Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Nutcracker

Thank you again for the comments on Nocturne. Although I was happy with the result I had my doubts until the very end and coming public with one's own work is a bit daunting always. It is humbling, you stand next to your work and say, here it is, I could not do any better. No matter what I say now is going to change the image, it is what it is. Once again I will say that at the moment I'm writing this blog only for your inspiration, so there are no patterns but scribbled notes for my own use later on. Writing a pattern would take from me the same amount of time as knitting another sweater. This might change some day, but for the time being I hope you enjoy seeing the process only. And besides there are lots of good designers and beautiful designs out there.

When I bought the yarn for Nocturne the same time I got myself a big load of dark grey Grignasco Tango also, and just two balls of red. I was determined to knit myself Adult Tomten Jacket with these colours that in my mind are Tomten colours. In Finland these little creatures are dressed in grey and red. No matter how hard I tried I just not could make it happen, no Tomten Jacket for me at the moment. But the yarn is just so soft and lovely I could not bury it into my stash waiting for better days. I could change my blog's name from Dances with Wool into Tangoes with Grignasco - I like this yarn so much. So I kept looking and looking at the yarn and the colour combination just had a word Christmas written all over it.

My dancer was home and she listened to ballet musics and I have kept hearing the various dances of Nutcracker in my mind. And the vague sweater idea grew stronger and a sketch was made...

This is a sketch only and probably is going to go through some changes. The idea of Nutcracker brought the little buttons to the collar, but really at the moment I'm not sure about the collar and because of not being sure of the collar at all I did not start from the top but the bottom this time.

Now that the buttons are at stake that really would remind of Nutcracker, I had to do something with the side panels to give the piece a little more uniform feel. And these side panels have been giving me a hard time. I have tried several but have decided to use this... This panel is most likely to be in the sleeves as well...
And yet I'm thinking of adding one little extra detail on the sleeves as well... and if so there are going to be so much that one little sweater is going to choke if I add more, so the collar might have to make a sacrifice and end up being something very very simple... but I'm not sure yet.


  1. Lene, it's going to be a lovely sweater, and I do agree, perhaps a more simple neck, love the panel details running up the sides and also to be on the sleeves and those colours are beautiful.

  2. You truly are inspiring...the sweater is going to be great and yes I agree too a simple neck.

  3. Sharon G16:14

    Inspiration indeed! I'm definitely feeling inspired to to for it and use the yarn that's been sitting in my bedroom for months to make my first sweater-and going with the Nutcracker theme, I'll call it Sugarplum since it is purple.

  4. Tess16:41

    It looks like The Nutcracker will be as lovely as Nocturne - what lucky daughters!
    What if you did saddle sleeves instead of raglan, and used the cable pattern to form a little epaulet?

  5. Lene, you are brilliant! So creative and so disciplined at seeing things through. You truly are an inspiration. I can't wait to see how this sweater turns out (and I wish I had your confidence and your skill).

  6. That drawing looks so cool!
    Being a dancer myself, I really dig the high neck.
    Looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds.

  7. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. I like seeing where designs come from and watching them go from a sketch to a real sweater is fascinating.

  8. It is going to be very beautiful!
    I just wanted to say, that I really enjoy watching the process, which gives me a lot of inspiration, so I'm more than satisfied!!!

  9. Toni K.16:44

    You're right, the yarn is too nice to be banished to the stash. Maybe you could put buttons on the cuffs instead of the collar? Whatever you decide, I like the panels up the side.

  10. However it ends up, it's inspired. Collars are always a uniform detail of note, and I do like the side split collar you have sketched. Be that as it may, a sweater is a very different creature.

    I love the way you go about getting just what you want from a project. Your approach to knitting is very inspirational.

  11. francoise00:13

    Following the creation of a sweater from what inspired it, the first sketches, the changes on the way is, for me, as fascinating as listening to a story and very inspiring too. Thank you for sharing...

  12. kmkat04:41

    I had the same idea as Tess - saddle shoulders with the cable detail from the sleeves running up them. I'm also envisioning a high neck that is a continuation of the sweater back and front and the saddle shoulder strip.

    Whatever you do will be lovely, I am sure.

  13. Anonymous08:06

    Lene, My first question is, "How do you come up with these sweater styles that are so unique and tasteful?" My last question is, "How do you come up with these sweater styles that are so unique and tasteful?".......just kidding!!!! You are amazing to design these beautiful sweaters and then execute the sytle by knitting a real ready-to-wear sweater. The bottom bands on the sweater are especially appealing. I like it very much. Thank you for your inspiration so freely given. Jeanie

  14. Oooh, a cable! Exciting. And beautiful yarn you've chosen, too. :-)

  15. Oh that high collar with buttons is ABSOLUTELY perfect. All of us with long necks will go for that in a big way. And I am so excited about the way you've worked that side cabling - does it come round the bottom as well, as an i-cord or something? It looks like it does.

    Good to see the creative urge bursting out again!