Thursday, December 01, 2022

Christmas time

It is snowing outside, this calm snowfall, where the individual small snowflakes are like tiny crocheted doilies, and the temperature though below zero, feels very, very mild. It is dark, actually it is dark almost all the time now. When you step outside, you are wrapped by this magic mystery world where the real world with its demands just fades away. And yet this snowfall in this arctic silence is my real world.

I often somehow dismiss my real thinking that the real world is somewhere else, where people are busy doing various serious adult things, but truly my real world is here. This is where I breathe, eat, drink, sleep, create, worry, rejoice, laugh and cry. And just now, this real world of mine is very quiet, very dark and very calm. I just brushed snow off my front door steps while letting the dogs run around in the new and fresh and clean snow. How they love to roll in the clean snow!

We have this collective feeling when we go out in the morning; we stop all of us to breathe in the morning air, we all sniff if there is something happening close to us. But the dogs (not me) instantly know a lot more; they know if there are reindeer close by and lately there have been. There is quite a big herd roaming close by and every now and then a few from that flock cross our yard and that just annoys the dogs. We breathe and stand for a few seconds. Today I then took my broom and the dogs went with their business.

The lake is gone now, it is below thick ice cover. Yesterday when I popped into the local, tiny shop, I was told that in some places the ice is already 20 centimeters (8 inches) thick. So we are well into winter, this blissful time of hibernation where the darkness creeps in sooner and sooner. Time for candles and fires and naps. My companions are very good in napping.

A part of me wakes up when winter arrives. My creative mind steps into fantasy world, it is so easy to start imagining seeing gnomes and fairies in the snowy world. You should see the trees, every little branch is like sugar coated, tiny tracks appear on the snow, and you can start to imagine who could have made those tracks. The dogs often stop to listen to the snow, they tilt their heads trying hard to hear better, because they know there are tiny creatures creeping under the snow.

It is the first of December, and the anticipation of Christmas is once again here, the time I love most about Christmas. Tasting glögg for the first time after a long while, taking out loved decorations, listening to the good old songs again, making Christmas coffee and having some good, tasty tea in the evening. Mind you, it is just not normal tea time in the evening, somehow in December, it is this special treat. Why is it not a special treat all the other nights of the year, that I don’t know, it just feels special in December.

I love everything December. Even though it is the same every year, it still feels fresh to discover day by day, what is it that makes this time of the year so special. The smells, the tastes (the old familiar traditions), and red everywhere, what a feast for the eyes and … the memories from the past years just linger around like mist. 

This little creature is my version of Halina pattern my Monika, who is @monikahoc in Instagram. Her patterns are whimsical and cute. She has an Etsy shop, she is moniARThandmade there. The snowflake on the dress is by Julia Hart, @draiguna in Instagram but you can find her in Ravelry. She has many beautiful snowflakes and some of them are free! 

A very happy December and Wool with You,



  1. Anonymous14:22

    Your post is magical and quite poetic. I’d always thought so much darkness must be depressing, but now I think otherwise, thanks to you! And the handmade doll is another of you masterpieces.

  2. This is exactly how I feel about this time of year :-). I guess maybe we wouldn't enjoy it as much if it lasted all year, but...

  3. Anonymous02:39

    I love your posts. They as so interesting to read. I love your beautiful creations also.
    You are such an inspiration!!!!
    Marion Shaw

  4. Anonymous22:53

    Lene such a joy to read your post today, so much happiness bubbling over and I love your latest sprite. Thank you

  5. Lene your post was such a joy to read this morning thank you

  6. I'm always happy to see/read a post from you and see your magical 'makes'. I get cabin fever if I'm in a place that is dark with short days in winter, so I would not actually like living in your area, but I enjoy seeing it's beauty through your eyes. :)


    I am SO happy that you are posting again!!! I missed you in your time away.

  8. Lene, you write so beautifully about your deep connection to the season. Wishing you a wonderful December.

  9. Anonymous01:22

    All your blog posts are wonderful, but every year your December posts particularly resonate for me. They focus me on this particular landscape and season, and they are part of what marks the beginning of this time of dark and cold and flickering firelight. Thank you!

  10. Karen04:24

    So lovely to hear from you. I don’t realize how much I miss your posts until one pops up. Have a wonderful December.

  11. Happy December to you. I love your description of winter in your part of the world. The little doll is darling.

  12. I really enjoyed your post. love your little person and the idea of snow and ice while we only have a really grey summer weather at the moment. Not very relaxing or festive.

  13. Your little creation is a darling sprite or fairy. So cute! Good to see your handiwork again. Reading your post makes me feel as though I have just meditated - so calming and soothing. Happy December to you!

  14. Anonymous00:46

    Lene, So glad to have you back. Much missed.
    Happy Christmas. Go well.

  15. Sandra Barber19:02

    It is Christmas Eve + I have just discovered that you have come back to your blog. What a lovely gift! A blessed Christmas to you + yours.