Friday, November 11, 2005

Swatching allowed

Once in a while it is good to have a project which is not pure enjoyment and joy. When you finish something that has been rewarding from the very first stich to the last, it leaves you somewhat puzzled. You search and search and search for something that could compete with the perfect finished one. Finding another with the same qualities is sometimes difficult and frustrating and you end up casting on this and that and unraveling over and over again... And never the next one gives you quite the pleasure the previous one did.

That is what I was telling myself during the past days while struggling with this:

The scarf is finished. I like it. Don't love it but it is ok. Really. I thought I would wear all these three knits together, and it is ok, can do that. I have a handbag and shoes that are both sort of orange, the complementary colours of blue, so the outfit should be ok.

The Lacy Blues Scarf is about 30 cm wide and 190 cm long. It is very light and soft. And definately I'll spin lace yarn again. I think I'll try to put more twist next time, maybe then the yarn would have some lustre in it. Also I try to go for a thicker yarn.

The scarf being done this feeling of freedom is almost unbearable! Fresh start. New beginning. I can pick and knit anything now. Anything!

- I have to be careful now, this might also mean danger...

I have this and this somewhere on the way ...

The sock is coming along. See how different the same yarn looks with different pattern:

It's Friday today and I'm afraid the package will not arrive today, it means I have to stick to the sock knitting only the whole weekend.

So maybe tonight I'll gather knitting books and magazines all around me and leaf lazily through them... and patiently wait for the next week and the package.

To prevent myself from falling into some desperate activity I'll allow swatching.


  1. I for one love the scarf - its elegant and although you may be dissatisfied to some extent, the flaws won't be visible from a moving horse (as they say).

    Do you find it easy to immediately go into a project after finishing one? I find I tend to drift a bit between projects bigger than socks. Hence all of my sock knitting.

  2. livnletlrn in connecticut, usa15:34

    Lene, while you're waiting for your yarn to arrive, perhaps you could tell/show us a little more about your home, family, or town. I love to see all your knitting and would enjoy knowing more about the setting in which you live.

  3. Janeen22:01

    I love the blue outfit ~ the scarf is a lovely finishing touch. Knitting lace is such fun. I, too, would enjoy learning more about the area you live in! Happy swatching :-)
    ~ Janeen (in Maryland, USA)

  4. Cathi (also in Maryland, USA)01:00

    Wow! Nice knitting. I know what you mean about starting a new project, it's all the anticipation, etc.

    I guess you could always start multiple projects at one time, but after awhile, you end up with a lot of unfinished ones.

    The blue scarf is beautiful.