Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Little Green Dress

Just another ordinary February Day.
The sun climbes well over the horizon but the impact is only ornamental. The temperature stays cold from morning till evening. Day after day.

Today the sky is heavily clouded and snow is slowly falling but I just could not wait for a sunny day to take a picture of this because I wanted to show it right away. I finished it last night. A variation of Pivocoli.
Here a detail of the hem, it flares just the way I pictured it.
I plan to wear it with jeans and had to put the Rogue on top to see how they work together.
This necklace I bought from a Christmas Bazaar which was held in the Art Museum in Rovaniemi in December. I'm building my color scheme on this necklace. See how well it matches the Zephyr Blueberry which I'm going to use for the Pacific Northwest Shawl. I'll be casting on for it tonight.

While I was by the lake taking a picture of the Green Little Dress I saw these two in the distance.
Here the Finnish lesson...
Why socks?
Because I feel so happy putting on the woollen socks in the cold mornings and because I'm so tempted to cast on for the Austrian-Patterned Knee Socks from the book Socks, Socks, Socks.

I realized this is more pictures less talk post. I guess there is not much to say in a quiet snowy cold winter's day...


  1. Love the Finnish sock lesson!

  2. That really came out cute. I like how you expanded on the original idea. And it looks great with Rogue!

  3. And what is Finnish for cute? A lovely variation on the Pivocoli.

    I'm sorry you are not entering the Knitting Olympics after all, but I am looking forward to meeting Mr Mole sometime.

    (And I love sukka, but hate working with sukkapuikka!)

  4. What a neat idea to wear it under Rogue. Beautiful!

  5. Well, a picture (or a bunch) are worth thousands of words. Your picovoli dress is fantastic, and the Finnish sock lesson is quite helpful.

    I may really need help with the Finnish knitting terms one of these days, but I've tried to avoid bothering you about it.

  6. the pictures are wonderful.

    The dress and Rogue are wonderful together. I love blue and green combo's.

    The Reindeer are awsome too. I love seeing the pictures of your part of the world. Keep posting them PLEASE.

  7. You are so clever, Lene! Changing a top into a dress, building an entire knitted wardrobe around a single necklace. :-) Rogue and Picovoli look simply smashing together. What a great idea.

  8. No portuguese today? I love those blues together, they will make a wonderful outfit. Now I'll be waiting for that shawl...

  9. Wow I love the Reindeer and all that Snow!

    your pictures speak volumes!
    Your pivocoli dress looks so very cold out in the snow, but then looked so warm and cozy in the lovely rogue.

    Your whole ensemble is going to look wonderful and only a knitter would make a whole wardrobe around the accessory.
    What a boring life non-knitters must have. ;)

    iso Soumi oppitunti tänään!

    love, sukka neuloa ja sukkapuikka.

  10. Wonderful Finnish lesson. I need to save that one.

    Your version of Pivocoli is very cute! It's perfect with the necklace.

  11. Lyn In Melbourne, Australia10:07

    What a great idea to put those two pieces together! They look fabulous, and your sense of colour is to be admired, too.