis in them. The elves that I showed yesterday I made some time ago, two to three years ago?? And when I was younger, I don’t remember it being dark, sure it was, but never bothered me.


  1. What a great gift idea! Next year I'll definitely make these (to go along with the appropriate storybooks) for all the little kids in my extended family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous17:30

    How cute is THAT!! Those are VERY clever gifts. Made with happiness and love to give to those special people in ones life. Thank you so much for sharing this "recipe". I know I will DEFINETLY be making some this evening.

  3. Oh, thank you! I don't dare attempt one more thing in this next week, but I'll try those soon, for sure!

  4. Thank you very much for the beautiful gift, Lene!
    I bought a little needle felting kit a few years ago, but it has just been sitting. Now I will haunt the shops for a cookie cutter and gift this a try! Again, many thanks!

  5. Thanks!! That was wonderful! I am going to make some quickly!
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Oh, tuhannet kiitokset ohjeesta! Ihanat kirjamerkit! Tulen aivan varmasti tekemään näitä!

  7. Those are brilliant! I haven't needle-felted since seventh grade art class, but I think I just might need to pick it up again. I remember the stitch markers you made some time ago and now I want to make those and these clever bookmarks!

  8. Brilliant ideas, Lene - thankyou - and as for the Peter Rabbit one...!!

  9. Anonymous22:43

    Sweet! Thank you so much. :)
    I now have the perfect stocking stuffers to make this weekend.

  10. What a great Idea! Just the perfect thing for me, as I have all the "ingredients" and the need for a few personal gifts! Thank you!

  11. Anonymous00:27

    Thanks a lot for the sharing ! I didn't attempt any felting yet but it's teasing me more and more ! Felt is everywhere...
    I think the back outside is more difficult for me in the morning... when having to get up at 6:30 and the sun comes(when it comes !)around 8:00 only...
    We have a lot of snow already in Quebec city(1,57m high yesterday)what means a lot of cloudy days !

  12. Anonymous01:26

    What a perfect way to use that wool that stubbornly refuses to be spun! Thank you for sharing all the words and pictures to make this an easy project. Merry Christmas!

  13. Thank you so very much!
    I just love the little picture today, taking the rugs out to beat them, that's one very pretty rug beater I must say!

  14. Anonymous04:32

    Lene, Silly me! I put today's comment on yesterday's (Monday's) post. I'm still struggling with the computer and some days it wins. Like today!! Take care. Jeanie in Msla, MT USA

  15. What a lovely thing to make, thank you for giving us the tutorial.

  16. Anonymous15:15

    Thanks Lene! I'm going to try this today. I haven't done any needle felting yet and this is a good project to try first. I think they'll look nice on the Christmas tree.

  17. Oh, I just love that felted little black rabbit! Adorable.

    - Julie

  18. Anonymous13:04

    I've been wanting to try needlefelting, and I think this might be the perfect idea for a first project. Thank you Lene!

  19. Anonymous13:38

    Lene, thank you so much for this lovely gift! I've been trying to think of little gifts for this week, and this is delightful!
    Through one of your previous links,
    I now love to check the webcam daily on Santa's House, and I see how dark it is getting now in your part of the world. I love your blog, and your wonderful ideas, and lovely pictures, and consider you someone I know, now, and you have opened my eyes to a beautiful part of the world. Thank you. Merry Christmas!


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