Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Busy with the Wheel

Tomorrow is the 21st of December and in the old days in Finland it was the beginning of Christmas. Christmas holidays lasted as far as the 7th or the 13th of January. It meant all kinds of different things to people - like Christmas beer was to be ready - but what interests me is that all the spinning had to stop, the wheel had to be taken out or covered with a blanket so that it was out of sight, and this was to ensure that you would not be bitten by mosquitoes during the summer and your cattle would be safe from bears' attacks. Luckily women were allowed to knit after the 26th of December. This is the only reason I have been busy with the wool for the shawl... I choose the myths I believe in to my own liking, yesterday it was easy to explain why the dinner was soooo late.

I bought spinning wheel little less than a year ago, so I still have some things I very much need, one is a proper niddy noddy, I'm using a chair now... This is a cotton cardigan from few years back. The design is mine and I used the basket weave stitch, and again I would like to do another and a bit longer. When we were having our house built, we were told by others who had already built theirs that you can never be quite satisfied with the first one, only the third house would be perfect... No wonder I would like to knit this again.

Here a little sailor's sack to match...
and detail from the bottom of the sack.PS. I have been posting for 20 days in a row... I'm not asking you to say to me now that you have been inspired... it really has felt at times that it is only me me and me and my knitting and my spinning... how can you talk about yourself for 20 days in a row? ...and four more days to go! I'm not saying that I have not been enjoying myself. Because I have, usually nobody listens to me even when I have important stuff to say or pays attention to what I'm doing... And I know that you have, since there have been comments and questions and the number on the counter changes... Thank you!

The type of heel I have used lately when knitting socks is very much the way the peasant thumb (thank you Elizabeth) is done in mittens. There is a picture of this construction in the post from 21st of October, Some old, some new.

The birdfeeder will be eaten by us when the holidays are gone. I'm afraid nothing is left to put outside. And the cat is chatting with the real birds on the other side of the window.

I did the book for the Little Rabbit. If only I didn't knit all the time, I would have time to do other things as well. But then again I wouldn't have time to knit.

The ballet poses were done by Nadja, she thanks for your comment Susanna.


  1. Glenna15:40

    I'm so glad you blog every day--I have a terrible, wrenching job and I come in each day, throw my outdoor clothing on my desk and turn the computer on to see what wonderful knitted pieces and what calm and creative and reassuring wisdom and the piles of snow out your front door.

  2. I have been reading your blog daily for about three weeks and I do enjoy it. You do have an audience out there. You have given me a small window on knitting and living in Finnish Lapland and I will keep coming back for a look through the window as long as you blog.

  3. I love the little button on the bottom of the sack! It's the tiny details (like this) that make your projects special. It's particularly evident in the little creatures you make, but even the bottom of this humble sack makes me smile. The decrease pattern is beautiful, and the button is a wonderful finishing touch.

  4. Lene, I too love your daily writings and have been reading your blog since October and look forward everyday to your thoughts and seeing your beautiful, skilled knitting and spinning. I learn so much from you. I hope I don't overwhelm you with all my questions because here is another stupid one.
    How bad are the mosquito's in Lapland in the spring and summer? I have heard they are terrible.
    But I don't understand how they survive the bitter cold and dark winters that you have there?

  5. annab17:47

    I read your blog, and really enjoy it!!

  6. Marie N.19:54

    Dear Lene,

    I got your package today! Thank you so much with love. I took a quick look through your blog and I cannot wait to sit and read with a cup of hot cider and the cat settled on my lap. I saw the photo of a cat in your home -- have you a dog also? I very much admire the dancer's feet you posted to the blog also. How wonderful that they love to dance! This brings back many wonderful memories for me.

    I have picked up knitting again and I learned the perl stitch. Now I'm knitting like a little child just learning, I can make dishcloths and winter scarves and blankets.

    Among my friends are some excellent knitters, some day I will get brave and make mittens or socks.

    Amelia would like me to knit doll clothes, but I think she will not be too fond of dolls any more by the time I develope that ability.


  7. I've gotten very used to my daily dance with wool. Now I worry that after the 24th, my dance card will be empty...

  8. Elizabeth D22:24

    Lene, I have loved the certainty that every day I will get to peek into your world. And I am going to knit some creatures next year, thanks to you. (By the way, the type of heel you are using is called, in the U.S. at least, an afterthought heel -- thought you'd like to know.) Thank you for a lovely, warm December!!

  9. I do love reading your blog. Thank you for opening this little window on your part of the world for us.

  10. I've just found your blog. You knit the loveliest things. Thanks for sharing your knitting current and past. I love the read about stuff knitted eons ago and still loved now. From my warm sunny corner of the world, merry christmas.

  11. Lena23:00


    I stumbled on your blog a few months ago when I was browsing knitting blogs. Your writing is wonderful and your knitting is inspiring. Although I was born in Canada, I still have family in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. How fortunate for me to find a Finnish blog written in English, about knitting, which I recently rediscovered. I wanted to let you know that I am one of your faithful readers. Thank you,

    Lena in Canada