Monday, December 19, 2005

Socks for Christmas

Last night I pulled my feet up in my favorite knitting spot and cast on for a new shawl. It felt so good in the middle of all the Christmas turmoil to get a bit of peaceful knitting time... the old dog was lying next to me snoring loudly. It did me a world of good.

This is the new shawl, Hálfskák from the book Three-Cornered & Long Shawls by Sigridur Halldórsdóttir.

I'm using my handspun Shetland singles. The first part is garter stitch lace with 3,5 mm needles. Most of my wool is in rovings yet so there is going to be spinning. The pattern calls for five different shades of brown but these are the colors I'm using.After next week children In Finland are asking each other: "What else did you get for Christmas?" It is so obvious what is being referred to that it need not to be said out loud. So many of them get socks. I know how children feel when they get a soft package because I have been there too but can't help but to give socks as presents.

Although little Nadja at the age of five gave me a piece of wisom: You should always give as a present something the receiver likes, not something you like yourself. Sorry Nadja, this is a tradition. You will get a pair of socks. Also this Christmas.


  1. A Nice tradition!

  2. Christmas would not be Christmas without its traditions, and I am sure the children would be disappointed if the socks were missing one year...

  3. Socks are always part of Christmas for us too, and these days especially handknit ones. When I was growing up it was always the practical, everyday gift we got in our stockings along with the treats. I do think its a tradition that should continue.

  4. I love all your socks!!! What type of heel do you use? They look great! I love that idea for a tradition :)

  5. I like your tradition very much. Starting this year, I think I will try to give my husband a small handknit gift every Christmas. This time around, it's a hat; maybe next year it'll be socks.

  6. Socks have always been a tradition in our family too! Christmas just wouldn't feel right with out getting socks! I really like your socks though. I also want to know how do you knit your heels?

    I can't wait to see the shawl you are working on now when it is completed I love the different shades of homespun, very pretty.

    Also Your kitty looks like he sees a bird at the window and is chattering too it. Is it a real bird or the gingerbread one? My cats are always chattering and squeaking at the birds that sit on the ledge outside the window. I think the birds here tease them. Your gingerbread birdhouse is very nice too! What a fun tradition that is.

  7. I love the ballet poses of the feet!

  8. Barbie on Bainbridge Island, WA.10:03

    Hi, Lene.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire this month! I love your socks and the new shawl you will be starting, but I have to ask you about yesterday's post on the gingerbread birdfeeder. What a wonderful idea! Do you put the birdfeeder outside after the holidays for real birds, or do you and your family and your gingerbread birds enjoy it inside for show?

  9. Hi Lene -- I'll be learning to spin, along with my 7 y.o. dau., who is getting a spinning wheel for Christmas, so I look forward to reading about your progress on the shawl.

    I learned to make socks this October and am loving them as a background project. I am making 2 pairs as gifts, for my mom and my sister, but can definitely imagine Christmas morning socks in my entire family's future.

    Even though I don't always comment, I continue to enjoy your blog every morning. Thanks.