Monday, August 06, 2007

Almost only Henry

Thank you for your good wishes and kind words for Miss Legs and me!

During the past few days there has been something wrong with my internet connection and I yet have to figure out what seems to be the problem, but since it is working today, I’ll try to post quickly before I’m cut off from the world again…

Henry’s sleeves have been a bit of a problem... I’m finally happy with the outcome of my stitches and knitting one full row is only taking a fraction of the time compared to the time spent when knitting whole row of the body, so the progress is all of a sudden visible and enjoyable but since one row goes so quickly I need to be changing colours all the time and changing colours means that I need to have all the colours near by, what again means that I’m taking the whole couch in the family room and there is no place for anyone else to sit… And there has been some complaints… In order to let my DH sit on the couch while watching the news and to be able to watch them myself in peace (must have hands occupied with knitting at all times) I have cast on for some new smaller projects.

But first I did finish my number four Monkeys socks.
Monkey Socks
Yarn Austermann Step
needle size 2,25 mm
The pattern has been a bit adjusted to fit my foot.
The shoes I'm wearing are just for your amusement. I don't wear them although I could, they are perfect size and very light and airy. They are woven from birch bark (not by me!!).
Would you like to see what is inside the little sock knitting bags at the moment?You did not think that I would abandon Monkeys?
These are Waving Lace Socks from the new Interweave Sock Book Favorite Socks designed by Evelyn A. Clark.The third pair is Baudelaire from Knitty's summer 2006. Again adjusted here and there but the reason for casting on these now are the new point protectors.
I was playing with Polymer Clay yesterday and their colour inspired me to find from the stash the colour for the socks that would match these new toys. The match in reality is a bit better than in the picture. I’m happy with my protectors although I know that these are very simple but I want to play a bit more with the clay in the future.

In case you are wondering how is Henry. He is fine thank you. One sleeve done and the other one is growing…
Have to start looking for a new sweater soon!

PS. Peg, I will get you a picture of blueberries once I go into the woods again. It has been rainy lately!


  1. Those colors are all so luscious. Henry will be off the needles pretty soon!

  2. 5 monkeys! Will there be more?

    You're knitting the sleeves upwards? Interesting! I would love to see who you attach it to the body.

  3. I'm going to knit my first pair of the Monkey socks. I just love the patterna nd I think it will be perfect for my new varigated green yarn.

    Love the birch bark shoes! Have you been cooking in your outdoor kitchen this summer?

  4. Lene - I am with you on knitting socks in simple colours, especially when using such beautiful patterns. I have loved the handpainted yarns, but like socks in one colour!
    Henry is a work of art. I await his unveiling!
    Not to worry on the blueberries. I am just curious, as your bake apples are just like in Newfoundland and they have blueberries there just like where I grew up in Nova Scotia. They are low to the ground and sometimes I would just clear a spot and sit as I picked my way clear around myself.
    Has your daughter gone on her great adventure?

  5. What gorgeous socks! And onto your 5th pair of Monkeys... very impressive. Henry is indescribable... can't wait to see him finished.. and the sweater you pick next.
    Keep up the good work, your blog is very inspirational!

  6. Lene, I am new to blogging and got lucky when I found yours. I am enjoying seeing everything you make...even the little monkey sock bags! I look forward to your blog.

  7. Scotlynn01:31

    Henry is just lovely! And I love your solution for knitting multiple projects...a bag for each. I have been knitting just one pair of socks at a time...only one sock bag. I think I might just have some lovely material to make another bag before vacationing in Colorado. I'll need at least two small projects to get me through the week with my sister. Maybe I'll start some of my own Monkeys or Jaywalkers (I'm just a bit behind the rest of you in this department)...or Pomatomous or....

  8. Henry is amazingly beautiful. It looks so difficult. I really like making socks. I am making my first out of a plain color (white) and they are the first ones for me. I like the striping yarns and the variegated but the solid color has won me over.

  9. Henry is gorgeous! Love the socks, too - I hope to get around to a pair of Monkeys myself someday. :)

  10. carrie07:48

    Oh Lene, everything you touch is beautiful, especially Henry! How do you find the patience? I am struggling through 180 sts / row lace right now - it is hard not to throw the whole lot in a corner for the lack of progress. But your complicated pieces grow and grow. (Also, Killie is a beautiful kitty.)

  11. Lisa W20:07

    Your knitting is wonderful, as are your photos!

  12. marjorie23:10

    I love your birch bark shoes. Are there instructions anywhere as to how they are made? Henry is looking lovely!

  13. Fiberjoy09:00

    Lene, after knitting a sweater as stunning and supreme as Henry, how do you decide what type of sweater to knit next? Or will it even be possible for a space of time?

  14. maijamirjami17:40

    Henry on tosi upea! Olen ihaillut sen syntyä enkä ole tainnut aiemmin kommentoida. Siitä tulee hieno!

  15. Oh that Henry is such a charmer! I wish I could knit something like that, but I'm allergic to wool, and I've never heard if you can knit that sort of thing with Merino wool *sigh*.

    Lovely socks, too. I've yet to do my Monkey socks, but I can't wait to cast on for them!

  16. Your Henry is looking beautiful! I look forward to seeing it finished and what you decide to make next!

  17. Love the new site design.

  18. Kathy07:31

    I love your little sock knitting bags. Where did you find them?
    Henry is wonderful.
    I hope to knit the Monkey socks next.

  19. Glorious pictures of your knitting. I can't help but love your knitting bags too... do tell :D


  20. wow, lovely photography and so many good yarns!

  21. The sweater turned out beautifully! Did you make the pattern yourself?