Friday, February 03, 2006

Pivocoli grows and grows...

Here Pivocoli. My yarn is little bit lighter than in the original pattern, so minor adjustments were necessary. Minor.
I like this yarn. Even though it is pure cotton it is not stiff and and working with 3,5 mm needles is enjoyable.
So I have kept going.
I didn't want to stop. So I added some more rows to the original pattern. And this is Pivocoli today. I have 2 more skeins left so I'm going to keep on adding rows to it.
Stockinette. Boring? Yes? No? I would say no because I have the excitement of being on my own now. The pattern hasn't been there to give me any more guidance, she left me little after the waist increases. Every now and then I have tried this on to check and so far I'm pleased.

The little dress is bringing spring closer... She would definately need a nice summery lace shawl to accompany her.

Other than that there has been very little other knitting... some progress on the socks.
Not a row on the scarf nor a stitch towards the felted bag. But I'm getting ready for the Challenge, I will post my plan for the Olympics on Sunday.

Some comments to the comments:

The names you suggested to pulla are all fine. Pulla is a snack. You mostly have it with cold milk or hot coffee or tea. And pulla should be warm, straight from the oven. In Finland you measure mother by her pulla. Mother who has fresh pulla scent floating around her is the best kind of mother. Even teenagers melt when you take pulla from the oven. And if you'd like to catch a husband, there is no better perfume than pulla scent. It will rule out the best perfumes of Chanel or Dior. I'm sure even Laura Biagiotti's Rome fades. But this works as a bait for husbands only, the ones looking for adventures would probably take a hike - pulla scent is so very domestic. With newly baked pulla you can get around almost anything.

If you'd like to see Finnish quilting, you can look up
the Finnquilt pages.

Here is a picture of kota, my summer kitchen. It is weekend. You can't tell it if you look out of the window here: there is only snow and peace and quiet. But I know there is world out there where people are preparing for the weekend. Have a good one!


  1. I can't believe you're knitting with cotton when it's so cold where you are!

  2. Mary Beth22:03

    Does pulla have cardamom in it and a little bit of sugar? My Finnish relatives (on my mother's side) all make a type of bread called Nisu (I think), which smells wonderful!

  3. Anonymous22:17

    I look forward to see your new Olympic Games creature ! How is Grandma Kitty (my favorite) doing ?

  4. Renée from Wisconsin23:01

    Lene, I think you do more for the good and unity of the world by sharing your language, pictures, blog comments, pulla lore, knitting, and lovely personality. If only all people would share more of their lives and not so much of their complaints, we could have more peace on this earth. You serve up a wonderful and delightful blog.

  5. Lene - it's always great to see your blog - and your summer kitchen...:)

  6. Your summer kitchen is wonderful! I second Renee's comment: I love your blog for the window you open on a country (I am ashamed to say) I know little about... Leave the window open, I want to know and see more...

  7. Can I ask (please) for you to post a pulla recipe? It sounds mesmerizing.

    I think making Picovoli into a dress is brilliant. Its going to be stunning.

  8. Mmmmm, pulla. I love them :-) they're one of the best things in Finland.

  9. Marie N.21:02

    Now you have me thinking..."A dress! Could I do that?" I have answered myself yes, I can but not yet. I have promised my daughter some more doll clothes (pants and a sweater) and I have purchased some yarn to make socks for myself. If I can learn to do these things well, maybe I can graduate to clothing for myself :-)

    Your dress will look nice with some of the shawls you have shown us.

    Marie N.

  10. Hyvaa Huomenta Lene,
    The Pulla sounds so good now I hope you post a recipe and also the Pivocoli is looking nice as it is growing. It will be very cool and comfortable for summer.
    How does it feel to knit cotton in such a small gauge? Cotton hurts my hands to knit with it for very long. I was wondering what it would look like knitted on 3mm needles.
    I love your summer kitchen!
    What a great idea!