Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Blue C is born, little less than 450 grams

As you can see from the photo, it's cloudy and rainy and no sight of snow. But we had some last night. When I went to bed I was happy thinking I could take some snowy pictures today...but it is +6 centigrades!

It was so close! I received a new book from Amazon UK a couple of days ago: The Gathering of Lace and found myself fingering lace yarns...

I finished the cardigan last night. First the good:

I tried a new cast-on. (Vogue Knitting spring/summer 2005 page 38 explains how to get purl bumbs for the long tail.)
Don't know if this new cast-on on this particular knit makes any difference because the yarn is so thin and blurry it is almost impossible to see
(but, you know it is there and that's what counts, sort of like when you use your good underwear).

The edge is knit simultaneously except for the back and it turned out well.

The shaping is ok.

This was the first time I didn't make exact calculations for the sleeve cap and it turned out very nice - by accident! Honestly. The cap is round and full, no pulling or hanging.

I knitted the sleeve with 5 dpn's and did the same under arm decreases as in the body part. Then continued decreasing one stitch per row. When getting close to the top compared the cap with the sleeve opening and realized that I had not made enough decreases. The cap seemed too wide at the top. Ignored it and kept knitting. At the very top just decreased the stitches to half and heureka!

I'll have to try this on another sweater to see if this really works because I ended up with nice and round sleeve cap - like it is supposed to be in set in sleeve. The decreasing at the top served the same purpose as the ease-stitching in couture.

The not so good:

I'm not pleased with the ribbing. No matter how well I concentrated on I couldn't make it even. The whole time I didn't get into this nice easy knitting stage, I kept making mistakes and couldn't figure out why.

The decreases could look better.

The yarn is beautiful and soft. Maybe a bit too soft for me. In my robust country life it might not feel right. Maybe too sophisticated?

What is too early to tell is what category this belongs to, it is either b or c, not a. Some clothes a) are perfect from the very first moment, some you b) get accustomed after a while and then there is c) the unhappy yet numerous amount of those pitiful things that never make it out of the front door.

It is socks on the needles now...


  1. Anonymous07:35

    Lene! The Blue C is stunning. Your attention to detail is exquisite. And now I want to make it as well! Also, I am a friend of Susanna's here in Seattle. I would love to chat with you about Catherine Lowe. If you are interested you can get my e-mail address from Susanna. Looking forward to it.

  2. I love that wrap cardi, it is beautiful and you did a great job. Did you design it or was it a pattern?