Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Almost done!

Almost… because I don’t know what to do next. I have two alternatives:

Number One
I have one long, light, gray tunic, or dress, that I bought many years ago. It is all wool, not oversized, not too hugging, but just about right. I solely wear it at home. It is lovely, comforting and easy piece to wear. I reach for the dress when I am cold and need a woolly hug, put on also long, wool socks and relaxed tights, the kind where the elastic just barely holds them in place. Nothing tight, nothing unpleasant. Then take knitting or crochet, or a book or a magazine, pull my feet up and enjoy some quality time. There must be some sort of hot drink to complement the picture. The bliss of winter day.

For some time, I have been thinking of buying another one, once I see one. Buying!? When I looked at this red sweater, it suddenly occurred to me that this would be a perfect candidate to become another long and cozy cocoon for chilly days. 

The other alternative:

Number Two
I had already decided to make this into an embroidered sweater. The kind I was talking about last time. I have drawn the design, have plans for thread and stitches. And of course, this would provide interesting content to the blog.

The sad thing is that I have made a few and I only use one. My very first embroidered one with twined knitting, is the only one that does not only warm the shelves. I enjoy embroidery very much, but that is the only pull towards that direction. Otherwise, I love simple things.
If I decide to take the first route, I will just rip the ribbing and then take it from there. I have almost two skeins of yarn left, it would make so much sense to knit it longer and use up all the lovely yarn. I blocked it to see how it would feel and every single last fiber of it, tells me to keep on knitting. But I am still wavering. I have had it on the dress form for a couple of days waiting.
Anyway, I loved the knitting. The shoulder part is just right. The neck opening did seem little too big, but once I added some crochet for stability and few purl rows, it is just right. There are faux seams on both sides, done with garter stitches.
I added bust shaping. After the waist decreases were done and I had knitted few rows straight before beginning the increases, I added extra stitches to the back side. I think just 12sts, and it is enough to shape the bottom part of the sweater. There are short rows in the back side, before the ribbing and this makes the sweater hug warm and gives more room for the behind.

All these features are explained in the pattern. I read through the instructions carefully, but once I had completed the waist decreases, I followed my own stitch and row counts; I did not follow the pattern as written, but rather knitted along the general notes.
This is probably the best shaped piece I have ever done, and it feels very nice when I put it on. I knitted the 36” size, could probably have done smaller size, but I hate tight clothing and always try to pick the size with some ease.

Now that I am writing this post, I am beginning to feel the need to pick it back on the needles for a few more nights. Since I have been needing a new, long, sweater dress for some time, it would be quite foolish not to fulfill that need.

Okay, it is almost done. Just two more skeins.

Wool (not fool) with you,


  1. Oh yes, you will use this gorgeous wine-colored DRESS for the rest of your life! So beautiful!

  2. I think I remember your tunic from way back. I am sure it was on your blog. In fact, it encouraged me to knit and wear tunics and I love them. I would definitely continue knitting. I am knitting one of these ziggurat patterns too.
    Good luck, you always produce stunning work.

  3. Anonymous22:06

    It'll look fabulous as a dress!

  4. I vote for the dress option! I acquired a brown sweater dress a couple years ago and then had to have it in every color. I now have purple and navy, too. With woolly tights and something long sleeved underneath, sometimes a smock with pockets for dog treats and keys....oh,I am happy and warm in winter. It is nice to know I am not alone in enjoying this outfit and feeling enormously.

    1. To clarify, I enjoy the feeling a lot. The outfit does not make me enormous, ugh. And English is my first language!!!

  5. The sweater looks beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing it as you finish.

  6. As I read along in your post, I kept thinking, "Lene really wants this to be a dress," and I was so glad to come to then end and see that I was right. :-) Can't wait to see it 2 skeins from now!

  7. Hyvä päätös! Tulee kaunis ja mukava mekko ♥ ♥ ♥