Monday, October 10, 2005

On the road again!

The autoradio is playing Louis Armstrong: "...and I think to myself what a wonderful world..."

The agony of packing is behind, I'm travelling relaxed in the front seat with a happy husband beside and three smiling(!) teenagers behind. I'm congratulating myself because after all I did remember to write even the vet's telephone number down to the house and animal babysitter and did remember the antihistamines. Everything under control. We have come 50 kilometers from home and there is no turning back anymore or only for major crisis. The scenery is lovely and the sun is shining, no clouds, no worries...

(This is the state of mind I'm with my knitting now.)

here: the agony of packing

On every journey though

- there will turn out some unexpected path considered at this point only an exciting adventure
- there are tempting shortcuts which instead of making the drive shorter add on more hours
- there is just a little bit too old map giving mixed feelings and causing serious conversation
- there will be stops for the bathroom and for snacks which are not pleasing all members of the team
- there is going to break out some hostilities in the front or the back seat (or both!)

And eventually the autoradio is playing Chris Rea's This is a road to hell.

But I will not think about that yet...

here: 50 kms from home

Last time I was saying that I try to avoid seams where I can. Susanna you have a point there, the seams add structure but when the fabric is very stretchy and the seams don't stretch there can sometimes after wear and wash be a problem, the fabric and the seams sort of live their own lives. And I fear that in this case the yarn is so soft that with my seaming skills I'd better do without any side seams. Considering of all kinds of different facts is interesting and also frustrating: every yarn and every pattern and every desing is always going towards their own destinations, no matter how hard I try.

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