Sunday, February 05, 2006

Didn't make it to the start

This would have been my Olympic Knitting... That is correct. Would have been.
The dark grey being the main color.
I had a trip planned for January. Something came up and couldn't go then so Friday night I got a call and had an opportunity to take that trip February 20th onward for a week... So I couldn't say, sorry, I'm taking part in the Knitting Olympics and hence am unable to come... My Olympics Knitting time would then be only 10 days and it is too short a time to make anything that demanding than this gentleman in the picture. Mr Mole would have been perfect supporter for the Finnish Olympics Team because his hands would have been big enough for clapping...
I have been thinking of making something small during the first ten days but I don't have any plans so far and then might end up canceling my participation and moving to the spectator side.

But I hope that Mr Mole will be around one day. Needles to say my girls were all very disappointed.

This has been such a draw back (although I'm very happy about the trip, I have been waiting for it for some time now...) that I haven't got much done.

Finished the Birch Leaf Socks. These will be the final pictures. I do love this yarn and the color and how it looks in the close up pictures.

At the moment it is like all the knitting goals have vanished and like there is no point to knit at all... But for certain this mood is about to change any minute.

Spinning is the best way to get focused again, so I have been spinning "as thin as I dare Merino", and have plans to make it into 2 ply. But it is so thin it is going to take forever.

The pulla recipe will be up in the near future. I think "nisu" is the old word for "vehnä" which is wheat and pulla is made of wheat.

Thank you for the supportive comments again. And I want to thank my Finnish readers here too. We had an election for the best blog and for the most surprising blog etc. I didn't win in any of the categories but I had few nice comments. Thank You!

PS. Grandma Kitty is back in town. She is fine.


  1. No voihan harmi! Mikä ihana fani Herra Maamyyrä olisi ollut! Ehkä tapaamme hänet vielä myöhemmin tänä vuonna? (Pleaaase!)

  2. Marie N.20:55


    We are getting our connectivity problems worked out. I'm glad I have a chance to pop in for a short visit today. The colors in the socks are beautiful. They look so comfortable.

    I am pleased I completed my first felting project. I made some slippers for myself. They are knitted very large and felted down to size. I found a grey, tan and brown varigated wool that was spun very loosely. It had hardly any twist at all. It would vary is width also, from almost ½cm to 1mm where there was a twist in the yarn. It would thin every 15cm or so. As you can imagine, the slippers made of this material felted nice and thick and they are so warm.

    Next -- I need a place to keep all the needles etc. I am aquiring so I'm making a tote bag. It will also be felted.

    Thank you for including so many photos.
    Marie N.

  3. Beautiful socks! I'm about to make them in gray for a friend of mine . . . after the Olympics. Enjoy your trip - sounds great!

  4. The Birch Leaf socks are so pretty! I think I will have to follow in your footsteps and knit a pair of my own.

    Mr Mole's day will come. Think of it this way: now you have lots of time to refine the idea and make him the very best mole he can be.

  5. I LOVE those birch leaf socks. I yearn for them now.

    And well, my poor 2nd Estonian will probably be 'started' before the Olympics begin, but not completed. School projects have caught up with me this week. If I finish my Olympic challenge early though, I see finishing it then as fair game.

  6. Anonymous05:52

    Your so thin spun Merino reminds me the colour and brightness of a birch tree trunk...well done, anyway.

  7. Luisa14:26

    Mr. Mole''s stories are some of my very early memories. I think there were a few books with them around when I was 4 or 5... and your socks look beautiful.

  8. I love your mole and I hope we can see it's birth at some time in the future.
    All your knitted animals are so wonderful!
    I also have to drop out of the knitting Olympics event and become a cheering spectator.

    Your fine spun merino is very lovely and your birch leaf socks look very soft and comfortable.

  9. Hi Lene,

    I received your yarn package today.....thank you!! My 11 year old daughter is looking forward to me making her some socks from it as blue is her favorite color!

    The little mittens are so cute and I LOVE the buttons! Thank~You ;-))

  10. Anonymous05:46

    Lene, I am disappointed that we won't be meeting Mr. Mole soon, but I hope you have a lovely trip. Where are you going? Send us a postcard via the blog!

  11. Mr. Mole is adorable! I understand why your children would be anxious to see him done. He's as cute (if not cuter) as the sock bunny I made my mom one easter. ***CV