Friday, October 21, 2005

Some old, some new

The temperature dropped today again to zero. I heard and then later on saw two swans on the lake. They must be the last ones to go... The nature will become more quiet each day and the days will get darker.

Soon I'll sit here by the fire, sip warm red wine (glögg) and only knit. Sounds perfect - don't you think?

That is if you ignore the fact

that I have to get the fire wood inside first (and only one armful doesn't burn long enough even for a baby bootie)

that after a while by the fire my eyes are sore and burning red and so watery that I'm not able to see what I'm knitting

that for the wine I have to showel the snow to get to the car and drive 30 km on slippery roads (that is if I can start the engine).

But really it doesn't matter if I run out of wine and can't start the engine if only the electricity works and the PC plays: I can happily stay in contact with knitters and the mail man (long live the postal service!) can occasionally drop a package of yarn at the doorsteps.

Today I joined the mitten knit along. My very first one. Half a year ago I didn't even know (just how ignorant can you be?) there was this knitblog world out there and now all the excitement and inspiration is only a click away. I'm the early bird here and always drink my first cup of coffee while reading my favourites. I'm glad there are so many of you.

Here are the socks. The yarn is Sandnes Sisu. I don't do well mending and repairing but still I like to knit this type of heel where you can easily rip the worn one and knit a new one - like as a salute to the old way when yarn was sparse and every little bit of yarn was very much appreciated and handled with respect.

Sometimes I think if I lived up to 150 and knitted daily from dawn till dusk the rest of my life I wouldn't have enough time to use the last bit of my wool.

Oh, just kidding!

(The last words are for my husband...)

But I want to be reminded that I'm fingering something very precious and out of respect of yarn all these old and beautiful and practical techniques were born.

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  1. What mittens are you knitting? Is everyone using the same pattern?