Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fight Windmills


Unfortunately the joy of snow was short. It is all gone now!

The car update. I got it back from the repair shop last Friday just to get stuck on the road 10 kms from the starting point again! I will put it mildly: I was not happy. Received a call from the shop again yesterday and went to pick it up again and now is seems to be working well, but I'm going to hold my breath for a while though.

The car has not been the only windmill here lately, the dish washer stopped its service. Living without the car was not all that bad, I could knit in the bus, but I couldn't figure out how to do dishes and knit at the same time. It crossed my mind, I could have the girls do the dishes while I knit... The dish washer is fixed now. Do you suppose the repair of the dish washer went smoothly? You would hope so, but when it was brought back from a different repair shop than the car it was missing this tiny piece of something so that it couldn't be connected to the water source...There seems to be a pattern here.

Anyway, because of all that I needed another 200 grams of sock yarn.

And speaking of socks this pair is finished. The cuff pattern is from a little Finnish booklet that features few knits from the Finnish National Museum collection and this kind of cuff was in an Estonian Glove. I know that Nancy Bush has been studying a lot Estonian knitting so this pattern might be available in one of her books, but I don't know... Here is the scarf.
There is something that bothers me with the scarf and every other day I think I will disregard the whole thing and then some days I add upp few rows. The yarn keeps getting thinner and thinner and the color is not that nice and intense any more, I should have started with smaller needle size. I'm using the 4 mm and in the beginning it seemed perfect, then the yarn was thicker - you might be able to see how the few pattern repeats in the beginning are darker. I enjoy the process of knitting a lot but maybe not so much that I would waste my time doing something that I know already at this point that it is no good. But then, the fabric is very soft and airy. I can't make up my mind what to do.

I could unravel the scarf, then spin some more and ply the yarn, but I'm afraid this yarn would end up being one of those good for nothings... trying to avoid having too much of that sort in my stash. See, I have this to remind me... it has almost pushed me over the edge...

This yarn doesn't even know how to behave in a photo. I will not put the name of the beggar here, because it might be doing a perfect job in somebody else's project (which I doubt very much). I have tried to knit with this beautiful blue cotton yarn for a many times, as you can see (well - maybe not) the yarn ball is quite ragged. I cast on with it again over the weekend, but had to experience something that is beginning to be very familiar route to me by now: it is not working. There is something very wrong with me and this particular yarn...and the car and the dishwasher and the handspun yarn. I will unravel her this final time and then put her in a bag with a sign: do not break the seal even in an emergency.

Do I dare to confess that it is socks - again.


  1. livnletlrn18:39

    Oh, I think the scarf of handspun is divine! It's so much fun to read your posts, learn a bit more about life in Finland, and enjoy your knitting adventures. Thanks!

  2. Go ahead and finish the scarf. You might like it better after blocking. And once it's finished, you don't have to knit with that yarn ever again!

    Do you really like the "afterthought" heel? I have never tried that one before, because I am terrible at grafting.