Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making Sock Tracks again!

There has not been much sock talk lately here. I have three pairs on the needles at the moment. But that is not a problem. I don't count socks as UFOs any more. So don't expect to see them finished. When I finish a pair of socks, it is good, they are highly usable and in need around here constantly but if I need to rip one occasionally, it is not a big deal. I don't let it be because the yarn is never wasted.
When I draw, some of the papers I use are quite expensive, and if I don't like the outcome, which happens a lot, I have to toss away the used paper. I try to use cheaper paper for sketching but even so many of my drawings end up in the waste basket or in the fire. There have been times when even my Labrador has refused to eat the meal I cooked after some new recipe. Failure sometimes is unavoidable. It is annoying when it happens but one has to accept it. And I believe every creative work is bound to not-succeed once in a while, so why not knitting?

I have not abandoned Nutcracker. But at the moment it is more or less the same labour as the last time and it does not make very interesting blog topic. For me it is still interesting because the design process is not yet complete... But little distraction is in order and is good for the soul...

New sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe, Smooshy Sock Yarn by Dream in Colour in Deep Seaflower and in Beach Fog. (I could not get the colours right...) and a bunch of sock patterns by Wendy.

There is the pattern called Garden Path in the picture... but I think I will knit Making Tracks first.


  1. your design is simply lovely...

  2. I have Beach Fog in a vase on my nightstand, so I can look at it every morning until I have the needles free to knit it.

  3. Yes, a little distraction refreshes us.

  4. Sometimes knitters speak of knitting, but I just feel it is so applicable to the rest of my life. I feel like I'm succeeding in my knitting and failing in the other, and but it's good to know that failure is okay in both. That even though I invest so much time and energy, that it is acceptable to fail, still. Thanks.

  5. I like your comments on accepting the fact that some things don't work, but to move on and do something in spite of the set back! It is the moving on that gives us character!!
    Lovely yarn!

  6. technikat19:39

    It amazes and pleases me that you are in Finland knitting with Dream in Color yarn in the Beach Fog color while I'm in Illinois knitting with the same yarn, same color, that was hand-dyed just a few miles away from me. What a small world we live in!

    BTW, I've been lurking for a while. I very much enjoy your blog and your knitting is just lovely.

  7. Anonymous04:05

    Lene, I am always so pleased and excited to see your comments on your blog. My grown daughter and I were just discussing today, that if we go somewhere or do something we really don't want to, sometimes down the road of life , we look back and say, "If I hadn't gone there or did that, I wouldn't be where and I am today or doing what I am now doing." As is knitting for me. I was busy into quilting. Then a dear neighbor gave me her yarn she was no longer going to use. That was about three years ago and I haven't quit knitting yet! A lot of it is learn as I go (and make mistakes), but sometimes the end result is fantastic! I'm so busy learning knitting, I haven't really quilted much even though I enjoy it still. The sock yarn looks gorgeous. I was looking on the internet for Mountain Colors Yarn as I liked the look of the colors and the color names sounded familar. Much to my surprise, the company is 30 miles from me and where I grew up!! Yes, it is a small world.....I am so glad I ran into your encouraging and informative blog. Take Care! Jeanie

  8. I like the philosophical approach in your blog today.

  9. Very imaginative and fun!