Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Little more than 20 cm done

I have passed the waistline of the blue c.

The knitting is plain 2k/2p. I changed into k2/p2 - 1k/1p did not look right. Also this leaves a lot to hope for, but I have decided to be gentle to myself and let the knitting be the way it is now. I have a tendency to be too demanding and that just leads to 10 starts and never goes any further.

While knitting I have been trying to recognize different signs of danger in my behaviour since my ufos keep piling up. The more I knit the more I get. So now I'm regularly asking myself: are you ok with this? So far the blue cardi feels right, but from the experience I know that the switch to something else can happen suddenly and most of the times I don't even seem to realize it, I get so excited with another idea that the previous project just fades into the background and then it is too late --- so I'm paying attention - there must be a pattern somewhere in my brain leading into these side tracks.

This sweater I finished last winter. It is twined knitting (tvåändknitting) and my first attempt with this technique beyond mittens. The shaping could be better (it is knitted from bottom to top) but otherwise I'm quite happy with it. It is knitted from wool from Anne-Maj Ling (the yarn is z-spun) with needle size 3 mm. The embroidery is done in chain stitching. The wool for the embroidery is from Renaissance Dyeing (the wool feels very nice and the colours are beautiful).

Twined knitting seemed strange at first but once I got used to it, it became easier and it gave a very nice canvas to embroider on. More than a year ago when I cast-on the first stitches I needed a challenge but about eight months(!) later when I cast-off I was sure I had had enough (during those eight months I asked myself a couple of times, do I really have all this time??) ... but I would like to start another one with very much the same appearance but with little more shaping.

Here, again, I'm doing it. I have to be careful now and gather my thoughts and focus only on the blue cardigan.


  1. I don't remember there being a solid color underneath the embroidery but that's what it looks like. Did you change colors for that portion of the sleeve when you were knitting it?

    The water looks beautiful, is it cold?

  2. Love the sleeves! a really pretty shirt.